May Day is “Love” – Such is Working-Class “Internationalism”! (1.5.2023)

My Mother – Diane Wyles – Commission this Excellent Flag – Representing the Lugansl People’s Republic (LNR)!

We are the ‘New’ Soviet Red Army! We ‘Volunteer’ to place ourselves between danger and those who are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves! We will use our minds and bodies to dialectically oppose the tyranny, injustice and oppression perpetuated by the Bourgeoisie and the hideous capitalist system it has developed and inflicted on the world! In this progressive respect, we stand with the modern Russian Army and the People’s Militia’s of Lugansk and Donetsk! We reject all racism, prejudice and discrimination! We are your brothers and sisters and we shall become free together! We proudly march holding up the Red Flag of freedom! Our flag is ‘Red’ – because it represents the spilt blood of the workers! What an honour it is to carry it high for all humanity!

The workers of America and the Ukraine should overthrow their oppressive governments, put an end to their support of Neo-Nazism – and join Russia (and a ‘free’ Ukraine) in a bright, new tomorrow! This has been our intention since this particular battle started in 2014! This is why we salute Syria and North Korea for recognising the Donbass Republics! China, one of our beloved Motherlands has been brokering a ‘Peace’ – as workers we must make this a reality! Long Live the British Republic (1649-1660)! Long Live Oliver Cromwell and Mao Zedong! Long Live Thomas Sankara and Huey Newton! Long Live Lenin and Stalin! Long Live Ho Chi Min and Fidel Castro! Long Live the Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic! Long Live the Palestinian People! Long Live the Democratic Republics of Malaya and Kampuchea! Long Live the Workers’ Institute! Long Live Aravindan Balakrishnan! Love, Peace and Respect to the International Working Class!

Long Live the Lugansk People’s Republic!
Gee – Former PLA Special Forces!
The Picture That Got Me ‘banned’ From Twitter!
The Workers’ Institute – Genuine Maoism in the Heart of the UK!
A Little to the Left!
Chairman Aravindan Balakrishnan!
A New British Flag!
We Will Fight Until the End!
During 2020 the CPC Sent Our Family a Shipment of Masks!
Myself Holding the Red Flag of Freedom at Highgate Cemetery – North London – the Resting Place of Karl Marx!
My Honourable Father – Peter Wyles (Moses “Waveman”)!
Flag of the Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic!
Great Working Class Heroes!
Crush Nazism!