East Ewell: Warren Farm (Codenamed “Red” Expedition)! (26.5.2023)

As part of our ongoing education of our children and ‘new’ puppies – we mounted a ‘Red’ Expedition to a local ex-farm on the boundary of Cheam! Indeed, this area is ‘East Ewell’ and ‘Warren Farm’ (which a hundred years ago used to be one of the biggest dairy farms in the UK) is now part of Nonsuch Park – within which Nonsuch Palace resides! King Henry VIII (and his Wives) used to hold Court in this area which he favoured! Henry VIII is purported to have commented ‘There is none such as beautiful as this place!’ As grammar and spelling was not yet ‘set’ in the English language – and given that the King’s Word was ‘Law’ – the place was hence recorded as ‘Nonsuch’ Park. Here, not far from where we walked – is ‘Nonsuch School for Girls’ – the exclusive girls’ school which Gee attended, and our eldest daughter (Mei An) has just gained entry into!

Of course, we only live in this area by accident (our Chinese ancestors were relocated from the slums of Central London in 1965 and relocated in Sutton – along with tens of thousands of English working-class people and people from all different ethnic backgrounds) and have no political relationship with the indigenous (Tory) population! This area of Southwest London was formerly ‘East Surrey’ prior to 1965 – and many people around here just passively inherit right-wing political views without ever questioning what might be happening in the rest of Great Britain, or indeed the world! Today is ‘Red Flag’ day as we express our legal freedom as British Citizens to fly the Red Flags of Freedom – a Right which the besieged people of Ukraine no longer possess due to the Hitlerite legislation passed by a ‘Rada’ currently dominated by the Neo-Nazi’ Maidan government! We stand firm to the tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao! We stand tall and do NOT tremble! We teach our children to be inwardly UNAFRAID regardless of what is happening in the outer world! Do NOT give in do NOT bow down in submission!

Long Live the People’s Republic of China (PRC)!
Long Live the People’s Republic of China (PRC)!
With Stencilled the Number ‘5’ On This Cherished Red Flag!
Our Children Our Taught the Value of Historically Derived Freedom!
Long Live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!
Long Live the State of Palestine!
The Victors Over Nazi Germany!
We Know the Right Path!
A Panoramic View of Warren Farm!
That Will Send a Sense of “Terror” into the Heart of Neo-Nazi!