State Duma Deputy: Biden Attempts To Justify NATO-AFU Defeat At Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) By Russian Federation Forces! (22.5.2023) 

Translator’s Note: As the US-controlled internet in the West is ‘preventing’ direct access to Russian sourced media reports (a tactic used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Gemany) – I have entered the Russian internet and ‘extracted’ a current news article and brought it back into the West! This is the original version, the relevant ‘links’ and a ‘translated’ (British-English) version! I have no way of knowing whether the Wagner PMC – which is comprised of both Russians and non-Russian ‘Volunteers’ from all over the world – has lost ‘100,000’ casualties (these ‘casualties’ have NOT benn suffered by the Russian Army), but if a worldwide ‘Internationalist’ effort has been prepared to sacrifice such a ‘high’ number of our precious lives (we all have wives, partners, parents, children, relatives and communities), then what should be the message sent to the US? We – the CITIZENS OF THE WORLD – will NOT permit America to encourage and export Hitlerism under the guise of ‘NATO’ expansion! Indeed, in another Russian-language article, it is reported that the State Duma Deputy said ‘The Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost many times more people. We cannot say that we have not lost anyone – but the figure of 100,000 is NOT true. At the same time, now the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky and Biden all say that the city was not of strategic importance! Then I have a question: why did you fight like that if it was not of strategic importance – causing so many of your people to be killed?’ Of course, the greatest problem for US hegemony (and US Neo-Imperialism) – is that the all-powerful ‘NATO’ – which has been used in the past to attack and destroy ‘developing’ and ‘poor’ left-wing countries (remember Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria) – has been DEFEATED in a straight fight, but by a worldwide (multi-racial) ‘Volunteer’ Force motivated only the ‘Anti-Facist’ ideology the far-right fears! ACW (22.5.2023)

The American President (at the G7 Summit) said that the Russian military lost about 100,000 casualties in the battles for Bakhmut – without saying anything about how many Ukrainian soldiers died there (over 260,000 KIA)! With his words about the losses of the Russian Federation in Artemovsk – Biden wants to justify the defeat of the NATO-supported Armed Forces of Ukraine! 

This was stated by Deputy Head of the Defence Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation – Yuri Shvytkin – via his interview given on air to the radio station ‘Moscow Speaking’.  

The State Duma Deputy believes that the Head of the American State is wishful thinking.  

Biden’s position is understandable with regards to the fabrication of as much negativity as possible towards our country – somehow, he wants to justify the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because in reality – NATO – was defeated in Artemovsk! – Shvytkin commented regarding the statement of the President of the United States.  

One can guess that neither Biden himself – nor his puppet Zelensky – doubted the imminent loss of Artemovsk, because both of them had previously stated that the city had no strategic significance. 

But even if we assume that they are right, for Russia, the actions of the Wagner PMC in this settlement and its subsequent release still played an important role. Indeed, at this time, our troops in other directions received a respite – since there was a relative calm.  

The final liberation of Artemivsk from the Ukrainian Army took place on May 20th, 2023. First, this news was announced by the Head of the “Wagnerites” – Yevgeny Prigozhin – and then officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. 

Russian Language Article:

Депутат Госдумы: словами о потерях РФ в Артёмовске Байден хочет оправдать поражение ВСУ 


Американский президент на саммите «Большой семерки» заявил, что российские военные потеряли в боях за Бахмут примерно сто тысяч человек ничего не говоря при этом о том, сколько там погибло украинских военнослужащих. Своими словами о потерях РФ в Артемовске Байден хочет оправдать поражение ВСУ. 

Об этом заявил заместитель главы комитета по обороне Государственно Думы РФ Юрий Швыткин в эфире радиостанции «Говорит Москва». 

Депутат Госдумы считает, что глава американского государства выдает желаемое за реальность. 

Позиция Байдена понятна – как можно больше негатива в отношении нашей страны, они как-то хотят оправдать поражение ВСУ, практически НАТО потерпело поражение в Артемовске 

– комментирует Швыткин заявление президента США. 

Можно догадаться, что ни сам Байден, ни его марионетка Зеленский не сомневались в скорой потере Артемовска, ведь и тот, и другой ранее заявляли, что город не имеет никакой стратегической значимости. 

Но даже если предположить, что они правы, для России действия ЧВК «Вагнер» в этом населенном пункте и его последующее освобождение все равно сыграли важную роль. Ведь в это время наши войска на других направлениях получили передышку, так как там отмечалось относительное затишье. 

Окончательное освобождение Артемовска от украинской армии произошло 20 мая.Сначала эту новость сообщил глава «вагнеровцев» Евгений Пригожин, а затем официально подтвердили в Министерстве обороны. 

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