Green Peace: Tasting the Rainbow – How the CIA Weaponised Hippies!

Even the name ‘Green Peace‘ sounds like ‘Trotsky’s Guide to Horticulture’.

Lesson One – No Stalin!

Lesson Two – No Followers of Stalin!

Lesson Three – No History of Me Opposing Stalin!’

In this case, Trotsky is striding out to take on the backward behaviour of all ‘primitives’ who dare to make a living by firing harphoons at living Whales! Okay – I am not supporting Whale Hunting – but neither am I supporting systems of hypocritical morality that emerge from the affluence of (Bourgeois) Western cultures that have ruthlessly exploited indigenous (non-White) populations for hundreds of years – complaining about how they refuse to use knife and forks!

The CIA – whilst sat in a smoke-filled room – concocted the idea that the nasty Soviets must be confronted on the high seas because certain sections of its population made a living by hunting and killing Whales! I wonder how this imagined immorality measures up to the 24-hour slaughter factories that exist all over the Western world? From the size of the average American – I suspect not at all!