US (1981): When the Vietnam War was Fought in Texas! (20.5.2023)

When the US was defeated in South Vietnam in 1975 – hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people (who had collaborated with this US totalitarian and murdrous Catholic system) were simply ‘left behind’ and ‘abandoned’ by the (White) Americans who had made use of their minds and bodies between 1955-1975! Fearing that they would be held legally accountable for their traitorous behaviour – these former citizens of South Vietnam took to their fishing boats in their tens of thousands and evacuated themselves out of Vietnam and across the world – with many eventually arriving in US waters!  

In 1981, the Vietnamese Boat People who had arrived at the waters of Galveston Bay – were granted the legal right to be there – and to make a living by fishing in the area. Most Vietnamese people were shocked by the level of race-hate aimed at them by the average ‘White’ (and ‘Black’) American person! Where was this ‘accepting’ and ‘forgiving’ country that the ‘White’ Christian Missionaries had described whilst teaching that Vietnamese culture and religious practices were ‘inferior’ – and that a ‘land of plenty and mutual support’ awaited them in the West! The Vietnamese who had fallen for these lies soon found to their peril that ‘White’ America had every intention of staying ‘White’ by resisting, preventing and expelling ALL non-White immigration! 

The KKK – a dangerous pseudo-White Supremacist outfit – turned-up on the shores of Galveston Bay during 1981, and whilst wearing their absurd White robes and ridiculous ‘pointed’ hoods – armed themselves with assault rifles and took to the waves to ‘attack’ the Vietnamese Boat People who were sheltering in the local harbour! Despite skirmishes, woundings and a few deaths – the US system eventually took the side of the Vietnamese people – and arrested the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan! Remember, many of these Vietnamese people were Christian converts – but found that the ‘White’ Churches of the America (the country that had destroyed their ancient country) – did NOT want them! The full story can be read at the link above!