Iraq: US Puppet Government Gets to the Bottom of Suspicious ‘Mall’ Fire! (20.5.2023)

Iraq Adopts the US Model of Blaming ‘Poverty’ NOT on the Injustices Inherent within Society – But Because of Psychological and Physical Degiciencies in the Minds and Bodies of Those Who Suffer from Poverty!

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has carefully weighed-up the evidence surrounding a ‘suspicious’ Mall fire – including the assessing of the provided video and photographic evidence!

A substantial fire broke out in a (US-style) shopping mall (designed for use by rich Iraqis and their US friends) situated in the western Hamzah District in the (exclusive) Babil Governorate. A government spokesperson has confirmed that the fire broke out because of ‘envy’ – that is the ‘poor’ started this fire because they ‘resent’ those who now have money! Poor people need to work ‘harder’ to acquire adequate money to feed themselves and their families! The ‘new’ Iraq bases itself upon the American model – and does not accept the ‘Socialist’ concept that some say derives from the Holy Qur’an!

Iraq (Persian) Language Article:

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اندلاع حريق هائل في مول بمنطقة الحمزة الغربي في محافظة بابل، والمتحدث يؤكد ان الحريق اندلع بسبب “الحسد”.