Palestine Centre: Zionist Fascism Intends to “Kill” (Sick) Political Prisoner – Walid Daqqa (وليد دقة)! (7.6.2023)

The Palestine Centre called upon the controlling Administrations of the various Social Media sites (and platforms) in the West to “STOP” dealing their “DOUBLE DEALING” with regard to the content they permit to be published! A “JUST” approach to this situation requires both “IMPARTIALITY” and “OBJECTIVITY” when addressing the Palestinian issue and its related online content! There is a legal requirement for these commercial entities to operate responsibly and to be “IMPARTIAL” – rather than being habitually aligned with the race-hate propaganda issued by the agents of the Zionist Occupation! These foreign (commercial) entities publish Zionist race-hate content whilst “EXCLUDING” all Palestinian content! This bias dictatorship keeps the door wide for the “Israelis” to spread their Zionist incitement and race-hater against the Palestinians in an unaccountable manner!

US (1981): When the Vietnam War was Fought in Texas! (20.5.2023)

In 1981, the Vietnamese Boat People who had arrived at the waters of Galveston Bay – were granted the legal right to be there – and to make a living by fishing in the area. Most Vietnamese people were shocked by the level of race-hate aimed at them by the average ‘White’ (and ‘Black’) American person! Where was this ‘accepting’ and ‘forgiving’ country that the ‘White’ Christian Missionaries had described whilst teaching that Vietnamese culture and religious practices were ‘inferior’ – and that a ‘land of plenty and mutual support’ awaited them in the West! The Vietnamese who had fallen for these lies soon found to their peril that ‘White’ America had every intention of staying ‘White’ by resisting, preventing and expelling ALL non-White immigration!

Lebanon People’s Assembly Received a Delegation from the Syrian Socialist National Party! (17.4.2023)

On the occasion of ‘Palestinian Prisoner’s Day’ (which falls on the 17th of April of each year) a Delegation from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party – Headed by Wahib Wehbe – came to Lebonan! Wahib Wehbe is personally responsible for the ‘Palestinian File’ Administered by the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party. He was accompanied by his Secretary and Lawyer – Samah Mahdi! Together they visited the Office of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine currently situated in Mar Elias Camp, in Beirut – on Monday (17.4.2023). The Delegation was received by the Official of the Popular Front in Lebanon – Haitham Abdo – and a number of other important members of the leadership of the Lebanon Branch!

US Drama: Rabbit Hole (S1-E4) – The Person in Your Ear! (14.4.2023)

An important part of this narrative of stupidity is the falsehood that the political ‘Left’ is responsible for every abhorrent incident and occurrence – and that it is in everybody’s best interests to assist the Bourgeois Establishment in its combatting of this dark menace! To its credit, this TV drama ‘hints’ at this reality as a professionally trained Operative of the US government carries a political assassination – and then blames the incident upon ‘Communists’! He does tis by placing a rather substantial statue of VI Lenin on the desk of the deceased – in a conveniently obvious place for the Police and media to find and report! Once again – the ‘nasty’ Communists have committed yet another of their dastardly crimes!

US Freedom of Choice – American Reported Hate Crime incidents Increase in US-FBI Data Confirms! (14.3.2023)

Nearly two-thirds of the victims were targeted because of the offenders’ race, ethnicity, or ancestry bias, the FBI data showed.

While 15.9 percent were targeted because of the offenders’ sexual-orientation bias, 14.1 percent were targeted because of the offenders’ religious bias.

And there were 310 multiple-bias hate crime incidents that involved 411 victims, the data showed.

Of the 8,327 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in the updated 2021 dataset, 43.2 percent were intimidation, 35.5 percent were simple assault, and 20.1 percent were aggravated assault.

Why Brandon Tsay’s Bravery Is Important for the Progression of Humanity! (27.1.2023) 

I am sure that I have absolutely NOTHING in common with Brandon Tsay. I suspect his family are ardent supporters of US capitalism and have no sympathy or loyalty to modern China. However, the example he set by single-handedly taking on a heavily armed assailant when he was ‘unarmed’ – facing certain death without flinching – and actually ‘winning’ the encounter, surely transcends virtually ALL boundaries and is a truly inspiring event! For non-White people the example that Brandon Tsay displayed is IMPORTANT! Although unfortunately it was against another Asian person, nevertheless, the danger was very real and Chinese people can be as ‘brave’ as any other ethnic group! Although Black people now do the bidding of the White over-lords – and attack Asians in their name – there was a time when we fought White racism together. Perhaps, if we all stand-up to tyranny together – a NEW unity can be formed!

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