Anti-United Nations (UN) Protests – Dallas (1963)


US Ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson Attacked by Angry Crowds

President John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, whilst driving in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas. This tragic incident is well-known and the subject of intense ongoing investigation. What I find interesting is how the true extent of hate-filled, racist and ‘insane’ public opinion in this area has been air-brushed out of the common historical narrative. This seems strange for a country that prides itself on ‘free speech’, and odd that White supremacist opinions be struck from the public record, when such opinions are common-place in the USA. White racism (and the fascism that generates) is just as strong in the US today as it was in 1963. What many do not realise is that President Kennedy was very unpopular throughout the rightwing State of Texas, and that threats against his life were routine.


President Kennedy was portrayed as a ‘liberal’ who sided with African-Americans in the ‘Civil Rights’ debate, and was opposed to ‘White’ racism. He was also perceived as being ‘leftwing’, and too soft upon ‘Communism’ in general, and the Soviet Union in particular. Travelling through Dallas was a gamble for President Kennedy. There was no doubt that he was unpopular with the crowds, but his wife – Jackie – being a Southern women – for some reason retained a certain and wide-spread popularity amongst these people. Indeed, her popularity was evident even on the day of her husband’s murder.


On October 24th, 1963, just under a month before Kennedy’s fateful visit to Texas, Adlai Stevenson – the US ambassador to the United Nations – gave a speech in Dallas celebrating the UN inspired ‘World Peace Day’. Stevenson was jeered and immediately set-upon by a rabid crowd of protestors, with some spitting on him, whilst others pelted him with eggs. At one point police had to intercede to protect Stevenson as he was struck about the head with a billboard. This crowd of people represented a certain type of citizen in the US that view the world through a rightwing, religiously inspired mythology that is ‘fascistic’ in nature, and opposed to all notions of world peace, and any ideas of internationalism. What is strange about this protest is that it is clear that the UN – headquartered as it is in New York – has always been a mouthpiece for US foreign policy. Although the UN refers to itself as ‘independent’, it is obvious that UN policy mirrors US policy. The mind-set of these people in the US is so ignorant that they are willing to attack their own ‘capitalistic’ institutions – accusing those who represent their best interests in the world of  being ‘treasonous’ and practising ‘betrayal’. Following this display of blatant rightwingism, President Kennedy was advised to by-pass Texas (even by FDR jr and his wife), but Kennedy was of the opinion that he was everyone’s President and that he had a duty to meet the people there.


These Few Precious Days – The Final Year of Jack and Jackie: By Christopher Anderson, Robson Press, (2013), Pages 287-288

Waco: The Big Lie Parts I & II (Linda Thompson)


This massacre of US citizens by the inept and corrupt ‘ATF’ happened before the advent of the internet, in the same year (1993) that saw the emerging capitalist system in Moscow murder over a thousand Communist protesters, and President Bill Clinton sign into law a statue for the fictitious victims of Communism to be raised in a Washington park! Perhaps this incident of the US government murdering its own citizens was a prelude to 911.  The religious community at Waco had every right to ‘protect’ themselves from an out of control ATF – but film evidence suggests that three of the four ATF agents that were killed – were actually shot by their own colleague ‘in the back’ as they entered the building through an upstairs window (all recorded on film).  The ATF lied so much (and edited the film footage to such an extent) that the inconsistencies in their description of events is illogical, discontinuous, and is not backed-up by objective evidence.  What really happened is that the ATF attempted to enforce a warrant that demanded a $200 tax-fine for a ‘legal’ machine gun allegedly owned by the community.  Later, the ATF  stared to make bizarre allegations that David Koresh was practising polygamy and child abuse! The Texas Social Services had investigated these allegations in 1991 and 1992, and stated that they were completely false.  The only abuse was from the government helicopters that fired machine guns into the building – wounding and killing many women and children. Of course, in the end the Clinton government authorised US Army tanks to smash the outer walls of the compound, and use flame-throwers to set fire to the interior – killing over 70 innocent people.  The film shows some people running out of the subsequent fire – only to run back into the flames to avoid the ATF who had opened fire on them.  After this disaster, the ATF and the Clinton government concocted an alternative history, and continued to abuse and oppress members of the Branch Davidian Church:

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