Neo-Nazi Ukraine: News from the Front – Bakhmut Falls to the Russian Army! (20.5.2023)

Photographs from my friends on the Russian frontlines – Bakhmut falls (like a modern-day ‘Stalingrad’) – the LAST stronghold of the US, UK and EU-supplied Neo-Nazi forces of the Ukraine – whiich is no more! The West has pumped millions of dollars into this place of ‘death’ in the form of advanced weaponry – even committing ‘serving’ Western Forces (undercover) into the fighting! Tens of thousands of AFU soldiers have been killed and wounded – with entire generations of Western Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteers’ (including ‘Israelis’) ‘wiped-out’! Those herds of ‘smiling’ Ukrainian soldiers heading-off to Bakhmut in vast columns of khaki delusion – have now been returned home with their bodies smashed and broken – all wrapped in body bags and categorised with name-tags! The West staked its military reputation on ‘STOPPING’ the Russian Army in Bakhmut, taking the place and then launching and all-embracing counterattack to take back the entire Donbass region! None of this will happen now!

An American ‘Green Beret’ is Killed in Bakhmut!

Evgeny Prigozhin examines the dead body of US Green Beret (SFC) Nicholas Maimer – discovered amongst the ruins of Bakhmut by the NKVD! Nicholas Maimer was in Ukraine prior to the Crisis – contracted by the US to train ‘Territorial Defence Force’ (TDF) conscripts (a ‘Reserve’ military formation). He was well known to the Western media – due to his numerous interviews given to NBC (and other outlets) – where he was always championing the cause of Neo-Nazi Ukraine and calling for further arms and aide! He had also met with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chief – Jim Risch. He is also known for his public criticisms of the mercenary group ‘MOZART’ – referring to them as being ‘unprofessional’, ‘dangerous’ and ‘failures’ at even the most basic security and military tasks. Nicholas Maimer was also involved with ‘AFGFree’ – a group attempting to rescue American citizens (and soldiers) still trapped in Afghanistan after Biden’s horrendous pull-out-disaster. The ‘cover’ story is that ‘Nicholas Maimer’ was employed only to train TDF Units in Kyiv. iI this was really the case – then WHY was he killed fighting on the frontlines in Bakhmut – the last major Eastern Front stronghold in the Ukrainian theatre? 

The Very ‘Poor’ Quality of the Neo-Nazi Ukraine Formations is on Display!

This is the so-called ‘MOZART’ mercenary group in action. This Unit is engorged with US, UK and EU money and arms – but most of the Hitlerite thugs which comprise its ranks possess very little military training or military experience! Here, a recruit simply ‘walks’ into enemy (Russian) fire and is immediately ‘killed’. His colleague appears completely ‘surprised’ and checks the immediate vicinity for enemy soldiers – but soon realises that the enemy is merely ‘front’ and not to the ‘flanks’! This idiotic individual believed in his ‘superior race’ ideology – but soon realised that the material world plays by its own rules and does not really care about what Hitler may have said or did not say! The tragedy is that this person was misled by the far-right – and it ultimately cost him his life! This is the stupidity that Nicholas Maimer complained about – but of course – when push came to shove this (American) ‘Green Beret’ was no match for the ‘ordinary’ Russian Infantry or Wagner ‘Volunteers’ in Bakhmut!

Neo-Nazi Ukrainians Are Glad to be Out of the Fighting!

This is the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian – 110th Brigade (12th Separate Rifle Battalion) – notable for exclusively using only ‘Lendlease’ equipment supplied by the Czechs! Its soldiers are ‘happy’ to be out of the maelstrom that is the fighting in Donbass! These AFU soldiers were taken on, out-manoeuvred and finally defeated by Russian ‘Special Operations Forces’ (SOF)! Whereas the AFU soldiers (and their Western allies) are filmed continuously committing atrocities against Russian (and Russian allied) POWs – the Ukrainians in return are treated with respect and civility. This is remarkable considering the anti-Russian propaganda the West is pumping-out and the War Crimes routinely committed by the Neo-Nazi Forces! Why is it always only ‘Russia’ that has to show ‘restraint’ when all around are carrying out illegal and/or immoral activity? Whatever the case, nothing can alter the fact that the Russian military is prevailing on every Front – and that this continuous success is concerning the West – as all its best equipment and soldiers have been utterly destroyed!