Neo-Nazi Ukraine: News from the Front – Bakhmut Falls to the Russian Army! (20.5.2023)

Photographs from my friends on the Russian frontlines – Bakhmut falls (like a modern-day ‘Stalingrad’) – the LAST stronghold of the US, UK and EU-supplied Neo-Nazi forces of the Ukraine is no more! The West has pumped millions of dollars into this place of ‘death’ in the form of advanced weaponry – even committing ‘serving’ Western Forces (undercover) into the fighting! Tens of thousands of AFU soldiers have been killed and wounded – with entire generations of Western Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteers’ (including ‘Israelis’) being ‘wiped-out’! Those herds of ‘smiling’ Ukrainian soldiers heading-off to Bakhmut in vast columns of khaki delusion – have now been returned home with their bodies smashed and broken – all wrapped in body bags and categorised with name-tags! The West staked its military reputation on ‘STOPPING’ the Russian Army in Bakhmut, taking the place and then launching and all-embracing counterattack to take back the entire Donbass region! None of this will happen now!

Cuba: Celebrating May Day – and the “Bay of Pigs” Victory for Socialism! (1.5.2023)

Indeed, when the US-CIA invasion began, the ordinary Cuban people massed together and without waiting for orders from above, they themselves began to create columns of Volunteers, which immediately went into the battle zone to stop the enemy, armed with whatever they already had or could find! Many went into battle “unarmed”! More than a thousand captured US-CIA mercenaries were exchanged by Cuba for medicines and agricultural equipment – forcing the United States to temporarily violate the conditions of the criminal economic blockade of the island – which has been going on now – due to the inherent corruption of President Kennedy – for 63 years!

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