Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Steve Sweeney – UK Mainstream Media Using ‘Fascism-Denial’ and ‘Evidence-Free’ Reporting! (26.5.2023)

I suspect that millions of ordinary British people have it in their blood to oppose fascism (and Tory ‘lying’) – and remember with pride the stand our country made between 1939-1945 against Nazi Germany and the International Fascist Movement!! Millions of British will also remember that initially it was only the Soviet Union that came to our aid – and the aid of the Western world when we needed it the most! We must grant Russia (at the very least) a fair hearing! What is sad to see is that in just 32-years – all the good achieved through the 74-year existence of the USSR – was wiped-away through the auspices of predatory capitalism!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: News from the Front – Bakhmut Falls to the Russian Army! (20.5.2023)

Photographs from my friends on the Russian frontlines – Bakhmut falls (like a modern-day ‘Stalingrad’) – the LAST stronghold of the US, UK and EU-supplied Neo-Nazi forces of the Ukraine is no more! The West has pumped millions of dollars into this place of ‘death’ in the form of advanced weaponry – even committing ‘serving’ Western Forces (undercover) into the fighting! Tens of thousands of AFU soldiers have been killed and wounded – with entire generations of Western Neo-Nazi ‘Volunteers’ (including ‘Israelis’) being ‘wiped-out’! Those herds of ‘smiling’ Ukrainian soldiers heading-off to Bakhmut in vast columns of khaki delusion – have now been returned home with their bodies smashed and broken – all wrapped in body bags and categorised with name-tags! The West staked its military reputation on ‘STOPPING’ the Russian Army in Bakhmut, taking the place and then launching and all-embracing counterattack to take back the entire Donbass region! None of this will happen now!

Neo-Nazi Ukriane: Wagner PMC to ‘Pull-Out’ of Bakhmut! (7.5.2023)

The Head of Chechnya wrote a letter to the President of Russia with a request to relocate the Akhmat Unit to Bakhmut. In the letter, Kadyrov explains the need for redeployment due to the “current situation.” Earlier, Kadyrov said that the Akhmat fighters were ready to take the positions of the Wagner PMC in Bakhmut. This has happened due to the founder of the ‘foreign’ Wagner PMC – Yevgeny Prigozhin – announcing that on May 10th – Wagner fighters will abandon their positions to the Neo-Nazi enemy due to lack of ammunition! The “Islamic warriors will fight to the last round, bayonet, stone and fist!” – he explained.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Two British Passports Recovered on the Donbass Battlefield! (3.4.2023)

Although Russia is busy De-Nazifying Donbass (and nowhere else) whilst treating POWs very well – the propagandists in the West are taking videos of AFU atrocities committed against Russian prisoners (as well as captured members of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Militias) – blotting out the ID badges – (uploading these articles onto far-right websites in the West) and falsely claiming this amounts to filmed evidence recording Russian Army atrocities committed against the US-backed Ukrainian Forces! Nothing could be further from the truth! What I have included here are two ‘British’ Passports found amongst the debris of the Donbass battlefield of two so-called English ‘Volunteers’ who were fighting with the Neo-Nazi ‘Punishment Battlements’! I figure if they are proud of their behaviour and truly believe in the Hitlerism they are supporting – they will not mind me exposing their antics upon my blog for all to see!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: A Year on and No Russian Victory! (14.2.2023) 

A year on and Russia cannot declare victory and bring an end to the conflict – resulting in a ‘free’ Donbass fully annexed to West Russia! This is an outcome the US will not allow and given the ruthless economic embargo upon Russia, and the fact that the US can keep endlessly churning out its destructive drone warfare technology – Russia risks losing its offensive capability in Donbass – with its army facing the risk of being pushed back to its start-lines by a rested and regrouped AFU! The US would then simply move NATO troops up to Russia’s Western border – and its 2014 Obama-plan will have been achieved, albeit with the deaths of over 100,000 Ukrainians and around 20,000 Russians! (Added to this disaster is the reality that the only effective Russian ‘offensive’ military unit at the moment is purely ‘mercenary’ entity named after the German fascist – ‘Richard Wagner’ – which has a penchant for murdering its perceived betrayers whilst using sledgehammer blows to the head – all filmed for maximum effect, of course)! The lesson learned will be that US hegemony decides every whilst the US controls the UK and the EU! Oh yes – and Hitlerism is the new ‘liberalism’! This type of victory would legitimate the stupidity of certain young Europeans who attend protest marches carrying Che Guevara flags next to EU flags!

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