Russian NKVD Capture Far-Right Ukrainian ‘Spy’ with Neo-Nazi ’14/88′ Tattoo! (13.6.2022)

The slogan was coined by the American Neo-Nazi – David Lane (1938-2007) – a member of the White Supremacist terrorist group known as The Order (Lane died in prison). The second set of numbers – ’88’ – stands for eighth letter of the Roman alphabet written twice as ‘HH’ – which stands for ‘Heil Hitler’. White Supremacists believe that the ‘spirit’ and ‘strength’ of ‘Adolf Hitler’ enters their mind and body if his initials are permanently tattooed on their bodies! When expressed together, the numbers form a general endorsement of Neo-Nazism, White Supremacy and its (racist) ideological beliefs! When arrested and interrogated, Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy admitted that he had been ‘trained’ as a spy and sent on a mission ‘behind enemy lines’! He also admitted that whilst the USSR fought the Nazi Germans – his grandparents supported Stepan Bandera and his band of murderous ‘Hitlerites’! Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy has now lost his ‘POW’ status and has been arrested as a ‘common criminal’ charged with ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and ‘War Crimes’! Denis Sergeevich Lozovoy will now be tried and will face the Death Penalty!

DPR: British Neo-Nazi Mercenaries To Be Shot! (9.6.2022)

In addition, Aiden Aslin pleaded guilty under article 232 of the Criminal Code of the DPR for “Training for the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities.” The investigation also established that all three were ‘voluntarily’ members of the Hitlerite ‘Nationalist Battalions’ (funded and armed by the US, UK and EU) which participated in Ukraine’s illegal ‘punitive’ operations against the people of Donbass – killing thousands of innocent men, women and children!

Moscow: British Mercenaries Could Face Death Penalty – Pushilin said! (6.6.2022)

“If we talk about today, this is not quite a tribunal yet, this is a trial against foreign Neo-Nazi mercenaries, in this case, the British, who committed a fairly serious list of crimes. And today, during the first meeting, everything was announced and presented. Those articles which are presented to them, capital punishment is not ruled out here,” he said on the air of Rossiya 24.

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