The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil! (5.5.2023) 

The 1917 Revolution was the Direct Product of Czarist Reaction and Oppression!

Author’s Note: The Russian (and Soviet People) betrayed their 1917 Revolution in two distinct parts. The first was Khrushchev’s 1956 (‘Secret Speech’) demonisation of Joseph Stalin (fed to the world through Zionist Israel’s ‘Mossad’) – and the second was Gorbachev’s final dismantling of everything Lenin had achieved in the decades leading up to the 1917 Revolution, (and the 1917 Revolution itself), culminating its final ‘dissolving’ in 1991! I consider both these acts – the 1956 and the 1991 – as being ‘Trotskyite’ in nature and constituting a successful Trotskyite counter-revolution. The foundation for this counter-revolution was successfully laid in 1956 – so that the Soviet people would NOT support their Socialist State in 1991!

It is interesting to note the Mick Jagger does not sing about the 1949 execution of King Charles I in England – or the King Louis XVI of France who was executed during 1793 as being ‘acts of the Devil’ – two historical acts that saw political power transferred from the hands of the aristocracy and into the hands of the Bourgeoisie! It appears that ‘Sir Mick’ is only theologically concerned when political power is transferred from the aristocracy and straight into the hands of the Proletariat (and Peasants) – or the working class that both Mick Jagger (and Keith Richards) – now both multimillionaires – emerged from.

This passive ‘drip drip’ effect of anti-working class poison acts rather like the popular anti-intellectualism found in the books of George Orwell (a former British Colonial Police Officer who was employed to ‘beat’ indigenous Myanmar people in the name of the British Empire) which is designed to misrepresent working class history and turn the Proletariat against its own salvation through the logical embracing of ‘Socialism’! Of course, an idea has been expressed that the lyrics are being sarcastic (nice try) but when I hear ‘Leningrad’ referred to as ‘St Petersburg’ – I very much doubt this interpretation. That is why I write this essay in defence of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the hope its reality gave to humanity! ACW (5.5.2023)

Lenin Annouces the End of All Racism, Discrimination and Oppression!

The problem with Bourgeois music is that it invariably expresses Bourgeois sentiment. Although the mid to late 1960s came as close (in the UK at least) to Antonio Gramsci being proven correct with regards to a Socialist Revolution being physically achieved through a change of attitude (and physical hegemonic control) – the Bourgeois Establishment soon recalibrate its political and cultural guns and normal capitalist service was soon resumed (after 1968)! The decline of The Beatles had set in as much as each of the four began to settle for the mundane life of a multimillionaire – and the Rolling Stones sang (in 1968) about the Devil being behind key moments of history – including the 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia! Good music on the ‘Beggars Banquet’ album – but Bourgeois anti-intellectual lyrics – with the latter securing Mick Jagger’s eventual Knighthood, no doubt! 

The ‘New’ Red Army Grew Out of the Oppressive Czarist Army!

A few facts will establish the historical context from the viewpoint of the Russian peasants and workers – they who would eventually lead the Revolution! The Czar had ordered the shooting of thousands of Russian workers prior to WWI (he had even hanged Lenin’s brother before that) but all this was just a prelude to the slaughter the Czar would unleash – involving millions of dead Russians killed by the Germans (and their allies) between 1914-1917. Indeed, it was this Czarist mass murder that directly generated the conditions that led to the 1917 Revolution. Hardly the actions of an innocent, Christ-like character, with more in common with the Devil! Of course, it is only those who support Bourgeois capitalism that would see a mass-murderer (who happens to be in their service) as constituting the behaviour of a ‘Saint’ – and yet this appears to be the position of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  

In Many Ways the Russian Revolution Happened Around Lenin!

But there is much more to this sorry situation. To save Russian (and German) lives – Lenin brought the Russian participation in WWI to an abrupt end in 1917 (a selfless act that cost Russia territory to a Germany who saw this humanitarian action as constituting ‘weakness’ from a class unused to exercising political power). In response to this humanitarian act, the US, UK (together with 12 of their allies) – joined Germany (and 6 of her allies) – in collectively Declaring War on Revolutionary Russia and invading its sovereign territory (with the express objective of killing Lenin)! Germany would participate in this act of aggression in Russia between April-November 1918 (culminating in its final defeat) – but during those 7 months – German and British troops would fight side by side in Russia whilst their respective colleagues continued to kill one another in the mud of France and Belgium (an inconvenient fact seldom discussed at the Cenotaph)!  

Joseph Stalin Played a Vital Part in ALL Parts of the Russian Revolution!

The US, UK (and their 12 allies) would carry on fighting in Russia until 1921 – before finally withdrawing in defeat (old history books in the US sometimes talk of WWI lasting between 1914-1921 because of this ongoing military action). During those 3 years of imperialist warfare fought in Revolutionary Russia – Germany, the UK, the US (and their worldwide allies) would cause (or inflict) around 10.5 million deaths throughout Russia – and to this day even the Bourgeois historians agree that this is the greatest number of people ever killed during a civil war throughout history – although the tendency is to always blame the Russians for daring to want to be Socialist!  

The Czar (and his family) was executed when the area they were being held in by a Unit of the fledgling Soviet Red Army was cut off from communication with Moscow and overrun by the Western invaders. The local Bolshevik Commander did not want the evil Romanovs to fall into the hands of the Bourgeois invaders and so a local decision was taken to ‘execute’ the family. Within the context of the mass murder the Czar had inflicted upon the world – and the mass murder the Western invaders had inflicted upon Russia – it is clear where the Devil really lay!  

Lenin Returns to Revolution Russia to Lead the People!

Obviously, as the Devil does not exist in reality we are just left with the destructive reality of predatory capitalism and the religiosity (and childish mythology) this selfish system attracts. The Rolling Stones were completely wrong to side with the forces of reaction in the song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – but herein lies the contradiction of always trying to find a higher meaning within capitalist (divisive) forces (or ‘division of labour’) – that only ever deteriorates and end up disappointing and betraying those who were naïve enough to believe it contained any other substantive reality beyond the usual Bourgeois-inspired ‘false consciousness’! This is why Queen Elizabeth II would eventually demand that Mick Jagger kneel in her regal presence – and for Her Majesty to order – “Arise Sir Mick of the Stones!”