DPR: Dmitry Novikov (Channel One) – “Convicted Mercenaries are Both Criminals and Victims of Western Propaganda!” (10.6.2022)

In response to the request of the presenter – Anatoly Kuzichev – to evaluate the words of the Head of the Foreign Office, Dmitry Novikov said: “A completely solidified and deterministic (false) information environment has formed in the West. Without this continuous disinformation, the bulk of foreign mercenaries would not be in Ukraine right now. There is a strong propaganda campaign going on. Loud words sound at the highest level. That is why, on the one hand, convicted mercenaries are criminals, their guilt has been proven. On the other hand, they are also victims of this propaganda. There are people in the West who carry a greater guilt about what is (and has been) happening in Ukraine. They are the actual organizers of the crimes committed by those who have now appeared before the Supreme Court of the DPR. It would be historically just to condemn these people who have been acting ‘behind the scenes’ as well as those who have actually committed the crimes.”

DPR: British Neo-Nazi Mercenaries – Grounds for Appeal! (9.6.2022)

One of the defendants’ lawyers, Pavel Kosovan, has already stated that the verdict is planned to be appealed. “The desire of all three defendants is to appeal against this verdict, because they were not ready to hear today’s imposition of capital punishment on them, that is, the death penalty, as it was delivered in a language they could not understand!” the lawyer explained.

DPR: British Neo-Nazi Mercenaries To Be Shot! (9.6.2022)

In addition, Aiden Aslin pleaded guilty under article 232 of the Criminal Code of the DPR for “Training for the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities.” The investigation also established that all three were ‘voluntarily’ members of the Hitlerite ‘Nationalist Battalions’ (funded and armed by the US, UK and EU) which participated in Ukraine’s illegal ‘punitive’ operations against the people of Donbass – killing thousands of innocent men, women and children!

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