Poland: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Axe-Man Takes to the Streets! (5.4.2023)

Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Axe-Man!

Hitler would be proud! Not only is Poland a strong Neo-Nazi country supporting Hitlerite Ukraine – but part of the wave of eight million Ukrainian refugees that has spread out across Western Europe has made its presence felt on the streets of Warsaw today! Indeed, a fine example of Hitlerite manhood stripped down to his underwear (in true US superhero style) and began to swing an axe around whilst threatening to decapitate attending Police Officers! Once a sizable crowd had gathered (involving members of the Press) – he took the opportunity to forcibly complain about the free house and car he had been given on arrival – as it is nowhere near ‘big enough’ to meet his future needs! Why is this – you might ask yourself? Well, you see he intends to bring ten of his relatives to join him in Poland in the near future – and he does not want to work for a living!

I See My Presence is Still Being Felt!

Interestingly, it is common knowledge that many SS men serving in Hitler’s elite Regiments of ‘racially pure’ Volunteers liked to use specially made axes in battle – as this mimicked the system of manual beheading that Hitler introducted as a form of capital punishment (involving a skilled axeman) – as convicted criminals were despatched on the local heath in Nazi Germany! The SS men who carried these axes, however, used them to terrorise the local populations they were eradicating! Many of these SS War Criminals joined the French Foreign Legion after WWII – where they were allowed to keep their Hitlerite axes – and use them on the non-White populations of Algiers, Tunisia and Vietnam! I doubt the Neo-Nazi Polish will treat this incident as anything but a minor inconvenience – even if it means Y-Fronts are making a comeback!