Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Steve Sweeney – UK Mainstream Media Using ‘Fascism-Denial’ and ‘Evidence-Free’ Reporting! (26.5.2023)

A ‘British’ Journalist Has Independently Travelled to Neo-Nazi Ukraine and Seen the Truth With His Own Etes!

This video is NOT new (its was originally uploaded on 24.5.2022) but its content is important! In fact, it was uploaded onto an English language Telegram Channel (which has a very good selection of varied English-language material) comically entitled ‘Russians T-Bag Dead Neo-Nazis‘ – an allusion to the type of routine ‘lying employed by the BBC, the Guardian and the mainstream British Press in genuine! Obviously, it is not just the ‘British’ Press that is guilty of this crime – but the entire (mainstream) media industry throughout the Western world!

As part of the Communist Movement in the West – I have been aware of the situation from the time of its first-happening in the Ukraine during 2014 (primarily through the reporting of the ‘New Worker’ of the NCP). Since those heady days of Obama refusing to support the UN in formally condemning those who support Neo-Nazism – I have got directly involved with the people of Lugansk and Donetsk (via the internet) – and participated in my own form of supportive journalism – translating Russian language news stories into the English language for all to read!

I suspect that millions of ordinary British people have it in their blood to oppose fascism (and Tory ‘lying’) – and remember with pride the stand our country made between 1939-1945 against Nazi Germany and the International Fascist Movement!! Millions of British will also remember that initially it was only the Soviet Union that came to our aid – and the aid of the Western world when we needed it the most! We must grant Russia (at the very least) a fair hearing! What is sad to see is that in just 32-years – all the good achieved through the 74-year existence of the USSR – was wiped-away through the auspices of predatory capitalism!

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Russians T-Bag Dead Neo-Nazis – Video