Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Biden Reacts to “Humiliating” Bakhmut Defeat! (21.5.2023)

President Biden has reacted strongly to the shocking news of the fall of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) – and the Russian military victory – with the Announcement that the “US is prepared to grant the family of President Zelensky FULL and UNRESTRICTED political asylum – and immediate US citizenship!” Vice President Kamala Harris added to this Announcement that the UK and France will be instructed to grant asylum to the millions of ordinary Ukrainians who live in Central and West Ukraine – (two areas that are NOT experiencing any ‘war’ or ‘hardship’ due to the Russian Army incursion into the now ‘Independent’ East Ukraine region of ‘Donbass’)! This is a confirmation of the continuation of the US (and EU) policy which has seen 8 million Ukrainians resettled across Western Europe (but NOT the US) since February 2022!

Whilst encouraging this mass exodus into Western Europe (with the ‘Host’ countries expected to ‘pay’ for every individual that arrives) the US government has made it clear that as a country it will NOT be receiving (or expecting) any mass Ukrainian ‘transmission’ of population! Kamala Harris has stated (on more than one occasion) “Ukraine is a ‘European’ problem that must be solved by the ‘Europeans’ with NO outside interference!” The Vice President added “It is only on Humanitarian grounds that the US is prepared to accept a very small number of LGBTQN+ Refugees into the San Francisco area!” The Gay Press in the US has been streadfastly supportive of Neo-Nazi Ukraine – with the Gay Times even publishing an article which states that “Circumstances in Nazi Germany’s Internment Camps were NOT as bad as pro-Russian (Antifa) historians attempt to convey!”

When asked about the thousands of Gay men who died in the ‘Holocaust’ – the Editor of Gay Times replied “Most of those deaths were from illness, injury and lack of food when the Soviet Red Army encircled these Camps and cut-off the supply of Nazi German food!” He continued “The Jewish history writers should alter (or change) the books regarding the Holocaust to reflect this new research!” When asked whether there was any contradiction between ‘Gay’ people supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the homophobia the Nazi Germans were known to express, he stated “Most Nazi Germans were Gay!” The Gay Times, in the light of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian defeat at Artyomovsk will write a front page eulogising the Azov and Aidar Nationalist Battalions – two known Units full of closet homosexuals!