How the US (and Trotsky) Re-Wrote Soviet History and Reshaped the West! (23.7.2022)

The UK and Western Europe are over-run by US Military Bases and US Military Personnel. Indeed, since 1945, the US (under the guise of NATO) has established around 823 Military Bases around the world designed to wage aggressive warfare! This creeping US hegemony (as US political control and cultural presence follows in the wake of the establishment of US military bases) is designed to take control of as much land (and people) as possible without having to fight for possession! With NATO and the EU spreading US hegemony through the false rhetoric of ‘defence’ and ‘peace’ – the countries conquered becomes nothing less than ‘colonies’ of the US that pay for their own enslavement – which has been achieved through an entirely ‘voluntarily’ process! Elected National governments make decisions which ‘allow’ the American to take control with no conflict. Remember, the US and Europe (and many other subjugated non-White countries) gathered together to rage a vicious and brutal intervention in Revolutionary Russia between 1918-1921! This was called by the invaders the ‘Russian Civil War’ – but missed-out the fact that the ‘civil’ part was started, fuelled and maintained by the invading Americans and Europeans themselves! Indeed, between March and November 1918, the US, UK and German Military Forces fought side by side in Revolutionary Russia (pursuing the joint objectives of killing Lenin and destroying the Revolution) – whilst US and UK troops continued to fight against Imperial German troops in France and Belgium!  

British Working-Class Support the USSR During WWII!

Just think about this reality for a moment – US, UK and German troops were ordered by their bourgeois governments to fight together as ‘allies’ against Socialist Russia (which is ironic given that they were mostly working-class) – whilst the same US, UK and German troops were ordered (by the same bourgeois governments) to ‘kill’ one another in France and Belgium to further the imperialist aims of the leaders! The Americans and Western Europeans contributed to the ‘ten million’ death toll that took place in Russia between 1918-1921 (the highest death toll of any civil war) – with their home populations mostly being kept in the dark about the true implications and actions of their own governments! When the isolated Bolshevik Unit holding the Romanov Imperial family was cut-off, being attacked on all sides and about to be over-run – the Unit Commander took the unilateral decision to ‘execute’ the prisoners as a means to prevent the Westerners winning a major propaganda victory and reinstating the Czar! Of course, despite killing ten million Russian men, women and children, the Westerners focus only on the plight of the Imperial family (ignoring the deaths of the ordinary people) and blaming the ‘bloody’ nature of Bolshevism for this massacre!  

From 1922 onwards, the US continued to send troops around the world to interfere in local events (notably in China) but the USSR (declared in late 1922) started to re-build a ‘Socialist’ State shattered by Western intervention! by the 1930s things were really beginning to take shape and the Soviet people were doing well! Whilst the US economy sank into Depression and the US working-class began to starve – the Soviet Union stood tall and began to prosper! During 1933, President Roosevelt established full diplomatic relations between the USSR and the USA – sending Harpo Marx as a good-will ambassador to Moscow! Endless numbers of Westerners traversed through the USSR with all stating how impressed they were with the establishment of the Socialist State! During 1936 the Soviet State finally published the Constitution of the Soviet Union – considered one of the greatest documents dedicated to human freedom ever written! Although the USSR had protested against Mussolini’s fascism since 1922 (when Mussolini came to power through the aid of the Catholic Church), the Soviet fight against fascism intensified with Hitler’s rise to power in Germany during 1933! The USSR was aiding Nationalist China against Japan and was instrumental in the funding and arming the ‘International Brigades’ that fought Franco’s (Vatican-supported) fascism during the Spanish Civil War (1933-1939)! 

During the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s (Prior to the Sino-Soviet Split) – Thousands of Chinese People Visited, Lived and Studied in the USSR! Traditional Chinese Medicine Became Popular and is Still Practiced in Modern Russia!

These accomplishments were achieved through the ‘Third International’ established by Lenin in 1919 which was mediated worldwide by the International Communist Movement (and the regional Communist Parties). In opposition to this was the bourgeois, liberal capitalist States and the distorted thinking of Trotsky – who had been expelled from the USSR in 1929 for ‘Treason’! He eventually found a home in Mexico but received his financial backing from the affluent ‘Zionist’ movement prevalent in America and elsewhere. Trotsky’s rhetoric blended White Supremacy, Free Masonry, Catholicism and predatory capitalism into a virulent and highly concentrated poison which he aimed at the Soviet State in general, and the personage of Joseph Stalin in particular! This mimicry of Socialism would eventually weaken the USSR (through Khrushchev’s betrayal of Stalin in 1956 and Gorbachev’s betrayal of the Soviet People in 1991) – but was held back until the passing of Stalin in 1953! Trotsky’s thinking would be an insidious presence always permeating between the gaps between the great Soviet achievements and belittling every advance and victory of the working-class!  

The one-time popular historian Will Durant (and his wife) visited the USSR in 1933 – but his right-wing academic backers and government contacts wanted him to write a damning report. Although he could not read, write or speak Russian – he would later claim that Russian peasant women would come up to him and state that life in the Soviet State was terrible! during the 1930s many notable Westerners visited the USSR and gave glowing reviews – this even included the ardent British Trotskyite – George Orwell (who would later change his tune following the offer of publication deals providing his books in the UK ‘said the right thing’)! It was only after 1945 (and the establishment of US anti-intellectualism outside of the US) that a pseudo-history of the USSR was fabricated and projected backwards in time! The reality of the 1930s saw the Western capitalist countries riddled with starvation and suffering amongst the working-classes! Unemployment was rife and everyone sought to survive in any way that they could! Capitalism and the liberal democracy that supported it had failed terribly – but this reality had to be a) ‘hidden’ and b) then ‘projected’ upon the Soviet Union! For capitalist America – Socialism can never be seen to be winning! 

Prior to WWII – the USSR was Renowned for Its Internationalism and Welcoming and Supportive Attitude Toward Non-Europeans – Which Included the North Koreans! The Intensity of Racially Driven Opposition of the DPRK by the Capitalist World Speaks for Itself – Although the DPRK Retains a Close Relationship with Modern Russia!

What was really happening in the USSR during the 1930s? The Soviet economy, as it was not part of the international capitalist system was self-sufficient, booming and highly affluent! Many bourgeois intellectuals from the West (including HG Wells) found this fact fascinating! The average Russian worker had never experienced such good times! Men and women were equal in every field, and children’s rights were recognised and respected! All adults over 18 years old could vote, education was free for all and truly universal! Industrial output and agricultural were booming as the Soviet State combined full employment together with scientific organisation, planning and advanced technology! Non-Europeans (including the Chinese and Koreans amongst many others, including Africans and African-Americans) frequented the schools, factories, medical centres and sporting facilitates! The Workers and Peasant Red Army employed men and women and explored many and different ways of projecting the USSR. The population expressed their gratitude and support by continuously ‘voting’ Joseph Stalin into Office (yes, the Soviet population participated in numerous and many democratic elections)! People could travel across the vast USSR for a relatively small price and could travel in and out of the USSR with the right documents! Anyone could write and publish a book about any subject for free (without the interference of a bourgeois publisher) – and anyone could read that book if they so wished! A little known or emphasised fact is that any foreigner could travel to the USSR and receive a place to live, financial assistance, free medical care, free education and/or work in any job they chose! Life was good and the future was bright!  

What was the pseudo-history fabricated by the US? Joseph Stalin was a ‘Dictator’ just like Hitler – and the entire Soviet State emanated from his sick mind and distorted will! The Soviet people lived in a giant Concentration Camp! Foreigners were shielded from this reality by a thin veneer of stage props and actors! Stalin rounded-up and massacred anyone who contradicted his will (just like Hitler)! Although an individual’s personal experience might contradict this US vision – this merely demonstrated just how devious Joseph Stalin was and how deceptive was the system he built around him! During the 1930s Stalin killed everyone who was starving and that is why the USSR seemed to be exempt from the hardships of the Depression! The Soviet Red Army only beat Hitler (who was really on the side of the West) because Stalin had both weakened it with ‘purges’ and had made it more brutal and immoral through his anti-fascist rhetoric than the Nazi German enemy it was fighting! It was Stalin who committed the Holocaust and it was Stalin who killed 41 million of his own people! The fact that objective history disproves all this just goes to show how devious Stalin was and what a terrible enemy Socialism continues to be! Trotsky would have been proud of this fabrication as it equals his 1938 call to his supporters to support the Catholic Church and any attack by the fascist world order upon the USSR! He also called for Soviet citizens to carry-out terrorist attacks upon the infrastructure of the USSR!  

The US, UK and EU Are Bound Together by the Neo-Imperialist NATO!

All in all, an example of why US anti-intellectualism and US hegemony is the true enemy of humanity (including the Catholic Church and the Free Masons) and must be fought at every turn and during opportunity! As matters stand, Russia has been the victim of collective Western aggression in one form or another for centuries (as it is today) – and yet has been continuously depicted by the West as being the aggressor! Ironically, when Russia was the centre of the ‘Socialist’ Soviet Union that opposed predatory capitalism – the West ‘promised’ that if only it gave up this ‘Socialist’ system everything would be different, and the Western world would greet a ‘free’ Russia with open arms! What the West omitted from this charade was that the ‘open arms’ would be in the form of a Swastika and that NATO would be moved ever closer to the borders of Russia by a highly aggressive EU – led by a resurgent Germany and its Neo-Nazi ideology (the elephant in the room)! Again, US anti-intellectualism rules the roost by distorting the dimensions of reality and convincing everyone trapped within its parameters that there is no other way of perceiving reality or living in the world!  

The Internationalism of the Soviet Union Defied the Passive and Active Support the Capitalist West Was Giving To the Fascist Franco Junta and the Catholic Church – Both of Which Were Being Actively Aided by Hitler and Mussolini!

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