Zionist Military Aggression (1942-1982) – Forty-Years of Terrorism Disguised as Self-Defence!  

‘It could be said that the ancestor of Middle East terrorism was Lehi, the group founded in Palestine during the Second World War and led by Abraham Stern killed by the British police in February 1942), Lehi’s reins were later taken by a triumvirate, one of them future Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir. In 1943 the group led an attempt on the life of the high commissioner to Palestine; some months later it assassinated former Colonial Secretary Lord Moyne in Egypt. When the 1948 war ended, Lehi assassinated the United Nations (UN) representative Count Bernadotte, the Swedish diplomat assigned to supervise the cease-fire. 

Individual terror acts were not the whole story. Alongside Lehi there was another terrorist group, Etzel, whose leader in 1944 was also a future Israeli premier, Menachem Begin. On June 22, 1946, Etzel planted two milk churns packed with explosives in the kitchen of the King David Hotel, where British administrators were housed. The blast left ninety-one dead and forty-five wounded – Britons, Arabs, and Jews. 

It is hardly surprising that the Israelis would use similar tactics to force Arabs out of Palestine. In his memoirs, the British general John Bagot Glubb, founder of the Arab legion in Trans-Jordan, recalls a conversation between a British officer and an officer of the Zionist militant group Haganah that took place before the creation of Israel. When the British officer remarked that Israel’s population might be split down the middle between Jews and Arabs and that this would cause difficulties, the Haganah officer replied: “Difficulties can be overcome – a little bloodshed and we’ll be rid of them.” The events that followed echoed those words. In January 1948, an explosion in a square in Jaffa, a town then populated with Arabs, killed twenty-one people and left many more wounded. A far worse atrocity was the massacre on the night of April 10, 1948, when extremists from Lehi and Etzel slaughtered 254 inhabitants of this Arab village of Deir Yassin, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. 

Bloody reprisals against the Arab populations continued after the creation of Israel; it took a long time before there was any focus on integrating the Palestinian Arabs into Israeli society. Some of these acts triggered such an outcry abroad, and even in Israel itself, that criminal proceedings were brought against those who were killing Arabs. In October 1956, on the eve of the Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt, an Israeli patrol opened fire on the inhabitants of Kafr Qasim, an Arab village on Israeli territory, supposedly for breaching a curfew that had been imposed without warning. A court found Major Shmael Malinki and Lieutenant Gabriel Dahan guilty of slaughtering forty-three Kafr Qasim residents and sentenced them to seventeen and fifteen years in prison respectively; Sergeant Offer got fifteen years for killing forty-one Arabs. Other perpetuators were also tried and sentenced. But early in 1960, a little over three years after the massacre, all were out free. Meanwhile, Brigadier Issachar Shadmi, who gave the command to “show no mercy,” was tried separately and fined the equivalent of one cent – an insult to the memory of the dead.’ 

Yevgeny Primakov: Russia and the Arabs – Behind the Scenes in the Middle East from the Cold War to the Present, Basic Bokks, (2009), Pages 13-15 (Translated from Russian by Paul Gould) 

Semitic people have inhabited the Middle East for well-over two-thousand five hundred years and probably far longer. Part (but not all) of that population is of the Jewish ethnicity. The fact that people of Jewish ethnicity and religious practice have inhabited the Middle East is not, as far as I am concerned, open to debate and is a historical fact proven by a) Jewish historical tradition, b) non-Jewish historical records (such as those recorded by the Greeks and Romans), and c) the objective science of archaeology. People of Jewish ethnicity did not inhabit the area exclusively and were only one of a number of competing ethnic groups seeking resources and to politically and militarily dominate the region. The descendants of these ethnic Jewish people live as a diaspora around the world today. The religiosity of an ethnic Jewish person may vary from being indiscernible from any other person within the general population of non-Jews – or so obvious that it is clear that they are Jewish. Indeed, it is from within this latter group that most, if not all, victims of anti-Jewish pogroms emerge as they are the easiest to locate and target. From at least 1922 (with the rise of Mussolini in Italy) the Jewish diaspora has been the victim of the ideology of ‘Fascism’, and from 1933 onward (and the rise of Hitler) the Jewish diaspora has been the victim of ‘National Socialism’ (‘Nazism’) – or a type of ‘extreme’ fascism which continuous to be virulent today – targeting all non-White people as being racially inferior, as well as persecuting and murdering homosexuals, the disabled and those who adhere to the ideology of Communism, etc. 

Fascism has its ideological roots in several intolerant Western European philosophical systems of thought (all masquerading as ‘science’) which came into prominence during the late 1800s – particularly in countries such as Germany and Austria, but which received a general and widespread support throughout the ‘White’ (Christian) populations of the world. Following the intensification of the predatory capitalist system preferred by the liberal democracies, which was brought about through the Industrial Revolution (1750-1850), secularism became an ever-greater force within a society which emphasised individualism over collectivity and profit-seeking over piety. Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) was a lawyer (dealing with secular law – or the law derived from Christian dominance) who lived as a citizen within Austria-Hungary. He became deeply affected by the idea that just as the White, liberal Judeo-Christian countries were competing with one another to seize and control lands owned by non-White people around the world, (the imperial, colonial process at work), the Jewish people as a ‘Volk’ – or racially pure collective whole – should arm themselves and forcibly ‘return’ to Palestine, invade this region, purge it of all non-Jewish populations.  

This was at odds with the theology and Rabbinic thinking usually associated with Judaism – but Theodor Herzl received a tremendous amount of support from secularised Jews who preferred to dress and act like their goyam neighbours – whilst also mimicking their White dominant attitudes! This new ideology of ‘Zionism’ was premised upon a secular Jewish attempt at defending (and camouflaging) itself by aligning with the general attitudes of the White (or non-Jewish population) – and advocating that all Jews – or at least the dominant section of the Jewish diaspora – should a) consider themselves ‘White’, and b) consider themselves ‘superior’ to every other type of non-White and non-Jewish person. Indeed, this is the founding ideology of the modern State of Israel which has very little to do with the ancient Jewish diaspora. For those who want to learn more about this rupture in genuine Jewish identity should access the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) – and any number of good quality books that examine the plight of the oppressed Palestinian people. Furthermore, Zionist Israel carries-out a pro-active ideological campaign of stifling freedom of speech and freedom of thought – so that the history, ideas and attitudes that I have related above are ridiculed, attacked and removed from mainstream discourse, debate and consideration. As I have said many times before, Judaism (and ‘Jews’) are not the problem – but ‘Zionism’ is a form of ‘White Supremacy’ (as confirmed by the UN in 1975) concocted by White, middle-class, Germanic Jews! It fed-in directly into the Holocaust as certain groups of oppressed Jews collaborated with the Hitlerite regime.  

White Israelis ‘killing’ and ‘maiming’ non-White Palestinian men, women and children is as unacceptable as ‘White’ Germans murdering, raping, molesting, torturing and killing Jewish men, women and children! It is the ideology of ‘Fascism’ which is the problem, and which must be opposed on every level and in every way! Indeed, Israeli troops occupy a part of Syria as I write, with the Israeli Airforce carry-out bombing raids upon the Syrian population nearly every day! There are also examples of ex-IDF members volunteering for the Neo-Nazi military forces of of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! However, it is not only the Israeli military that has violently openly intervened in the many countries of the world – but also Israeli-backed terrorism and assassination squads. If we exclude from this the legitimate Israeli project of ‘Nazi Hunting’ and equally legitimate actions of ‘self-defence’ – then we are left with an imperialist Israel which attempts to disguise all its aggressive (imperialist) actions as ‘self-defence’! Many people in the UK are surprised to learn whilst Great Britain was fighting Nazi Germany between 1939-1945 – Zionist (Jewish) terrorists in Palestine were carrying-out terrorist acts of aggression against British troops! Yes – the Zionists were assisting the Nazi German attack upon the UK by attacking the British presence in Palestine – whilst simultaneously leaving the German population in Palestine untouched! This murdering of British citizens would continue up to the British withdrawal from Palestine in 1947! It is clear from a historical perspective that it was Zionist terrorism which predates Islamic terrorism prevalent today – and that Islamic terrorism has been very much a reaction to the earlier Zionist manifestation! Of course, as Israel has aligned itself with the US, and given that in return for unlimited political, financial and military support, Israel serves the purpose of ‘destabilising’ the Middle East in the service of the US! Part of this deal is that the US demands that the true history of the horror of Israeli Zionist fascism is not taught in Western schools and that ordinary people must seek-out the facts for themselves whilst circumnavigating Israeli disinformation.  

On June 30, 1954, Israeli special agents launched Operation Susannah – to be carried-out by Unit 131 (in charge of diversionary tactics in Aman) – which involved the Israeli bombing of British and US targets throughout Egypt. The resulting carnage would be blamed on the Egyptians themselves so that the British and Americans would be manipulated into military action in the region – supported by Israel! Although a number of Israeli bombs had exploded at US targets in Cairo and Alexander – two Israeli agents were captured during December 1954, attempting to plant a bomb in a British movie theatre in Cairo. Under interrogation they admitted the Israeli government was behind the atrocities and gave away their co-conspirators. Following the trial – two Israeli agents were sentenced to death whilst a third committed suicide. This led to Pinhas Lavon resigning as Israeli defence minister in December 1955.  

When Britain granted Egypt independence in 1922, it did so providing British troops could remain in Egypt to ‘control the routes of the British empire’ – which included the UK continuing to possess the vitally important Suez Canal. On July 26, 1956, Nassar broadcast a speech which electrified the Arab world! No more would the Arab world bow-down to the imperialist West! ‘At this moment, as I speak to you, the Suez Canal Company has been nationalized in the name of the Egyptian people!’ In his speech Nassar had included secret ‘trigger’ words designed to initiate Egyptian Special Forces – that had integrated themselves into the staff of the Suez Canal Company – into action! The British prime minister – Anthony Eden – announced that his Conservative government was prepared to enter into a military alliance with France and take direct action against Egypt! Meanwhile, the French bizarrely entered into a secret dialogue with Zionist Israel – which agreed to add the ‘Israeli Defence Force’ (IDF) to this European invasion of Egypt! On October 29, 1956 (whilst the Soviet Red Army was engaged in putting-down a Western-backed Neo-Nazi uprising in Hungary), an Israeli Paratrooper Battalion landed near the Mitla Pass in Sinai. Britain and France immediately supported this Zionist, imperialist aggression, whilst the USSR threatened to fire missile at the foreign countries that had invaded Egypt! The US also came out against the British actions in Suez! All of this pressure eventually brought an end to this conflict during March, 1957 – but only after the IDF had inflicted significant losses upon a highly motivated but poorly trained and lightly armed Egyptian Army.  

The so-called Six Day War that broke-out on June 5, 1967 – was a massive land-grab exercise perfectly planned and executed by the Zionist Authorities of Israeli! In typical (and deceptive) Zionist style, this mass invasion of Arab territory has been presented as an ‘act of self-defence – falsely implying that the Arabs are responsible for their own plight and deserve everything that Israel has perpetuated against them! In reality, this shocking exercise in neo-imperialism saw the military defeat of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. This defeat led to the Israelis occupying East Jerusalem, the West Bank of the Jordan River, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights and only served to tighten the Zionist noose that was already around the necks of the Palestinians! On June 8, 1967, the Israeli Airforce deliberately attacked the USS Liberty – a lightly armed US Naval ship that was sailing in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula. This planned Israeli attack upon a US Naval ship killed 34 US Naval Personnel and wounded another 171! The Israeli method of trying to provoke the US to get involved in a conflict the Zionists themselves had started failed yet again.  

By 1973, it was obvious to the Arab world that the West was in full support of Israeli (Zionist) aggression – and that this aggression was designed to destabilise the Arab world and prevent it from collectively developing like the West (or even Israel)! The only bargaining chip the Arabs possessed was oil. The Soviet Union was supporting the Arab world as being a victim of Western imperialism and Zionist aggression – and was assisting the region in building-up its military capabilities – a process that had been slowly developing since the 1960s. Taken together, these conditions facilitated the idea that the Arab world should go on the offensive against Zionist Israel and reverse all the military conquests the Jewish State had made since 1967 – and perhaps wipe the Zionist State of Israel off the map completely (thus ‘liberating’ Palestine to its pre-1947 status). By 1973, it was Egypt and Syria which felt it was military prepared to combine their forces – whilst the Arab world in would act in Solidarity by threatening the West with an oil embargo! This is how the Yom Kippur War of 1973 was prepared. Yom Kippur is a religious holiday for the Jewish State and this time of year was chosen to catch the IDF off its guard. Falling between September and October each year – Yom Kippur is the time for all Jews to ‘repent’ and ‘atone’ for past misdeeds! Whereas the Zionists had presented all their previous victories as being inspired by their ‘god’ (rather than the logical effect of receiving the latest weaponry and training from the US) – the Arabs wanted to inflict a decisive military defeat upon the Zionists at a time of year that would ‘prove’ that their ‘god’ was opposed to their actions! This decisive victory would be inflicted in part by the Syrian use of the Soviet-made Kvadrat Anti-Aircraft Missile System (Service to Air Missiles) – as it was understood by the Arabs that all the Israeli victories upon the ground had occurred due to the Israeli control of the air. Take away the Israeli Airforce and the relatively small Israeli Infantry Units could be surrounded, cut-off and destroyed by Syrian and Egyptian Infantry carrying Soviet weaponry! This plan almost worked – as within half an hour of the conflict beginning – half of the Israeli Airforce had been shot out the sky! The Egyptian and Syrian ground forces made excellent gains to start with – before Israeli experience started to take its toll and Arab inexperience did the rest. Once again, the collective might of the Arab world had failed to beat an aggressive right-wing Zionist State supported by the West!  

Zionist Israel invaded South Lebanon on June 6, 1982. The purpose of this aggressive military act was to destroy the 600,000 Palestinians who had taken refuge in the country (and throughout the region)! Although there were many ordinary men, women and children, there were also hardened guerrilla-fighters belonging to the voluntary Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO). The Palestinian people possess no Armed Forces and are continuously at the mercy of the Zionist Israeli State and its culture of aggressive military action outside the boundaries of geographical Israel. So many Palestinians had been killed and wounded that hundreds of thousands had been forced to flee their homes! The IDF typically allocated the captured land and buildings to Jewish settlers – copying Hitler’s well-known policy of ‘Lebensraum’ or ‘Living space’ for an expanding Jewish population. The irony here, is that where Hitler once inflicted this policy upon the Jews – the ‘Zionist’ Jews of Israel now inflict it upon the non-White Palestinian population! During September 1982, The Israeli controlled ‘Phalange’ – the right-wing ‘Maronite’ Christian terrorist group – carried-out deliberate massacres of Palestinian men, women and children residing at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps! IDF troops facilitated and participated in these massacres which were reminiscent of the ‘SS’ massacres carried-out in the Soviet Union between 1941-1945! The fact that Israel had managed to invade a foreign country, ignore the UN and the criticism of the civilised world – and still manage to massacre their enemy – drew Israel and the US closer together! Although certain Islam groups struck back with spectacular suicide bombings – Israel eventually left the country after contributing to the deaths of between 15,000-20,000 civilians.  

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