USSR: Red Army Cavalry 1938 Model ‘Carbine’ (17.5.2022) 

The concept of the ‘carbine’ may well have originated during the late 1500s in France and referred to the weapon these ‘Light’ Cavalrymen used to carry. In this instance, this may well have been a ‘slang’ term used in the French language which referred to mounted archers from Flanders who were considered deadly shots and sure bringers of ‘death’! (The association is unclear but may refer to an assumed connection between the ‘carrion beetle’ and the ‘plague’, etc). Whatever the origin, a ‘carbine’ appears to refer to a ‘short’ and highly effective weapon carried when sat in the saddle and used when riding the horse whether into or out of battle. The 1938 ‘Carbine’ Model measured just 1020 mm (or 3.4 feet) long (minus a bayonet) – and fired a round measuring 7.62 mm! The ‘Carbine’ Model 1938 was sighted to fire up to 1000 meters! The Izhevsk Machine-Manufacturing Plant was the only place equipped for producing this ‘Carbine’ between 1941-1942 – during the height of the ‘Great Patriotic war’ – when the workers of this factory produced over 1,106,510 which were sent immediately for frontline service! 

Why is ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’ – February 23rd – Important to Russians? By Konstantin Medvedev (Константин Медведев) – Russian Historical Society 

Twenty-four-hour ‘guardians’ of US foreign policy, US (White) hegemony and US neo-imperialism – that are paid to be forever vigilant – swoop on the offending ‘edit’ and delete it out of existence! Indeed, exactly the same situation exists regarding Soviet history and contemporary Russian affairs! All are misrepresented by this pseudo-historical approach fuelled by Wikipedia (which is designed to infiltrate and colonise the minds of the world’s youth as its pro-US anti-intellectualism is automatically translated into nearly every known language of the world)! Apart from the most banal of ‘facts’ Wikipedia simply cannot be trusted under its current regime. No wonder then, it is ‘banned’ in China and North Korea – despite the US running ‘zh.Wiki’ – which distorts genuine Chinese history, paints White Europeans as being the angelic ‘saviours’ of the barbaric and primitive Chinese people, and which is inherently ‘anti-Communist’!

We Must Support Russia Because Their is No Honour Amongst US, UK and EU Thieves (Or Racists)! 

In other words, Churchill was a racist and a fascist who just (‘inconvenient’ for him) had to ‘fight’ another ‘racist’ and a ‘fascist’ (Hitler) when public outrage grew beyond a certain point that he or his political-handlers could manage! When Pope (Pius XII) requested that Churchill assist ten thousand ‘good Ukranian Catholics’ escape the brutality of Soviet justice – Churchill was only too ready to comply – despite the fact that these ‘Ukrainian’ men (and millions more such as the Finns, Italians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Slovakians, Spanish and Romanians, etc, like them) had assisted the Nazi Germans in perpetuating the (total) material destruction of the Western USSR and the murder of around Soviet 41 million men, women and children between 1941-1945!  

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