Is the West Planning a Massive ‘NATO’ Counter-strike? (18.7.2022)

Although this is a conflict between Bourgeois States – I cannot but think there are certain machinations going on behind the scenes which might yet result is some unusual happenstance! I think it has long been known that the average Russian soldier is a tough and dedicated individual who is not easy to beat whether he (or she) is defending Czarism, Communism or capitalism! What this means is that NATO has probably developed one or two unusual weapons that the Russians either know nothing about or do not fully understand the implications of. These weapons do not require large infantry battles but rather remove the need for such encounters! They probably act like a highly localised nuclear explosion but without the usual (and expected) long or short-term consequences! Entire areas can be ‘de-populated’ and the enemy removed whilst leaving the territory open for NATO colonisation! It could also be the case that such weaponry might include the ability to negate Russia’s nuclear arsenal – thus removing her ability to strike at the heart of the US, UK or Europe in a retaliatory strike!