Email: The Problem of Pan-Slavism in Modern Russia! (3.7.2022) 

Gritsak said that “an organization with the same name was registered in Russia in 2014.” It is not known whether he meant that the organization was officially registered, or whether it simply appeared in Russia. If Hrytsak meant a large community on VKontakte, which was also registered in 2014, then he was mistaken, because Popovich lived and, apparently, lives in Ukraine. The Kremlin is known to finance and support various ultra-right and neo-Nazi groups in Europe and Russia, in particular because of the billionaire Konstantin Malofeev  (suspected of financing the self-proclaimed “LPR” and “DPR”). However, there is no obvious connection between the Sober and Evil Youth and the Kremlin, except for the Pan-Slavist ideology that is characteristic of various far-right groups in the region.’ 

American and British Mercenaries Captured in Severodonetsk! By Pavel Onoyko [Павел Онойко] (9.6.2022)

The Russian army, despite conflicting Western media reports about the return of half of Severodonetsk, won the battle for the city and inflicted heavy losses on Ukrainian troops. At the same time, US sources say that about 40% of all Ukrainian forces in the Donbass are foreign mercenaries, as the Greek military publication reports, citing its sources. According to this publication, we are talking about 30,000 mercenaries out of a total of 80,000 troops in Ukraine. The West sent thousands of mercenaries because the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian troops trained by them were not enough to seriously resist the Russians. After all, the best Ukrainian Units were destroyed in the battle for Mariupol.