Cyrillic Chicanery! (28.4.2022)

Unlike the Mainland Chinese internet – which operates an ideological ‘bourgeois’ filter – modern (capitalist) Russia operates a free-flow of bourgeois ideas. As it spent around seventy-four years as a Socialist State (USSR) this ‘free-space’ allows for, but no longer privileges, Marxist-Leninist ideology, often employing US bourgeois ideas against it! This allows for a plethora of articles to be present (and accessible) to the average Russian-reader which continuously undermine a) history as it happened and was experienced, and b) the official (and preferred) interpretation and response to historical events favoured by the Russian government and the majority of the Russian people! This how we end-up with articles such as this:

What do the “LPR” and “DPR” believe in?

This claims to have been written in ‘2015’ but who knows? Dates are purely arbitrary nowadays within popular Western discourse, mixed and matched to create the ‘right’ impression. It also seems to be a Polish-Canadian (?) white-wash of history that was very near the time of the US-backed Neo-Nazi take-over of Kyiv in late 2013 – early 2014! This article is aimed at the nascent Russian religious-mind that fills the post-Soviet space. Indeed, whilst ignoring the material reality of real politics events – it attempts to reduce everything in existence to a child-like belief in religion. 

This has its basis in the West’s response to the collapse of the USSR where the post-Soviet Space was filled with right-wing religion and far-right ideology as a means to combat seventy-four years of Socialist education! From 2000 onwards, and the rise of Putin, the political far-right in Russia (but not the Ukraine), and the religious extremism from the West has been legally stamped-down and purged from the post-Soviet space, giving dominance once again to the Russian Orthodox Church. As most Westerners – with any vestige of sanity – would find the supporting of Hitlerism to be repugnant, the Obama Administration had to continue to support this ideological thrust in the Ukraine whilst actively denying what it was doing. Of course, voting AGAINST a UN Resolution condemning the glorification of Neo-Nazism (supported in this rejection by Canada, Ukraine and Palau) was a bit of a giveaway!

And so the spectre of Adolf Hitler steps from the podium once again and takes the place of ‘spiritual head’ of all Ukrainian politics! This happened in 2014, arising from a Western policy (supported by the Catholic Church) that was originally enacted in 1991! Who could have foreseen that thirteen years of advocating and favouring Hitlerism would have led to a Hitlerite regime being constructed in the Ukraine! Following all this, those supporters of Hitler in Canada and the Ukraine – that is the authors of the above article – reduce everything to ‘What Does the DPR and LPR Believe In?’ – rather than asking the question ‘What Is It These Two Republics Are Reacting to?’ The fact that both Republics have strong Communist Parties – and the fact that the Communist Party of Russia has been at the fore-front of collecting and distributing humanitarian aid into the region – should indicate the anti-fascist nature of the Donbass resistance. Of course, the Canadian and Polish authors sully the waters by implying that the Donbass resistance to Western-backed Neo-Nazism is in fact the ’cause’ of the very fascism that Donbass is attempting to resist! Confused? That is good, because whilst you are confused, the very ‘non-confused’ Hitlerite Battalions of Ukraine keep goose-stepping their way up the front-line to terrorise the civilian population of Donbass, with the only difference now being that they are being ‘smashed’ by the combined military might of the Russian Army and the People’s Militias of the DPR and LPR! 

This article referenced above ‘inverts’ everything from top to bottom. The authors deliberately manufacture a fairy-tale premised upon fictitious and false assumptions and misleading parameters. The Western-backed Hitlerite take-over of Kyiv in 2014 is omitted and instead the Donbass resistance to Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is portrayed as the progenitor of Neo-Nazism! The expulsion of Western-backed right-wing religion from Donbass and the re-establishment of mainstream religious tolerance is presented as ‘extremism’! Russian self-determinism in Donbass is viewed as ‘racism’, and so on and so forth. What we see here, is in fact a Russian resistance to the forces of Western neo-imperialism – which have always been led by religious and political intolerance! The Russian population in question happens to be in the Ukraine – but again we are having to squeeze bourgeois ideas of ‘race’ and ‘nation’ into the post-Soviet space which was defined by ‘internationalism’ for seventy-four years!

In all of this, it must be remembered that although the bourgeois view of the world is currently dominant throughout all capitalist countries, it is not natural or inevitable, but rather a contrivance invented around four-hundred years ago, and which is still led by political self-interest, greed and religious dominance and intolerance! Donbass is both a product of bourgeois dominance and also a reaction to it! In many ways, it is as if the Russians of Donbass are involved in an anti-imperialist or anti-colonial war such as those seen in the 20th century! Oddly, although the Slavs are often considered White – the Russians are treated by the West as if they are NOT White! As I have written elsewhere, this is probably due to the reality that many migrating Vikings settled-down with Central Asian women and not only developed ‘mixed’ off-spring, but also adopted a number of non-White cultural attitudes and practices! Needless to say, there are no far-right or right-wing militias fighting in the Donbass area on the side of the LPR or the DPR! From 2000 onwards, Putin has been systematically working his way through the ‘banning’ and ‘dismantling’ of all such organisations and entities placed within Russia by the dominant West! Through the successes of the Russian Army and the People’s Militias of the LPR and DPR – this ‘purging’ process of the far-right from within Russian communities has been spread into Donbass! Although the above article is now ‘out of date’ as well as presenting fake history, it still serves its function of broadcasting a disrupting false dialogue into the post-Soviet space which is designed to cause confusion and anti-Russian sentiment! Do not fall for this simplistic attempt of brain-washing!

Russian Language Article:

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