Professional Revolutionaries! (29.5.2023)

This is how the capitalists are using Trotsky to keep the workers ‘stupid’ and always fighting amongst ‘themselves’! If we are distracted by internecine conflict – then we cannot UNITE and turn our collective strength against the filthy Bourgeoisie! Never forget that in 1938 (when he declared his so-called ‘Fourth International’), Trotsky called for his followers to support the anti-Soviet policies of the Catholic Church and any fascist attack upon the USSR! Trotsky also demanded that individual citizens of the USSR should carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks against the Soviet infrastructure! Trotsky was clearly angling for an assassination attempt upon Stalin’s life – and this reality might explain why Trotsky himself was eventually ‘eliminated’ in 1940 (via a pickaxe)! It was simply the dialectical nature of the political game at the time. Of course, Trotsky’s demise would be dramatically eclipsed by the 41 million Soviet losses eventually suffered between 1941-1945!

New Zealand: Victor Penny Experiments – Real or Imaginery? (15.5.2023)

The nature of the invention is known
to very few people in New Zealand, but it
is believed that like several inventors in
Europe, he hopes to be able to prove to
the satisfaction of tbe defence authorities
that he can project a powerful electric
current in the form of an invisible ray,
without wires, to stop men or aeroplanes
and paralyse transport. Experiments
with this object are said to have been
partly successful over a short distance.
Penny has now left the island, but is coninuing his work secretly.

Alchemy: Phlogiston – A Retrospective! (10.4.2023) 

I think the theory of ‘Phlogiston’ was a good first effort and is certainly more realistic than suggesting that a disembodied theistic entity is controlling everything ‘from afar’ just as an act of arbitrary will! This theory even covered the human-breath – which was ‘hot’ because ‘Phlogiston’ was being ‘breathed-out’! If not enough ‘Phlogiston’ was breathed-out – then the human body would literally ‘burn-up’ and a fever would develop! Of course, modern Chemistry has replaced Alchemy and has long since washed away virtually all of the original foundation that once formed the bulwark of human logic in the face of theological domination. It is now understood that when substances ‘burn’ – nothing is ‘given-up’ – but rather a chemical reaction is experienced. Combustion is a chemical reaction that rapidly combines various substances with oxygen – generating heat and light in the form of a flame as a useful by-product. Whereas the ‘inverted’ thinking of religiosity was inadvertently retained through the theory of ‘Phlogiston’ (i.e., ‘something is lost’) – the non-inverted reality regarding the correct scientific interpretation of combustion – is that ‘something is gained’! This demonstrates just how powerful outdated or outmoded systems of thought are – even if it is believed that certain approaches to understanding reality have been firmly rejected and left in the past.  

YouTube: Deconstructing a Webb of Lies! (10.4.2023) 

Fascistic YouTubers exist to garnish views through clicks – once this is known, then it becomes an easy matter simply to prevent any direct contact whilst keeping a careful eye on the far-right activities that evolve around such entities (much of it illegal even within a Bourgeois society). As you can see, I have resisted the temptation of openly naming and/or ‘linking’ the offending article directly – but as this most of my posts of this ‘revealing’ nature – I have left a trail of breadcrumbs. The point is to ‘expose’ this fascism without directly aiding it with inadvertent advertising! 

If the Far-Right Devised an Infiltration Strategy… (25.3.2023)

Once the mythical ‘White’ construct is in place, then this ‘Daniel Schmidt’ could choose a ‘sacrificial lamb’ from a plethora of academic offerings – and simply have fun building a false narrative around all kinds of imagined injustices, provocations and stereotypes! His semi-religious message would then be trumpeted far and wide throughout the US-controlled social media platforms – leaving no room for doubt that although the White Europeans control the Western world – an analysis of the history of this ‘control’ must be treated with distrust, aggression and even an intellectual disdain! This is an important approach as the propagation of ‘White’ victimhood is used by the far-right to ‘hide’ and ‘obscure’ the true power the White Europeans possess, and the destructive manner in which this power has been used in the past and is continued to be used today.  

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