Tories Hand-out British Citizenship to Neo-Nazi War Criminals! (28.4.2022)

The Shame of Being British Under This Fascist Tory Junta Knows No Boundaries!

🇬🇧The Russian media got to the bottom of an interesting thing: Zelensky’s wife and children have already received British citizenship. Come on, he himself received it, although this should be contrary to the constitution of Ukraine.

But the bloody clown’s parents refused allegiance. Well, at least someone in this family has a conscience.

Also, by the decision of the British government, citizenship was granted to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak and his family members, as well as Zelensky’s adviser Mikhail Podolyak and his family members. A number of employees of the General Staff of Ukraine and the SBU are in the process of receiving.

The Ukrainian elites have prepared an alternate airfield for themselves, but the majority of Ukrainians will be left with a nose to smell the rotting dead corpses!

🇬🇧Российские СМИ докопались до интересной вещи: жена и дети Зеленского уже получили британское подданство. Да ладно, он и сам его получил, хотя такое должно противоречить конституции Украины.

А вот родители кровавого клоуна от подданства отказались. Ну, хоть у кого-то в этой семейке совесть есть.

Так же решением правительства Великобритании предоставлено гражданство руководителю офиса президента Украины Андрею Ермаку и членам его семьи, а также советнику Зеленского Михаилу Подоляку и членам его семьи. В процессе получения находится ряд сотрудников генерального штаба Украины и СБУ.

Запасный аэродром для себя украинские элиты подготовили, а вот большинство украинцев останутся с носом.

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  1. Yeah! I saw that coming. Ukraine’s been looted. “Kiev” has no loyalty to the people. Always the dollars. People found it fishy how this guy Gonzalo got off the hook. If there is a subplot it’s because he’s a liberal and anti-communist. He’s a bit of a “lifestyle guru.” Diversionary….he provides shallow superficial takes on events so he’s steering people away from more in depth critiques and analysis. He’s not a threat to “Kiev.” There’s always an otherness to these people. That British military strategist, Kitson…..if you can’t win create chaos, divide and ruin. “If you can’t catch the fish, poison the water.”

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