It Is Interesting How ‘Bucha’ Sounds Much Like ‘Baku’! 

On the 20th of September, 1918, it is recorded in Russia that the British Army committed a War Crime. This subsequently became known as just ‘Baku’ in Russian-language sources – with the term ‘Baku’ sending shudders down the spine of all right-minded Russians as being synonymous with all the corruption and brutality that the international capitalist system had to offer! Of course, as the world was against ‘Socialist’ Russia just as it is against ‘capitalist’ Russia today, the international community did ‘nothing’ about this crime. Essentially, a committee of local ‘Bolsheviks’ – which had existed in the capital of Azerbaijan (Baku) situated to the South of Russia – had peacefully surrendered to the advancing British Army (that had ‘invaded’ Revolutionary Russia earlier that year alongside a host of other countries, including Germany and the US, etc). Instead of caring for these civilian politicians by feeding, housing and/or transporting them safely, the British Army shot them all dead! The story of this very ‘British’ massacre can be read HERE.  

What interests me today, is the remarkable similarities between the British massacre at Baku and the alleged (and almost certainly ‘fictitious’) Russian massacre at ‘Bucha’! A friend of mine once commented that much of ‘intelligence’ work is simply a rehashing of the past – a sort of ‘mix and match’ of that which has come before! As a variant of it has worked in the past, or so the thinking goes, it is sure to work again in contemporary circumstances providing the ‘correct’ and ‘applicable’ frequency of ‘relevancy’ can found, sustained and delivered in the right way! Of course, this is not easy but sometimes it can be an exercise in simplicity itself! I suspect the British Tory government is behind the ‘Bucha’ massacre in Neo-Nazi Ukraine – just as the British Army was behind the ‘Baku’ massacre in Azerbaijan! The connecting agent is ‘Winston Churchill’ who almost certainly ordered the former – and whose Tory descendants have ordered the latter! In its usual ‘perverse’ manner, the Tories are offering a ‘homage’ to their demagogue!  

Neo-Nazi Ukraine is losing in battles with the Russian Army on every front! What is one resource it possesses in tremendous numbers? Apart from NATO provided weaponry, of course, the answer is an ample supply of dead ‘volunteers’ (men and women) from the ‘nationalist’ (Neo-Nazi) battalions positioned all along the Ukraine-Donbass border – and the dead bodies (mostly ‘male’) from the devastated Ukrainian Army Units that have clashed with the advancing Russian Army and disastrously ‘lost’! These bodies are everywhere and the product of the great professionalism and coherency of the Russian Armed Forces! It turns-out that a rabid belief in the ideology of Hitler, the unquestioning support of the international community, and a fashion-sense stuck in the early 1980s – simply does not ‘cut the mustard’ when push comes to shoves on the modern battlefield! 

I suspect a British diplomat (or minion of some kind) concocted the straightforward idea of ‘digging a hole and throwing all your dead in it!’ It is an idea of Churchillian simplicity with all the hallmarks of the opportunism through which he often got difficult tasks achieved! The Ukrainians currently possess an excess of dead bodies – as they are laying all over the place! Why not gather a select few together (designed to create the correct media impression), throw them all in a hastily dug hole in the Ukrainian countryside, and then call-in the international media stating that ‘Russia has committed a War Crime’ just like they did at Katyn (and numerous other places that no one can remember but everyone agrees ‘happened’! A fun fact, of course, like so many ‘contradictory’ fun facts is that in 1944, an international enquiry into the Katyn massacre led by the US confirmed that it was the Nazi Germans who had massacred the 10,000 Polish Officers concerned! This is ‘inconvenient’ history that is circumnavigated by the self-serving capitalist countries by the equally simple device of ‘not teaching it’!  

The Russians are obviously ‘guilty’ because a) they exist, and b) they were known to have been in the area when the alleged ‘War Crime’ was committed! The logical and logistical contradictions do not matter – what matters is the shared ‘belief’ held throughout the international community that that Russia is capable of doing this – and ‘routinely’ does do this! As this is a common belief – the idea takes on a momentum and life of its own! Once the ball is rolling, then the (false) idea that the Russian Army has committed ‘atrocities’ (just like the Red Army did during WWII) will sustain itself and with minimum investment – and will produce the greatest returns! Furthermore, Josef Goebbels saw all this when he masterminded the ‘Katyn’ fabrication in the early 1940s! What better way of covering-up an early Nazi German atrocity when advancing into the USSR – than to dig-up the same bodies a few years later when the Nazi Germany is being forced to ‘retreat’ back out of the USSR in the same (but opposite) direction? After-all, the German High Command knew ‘where’ all the bodies were buried with troops on the ground ‘following orders’ and digging where they were told! This is how the Soviet Red Army was (falsely) accused of committing ‘War Crimes’! 

The ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime has most certainly taken a leaf out of the notebooks of Josef Goebbels who knew exactly how to stoke the fires of anti-Russia phobia! Indeed, the modern Russian military planners are well aware of this and have gone to great lengths to ‘avoid’ any and all ‘collateral’ damage to civilians and civilian buildings. The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis know this (or have been made aware of it) and so have instructed their Neo-Nazi Battalions to ‘target’ the very buildings the Russians are trying to avoid! The irony is that this strategy and tactics is probably the product of Western collusion and advice. All the Western governments had to do then was ‘sell’ the entire Nazi-supporting concoction to their own populations – an exercise in mass censorship and deception which has proven remarkably ‘easy’ to apply and sustain! This is the power of racism. Once racism is operating and is in good effect, then the usual standards of logic and reason go out the window! Just take the case of ‘RT’ being expelled from the UK – for the ‘crime’ of ‘telling the news from the Russian point of view’! These are the times we live in and the greatest defence against tyranny is to ‘see’ and ‘understand’ it! 

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