Email: ‘Let the Chechens Deal With the Paedo Neo-Nazis!’ (4.4.2022)

Dear Gillian

This is very interesting. Rather like your expert deconstruction of the Serb-Croat prayer thing. I am no longer directly reporting (through Telegram) as the news has deteriorated into two camps of nonsense with facts merging not only with one another but also with lies! A saturation point has been reached where the same level of hysteria cannot be kept up because nothing new or different is happening! All getting quite boring and repetitive as odd as that sounds. Even dead bodies now are quite routine as are Maidan politicians in 1980s casual wear and mullets! Still, it attracts all the paedos, rapists and murderers into one place so we know where they are – and we can let the Chechens deal with them!

We Celebrate the Soviet Victory Over International Fascism! (1945)

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