Invalidation of the Worker – Part II (4.12.2017)


My original article entitled The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society was published in October, 2013. It is logical to assume that as ‘Austerity’ has continued unabated, thousands of disabled who were alive to read it then, are nolonger with us now. The proliferation of articles that over-simplify and misrepresent ‘disability’ are common place within bourgeois society. Most miss the vital point of economic exclusion, and focus instead upon misguided notions of bourgeois individuality – making such puerile statements as ‘if only disabled people were viewed as individuals and not their disabilities’, or ‘disabled people should not be viewed as dysfunctional able-bodied’, and so on and so forth. It is not that there is no truth to statements such as these, but that this kind of narrative is entirely bourgeois in nature, and as such, does not address the central reality of economic exclusion. Why should a person with a disability be categorised as ‘disabled’, when ‘able-bodied’ people are only referred to in that manner, within a temporary discourse which distinguishes the non-disabled from the disabled (privileging the former and disempowering the latter). In reality this situation is a matter of Marxist-Leninist critique, and involves the exclusion of the disabled community not only from bourgeois society, but also from proletariat society. This discrimination manifests as economic and cultural impoverishment due to a permanent exclusion from the work-force. This has to be remedied as part of an ongoing Revolutionary struggle that rejects Trotskyism and fascism, and aims at the accomplishment of the ‘right to work’ in a suitable toiling environment. This means that the ‘right to work’ should be divorced from the immediate principle of blatant profit generation, and be redefined as an agency of psychological and physical self-development which is also a ‘Human Right’. All discrimination currently deployed by an indifferent bourgeois society should be immediately outlawed, and ‘new’ social, economic, political and cultural structures designed and put in place. Traditional unions should implement anti-discriminatory policies to tackle negative attitudes toward the disabled workers, held within the minds of their able-bodied membership. Finally, tha small number of disabled people who do work must be understood to be ‘privileged’ and something of a bourgeois ‘fetish’ that has no bearing on the experience of the majority of disabled people.

Any assessment of disability is incomplete, if it does not acknowledgement the total and permanent exclusion of people with disabilities from the job market, and therefore from the equal and fair ‘right’ to gain ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ through participation in the process of earning a living and financially caring for themselves and a family, etc. The situation surrounding disability is made so opaque within the economies of the developed West, that whatever enquiry is made into the matter, it is invariably made by the able-bodied, and riddled with the very discriminative thinking that causes the problem in the first place. Many able-bodied people are so illiterate when it comes to discussing disability that they are not even aware that a problem exists, or hold prejudicial viewpoints to explain why disabled people are lacking in their particular work environments. This type of discrimination cuts through all classes and ethnic groupings, and possesses the potential to ‘unite’ disabled people of both genders, from incredibly varied backgrounds, but the problem exists of disabled people being condemned to a state of isolated individualism, where society forces them to sit outside of mainstream life, viewing themselves as somehow deficient and unworthy of inclusion. Another issue is that the term ‘disability’ includes a vast array of psychological and physical problems, that can stem from severe cognitive and behavioural issues, to an individual having poor eye-sight, or deafness in one ear, for example.

Unionization is lacking amongst disabled people in general (due to the hyper-individualism they are forced to endure), and because amongst certain strands of the disabled intelligentsia (evident online) there exists those who reject any notion of leftwing politics, and espouse a rightwing political rhetoric. This rhetoric, aligning itself with the far-right, explains the tens of thousands of disability deaths relating to the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ measures since 2010, as arising from the presence of ‘migrants’ in the UK. This distorted and fascistic thinking imagines that benefits and medical services have been withdrawn from the disability community and re-diverted to migrant communities, and suggests that disabled people should ‘unite’ with the far-right and participate in attacks upon these migrant communities. The fact that the political far-right routinely targets the disabled community appears to be lost on these kind of mistaken individuals. Since I wrote ‘Invalidation of the Workers’ in 2013, the UK has been found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (2016) by the United Nations for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people (due to the sudden withdrawal of benefits, social services and medical treatment). The UN Report noted that the behaviour of the British press was reminiscent to that of the Hitlerite media operating in 1930’s Berlin, for its vicious rhetorical attack upon the disabled community, and for its unquestioning support of destructive Tory and LibDems policy. In a recent report, Oxford University has linked ‘Austerity’ to the deaths of 30,000 people in the UK, whilst an article in the rightwing Metro newspaper suggests the real figure is nearer 200,000.

Disabled people are in reality a ‘collective’ that has been disempowered and disenfranchised for centuries. Although they are made to exist excluded from the work-force and in a fabricated state of psychological and physical isolation, they cannot be ‘forced’ into a work-place that does not exist to accept them, as the work-place of the able-bodied is default set to treat the disabled worker as a liability to the firm, and a potential loss in earning power and profitability. It is this type of fascistic thinking that interprets a disabled human-being inhabiting a wheel-chair as being a ‘fire hazard’ and an ‘offense’ under Health and Safety legislation. This is in the same category of institutional discrimination that includes anti-discrimination legislation that is ‘voluntary’ to uphold. People with disabilities require ‘civil rights’ legislation – the kind promised by Tony Blair in 1997 prior to his reneging – and instead beginning the modern era of political attacks upon the disability community. It is only through a substantial change in the law that the permanent barriers to people with disabilities entering the work-force will be removed. Simply stopping benefits does not solve the problem, but it does lead to immense levels of poverty, starvation and suicide.

How the DWP Behaves Like the Medieval Church


Excellent and well-structured discussion full of proletarian insight, observations and suggestions. When the Labour Party initiated the modern Welfare State in 1948, the fore-runner of the contemporary DWP (DHSS) administered the re-distribution of wealth through welfare payments, but did so with an antagonistic attitude toward welfare claimants. Certain myths were retained that welfare payments were getting ‘something for nothing’ (when in fact such payments had been paid for through taxation by the recipients), and that those having to live on welfare payments were ‘lazy’ – as if welfare gave these victims of capitalism a ‘privileged’ life-style. In those days, people with disabilities were so disempowered and excluded from the workforce and mainstream society, that the British State thought it appropriate to provide welfare without ever considering legislation to prevent this systemic discrimination. Although the Tories (and LibDems) were found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 by the UN – (for the deaths of around 10,000 disabled people between 2010-2015 due to sudden welfare cuts) – the Tories continue to persecute disabled people with welfare, social service and NHS cuts – whilst taking no legal action to facilitate the integration of disabled people into the workforce and mainstream society (through positive discrimination). As a consequence, discrimination remains rife. Of course, this does not even scratch the surface of the suffering experienced by the British working class as a whole since 2010 through the initiation of ‘Austerity’. Finally, the DWP behaves very much like the Christian Church it replaced as the administrator of welfare. All recipients of welfare are considered morally deficient, and are treated with an ecclesiastical contempt and mistrust. The DWP, operating as it does through its oppressive procedures, gives the impression that it is distributing Christian charity provided by the ‘blessed’ and ‘faithful’ middle class – rather than its true function of re-distributing tax back to the people who originally paid it.

May Fiddles Whilst the NHS Burns!


Having family members and friends that work in the NHS – I can tell you that no matter how bad you think things are – they are far worse! Any member of NHS that voices concern about privatised or cut services is immediately suspended (without pay), and then ‘sacked’ for telling the truth. People are dying because of NHS privatisation and the slow transition to ‘private’ healthcare. Entire swathes of the population are not receiving adequate or required medical diagnosis and/or treatment, and the infant mortality rate for the UK – one of the richest countries in the world – is steadily increasing. As the government cuts the NHS wage budget, hospitals across the UK are having to cut staff that have trained and practised for years (a process called ‘de-skilling’ by the private health firms) – and due to the lack of funds – are not able to employ new staff. Furthermore, universities are training less NHS staff because the government has cut the NHS education budget. The meagre bursaries for Midwives have been cut, meaning that only White, middle women (with independent means) can afford to train as a Midwife – but even then, private health firms are encouraging ‘new’ Midwives to work within private health sector upon graduation, and avoid the NHS. Since the Con-Dem Coalition in 2012 effectively abolished the NHS, it is nolonger illegal to withhold treatment from a patient, and nolonger considered ‘manslaughter’, should a patient die from neglect. (one famous case involved a man who telephoned the police from his hospital bed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, stating that he was not being treated correctly – the police refused to act and this man died shortly after, from malnutrition and thirst.) The British people are being conned by Theresa May and her crackpot Tories – who have increased the speed with which hospitals, healthcare centres, and emergency units are being closed down (and the premises sold-off to private developers – usually to build luxury flats). This is a national tragedy of epic proportions made worse by a politically illiterate and apathetic voting population. This entire process is aided and abetted by local GPs who are colluding with this entire process simply to line their own pockets. GPs are withholding treatment, refusing to allow their patients to see Consultants, referring NHS patients to private hospitals (for a commission), and proscribing second or third rate (and often out of date or obsolete) drugs – with the inference that if the patient wants good quality healthcare – then they should pay for private treatment. The irony is that the British tax-payer has already paid many times over for the best quality healthcare to be delivered ‘free at the point of use’ – leaving the question which asks what is this Tory government doing with all this tax revenue? The only hope for the British NHS is the election of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!


Update: Tory MP Paul Scully (Sutton & Cheam) States ‘NO’ money Given to DUP! (22.7.2017)


Following Paul Scully’s recent lack of answers to my emailed questions the Tories donating over a £1 billion to the Christian terrorist group DUP – I replied pointing-out that I had reported him to Theresa May’s Office for his lack of parliamentary duty, evasion of questions, and unprofessional attitude. He then provided the following reply stating that Northern Ireland is one of the poorest areas of the UK – and that the Tories have not given any money to the DUP! This is obviously delusional, as the Tories have impoverished the UK through ‘Austerity’ since 2010, to levels of deprivation unknown since the Victorian era! He did not vote to end the 1% pay-cap on public sector workers because such a move would have apparently brought-down the Tory government and let Jeremy Corbyn in!

to Adrian Chan-Wyles PhDS



18:27 (51 minutes a

From: SCULLY, Paul <>
To: Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD <>
Subject:Re: Urgent – Tory-DUP Alliance: 
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017 18:27

Thanks Adrian

I was responding to your original email. However in turn:

  1. It’s not a coalition as I mentioned in my previous email
  2. The government has given no money to the DUP. Money has gone to the NHS, schools and infrastructure in Northern Ireland to the benefit of all who live there in one of the poorest parts of the UK
  3.  The amendment to the Queen’s speech was worded specifically to embarrass the government but would have had no immediate benefit for those in the public sector. Amending the Queen’s speech effectively ‘no confidences’ the government and so risks bringing it down. This would have led to Jeremy Corbyn spending a few weeks failing to gain sufficient support to forma government and then another general election before a budget which may have then brought about a response to the various pay review boards. The government have stated that they will look at the review boards in turn.
Best wishes

BRITISH WORKING CLASS SOLIDARITY: Why the Grenfell Survivors Should Refuse Theresa May’s Luxury Flats!


Theresa May’s Tory government is continuing to privatise the NHS and Welfare State and is desperate to keep Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialism out of power! Theresa May apologised in Parliament today for a failure by the State (both nationally and locally) with regards to the Grenfell tragedy – saying that the survivors will now be re-housed in a ‘local’ luxury block of flats (that are awaiting purchase by millionaires) – but she has not apologised for those British Working Class who have suffered and died since 2010 due to Tory (and LibDem) Austerity – or stated that she will replace or re-build the NHS and Welfare State! The Tories (and the big businesses they represent) are terrified of the British Working Class that is demanding Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and a switch back to Socialism as national policy. Yes – the survivors of Grenfell get offered luxury flats (good for them!) but the rest of the country continues to suffer in squalor and poverty with no access to healthcare or benefits! The Tories are privileging a very few members of the British Working Class – whilst continuing to impoverish the vast majority forever – with education being next for the Tory austerity-chop! Theresa May must resign and ‘Austerity’ must immediately stop and be reversed! The British Working Class must stand together and not be drawn into factionalism by the Tories offering glittering baubles for the few at the detriment (and expense) of the many (after-all, more luxury flats can be built for the privileged, but an NHS or Welfare State are not that easy to replace!. In reality, the Grenfell survivors should act in solidarity with the broader British Working Class and ‘refuse’ the luxury flats – and instead demand the END to AUSTERITY, the RESIGNATION of Theresa May, and the inauguration of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. This how true SOLIDARITY works, and how PEOPLE POWER can bring down unpopular and unwanted governments!

UK Voting Defined.


UK voting explained. Those who vote Labour do so because although they possess definite needs and requirements in life, they understand and recognise that others also have needs and requirements, and that we can only progress as a society if we live in a system that benefits everyone. Those of a Tory mind-set vote Conservative because they view life as a race to the finish line, whereby the weak, the sick and the vulnerable are left by the road-side because they do not deserve to win, or even to finish the race. For the Tory, it is only their personal needs and requirements that should be met by society, with everyone else being ‘punished’ for not holding Tory views or subjugating themselves to ‘selfish’ Tory values. Labour voters vote for everyone – whilst Tory voters vote only for themselves. Where do the LibDems fit into this scheme? LibDem voters vote for their own interests (like a Tory), but delude themselves into thinking that they are also voting for the needs of others. The Green Party is Toryism with a trowel. (with the exception of their ‘leftwing’ MP in Brighton).

Jeremy Corbyn Achieved Wonders – But Theresa May Lingers Like a Bad Smell!

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Labour has not won the General Election – but the Tories have definitely ‘lost’ in virtually everyway! Jeremy Corbyn has put Socialist politics back on the agenda! He has revived a flagging Labour Party throughout the country – with London turning its back on the Tory Party – and sweeping Labour gains elsewhere. He has done this whilst leading a Labour Party that was tearing itself apart (with the Blairites attempting to scupper Corbyn’s leadership), a British media and press that was biased and pro-rightwing, and a Tory lead in the polls of 20 points! We now have a ‘hung’ Parliament with Labour back to 2010 levels of popularity. He might well yet serve as Prime Minister! The good news is that UKIP has been wiped-out!

Theresa May has stated she will not resign as Prime Minister despite a disastrous campaign (one of the most inept on record) and what can only be described as an utter failure in result. To continue to rule the UK – she is entering into a coalition with the Northern Irish DUP – which advocates ‘loyalist’ terrorism against the Republic of Ireland! Although Jeremy Corbyn did not win the 2017 General Election, he has led a resurgent Labour Party that has gained so many seats purely on a Socialist ticket, that the Tory power base has been well and truly ‘smashed’ by the democratic process. Of course, there is now talk of another election to decide this matter, and all Labour supporters must girdle their loins and be prepared to enter the fray yet again in the name of the Working Class!

Staunch Labour supporters are happy with the result – although disappointed that an outright victory has not been achieved – but the Blairites are definitely ‘distressed’ that Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialist message has started to eclipse their neo-liberal agenda! It is interesting to witness Blairites (apparently representing ‘Labour’) on the various chat shows – in complete agreement with their Tory and LibDem counter-parts, condemning Labour’s resurgence, and accusing Jeremy Corbyn of ‘extremism’ and trying to shift the blame to him for Labour not winning the election. Of course, the BBC and the like, suffering from their usual short-term memory loss, remain silent over the recent and viscous Blairite propaganda campaign, which was designed to character assassinate Jeremy Corbyn, and disparage his Socialist message. Onething is for sure, ignoring the resurgence of Socialism in the UK, will be ignoring the will of a significant proportion of the British people.


Labour Resists but Odious Tories Hold Sutton & Cheam (9.6.2017)



Bonnie Craven – Labour Party Candidate for Sutton and Cheam

Sutton & Cheam

Conservative hold

LAB Bonnie Craven 10663

CON Paul Scully 26567

LD Amna Ahmad 13869

GRN Claire Jackson-Prior 871

Obviously the majority of voters in Sutton and Cheam are wealthy enough to afford private health insurance, and probably private unemployment cover. St Helier (NHS) hospital has been marked for closure for years now, its resources have been cut-back, its staff demoralised, and its over-all efficiency diminished to the point of endangering lives as its services are ‘sold-off’ piece-meal to private (greed-orientated) business interests. It is a reasonable assumption if the Tory and LibDem voter numbers are added together,  which amount to around 40,000 – with both of these parties representing variants of rightwing politics. In 2015, the National Health Action Party (NHAP) stood a candidate in Sutton and Cheam (an employee of St Helier Hospital), and yet he scored just over 400 votes! The Green Party stood in this election, and with no real cogent political agenda – other than an ecologically-led soft-Toryism – the Greens earned just over 800 votes. The Labour Party – and local Labour Candidate Bonnie Craven – was the only political party in the borough to resist the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the Welfare State.

Proud to Vote Red!


Marx and Engels, as well as Lenin, all stated that wherever liberal democracy existed, (and it did not exist everywhere in the 19th century), and wherever Workers were allowed to participate in the voting process by the bourgeois class that oppressed them, then Workers should use their vote in a Revolutionary manner, as part of the general process to usher in a Proletariat Revolution! Why note vote? After-all, just as long as the Bourgeois State uses its power to keep keep ordinary people oppressed and imprisoned in a world of psychological and physical inequality, voting is a means through which who controls the State can be peacefully and lawfully changed. Workers who do not vote are deliberately falling into the bourgeois trap of abandoning the political field to their political enemies. The Bourgeois State prefers that masses of Workers live in isolated squalor, with no intellectual or material means to unite, organise and over-throw the powers of stifling conservatism. Although the Trotskyites will try and brain-wash the workers into not voting (after-all, the Trotskyites actually co-operate with the capitalist system and betray the Workers whilst pretending to represent their best interests), the simple fact remains that voting is ‘free’ and available to every single citizen. The Bourgeois State (and its political representatives) will try every trick in the book to keep the Working Class oppressed and in a sub-ordinate possession within society. The Workers must resist this pressure in a manner that is dialectically applicable for the contemporary historical epoch. In other words, different societies will possess different socio-economic, cultural and historical conditions, that will necessitate different modes of protest and resistance. In the UK, which is very rich after decades of imperialist exploitation of the world, and in the centuries following the English Civil War, has developed a very advanced capitalist economy, and has extended the right to vote to all citizens over the age of 18 (barring one or two exclusions). The point is that if all Working Class people registered to vote – and then voted ‘Labour’ – the Tory Party would never again rule the country – how could it, when it only represents the interests of a privileged few? Not only this, but such a voter turn-out would ensure that Labour only followed Socialist principles and Working Class values.

The View from China and the Impending Defeat of Bourgeois Labour


Mainland Chinese language articles tend to speak politely and respectfully about Jeremy Corbyn (the grey-bearded old man), who is known to be a vegetarian, and care deeply about the well-being of British working class people, but is generally scathing about the bourgeois nature and direction of Labour Party itself. The Labour Party is very much viewed as a supporter of ‘capitalism’ and not a party of revolution, despite the fact that individual members of it have held Communistic and/or Socialistic viewpoints throughout its existence. However, Chinese commentators have also pointed-out that many truly revolutionary Labour Party members have either been ‘expelled’, or permanently side-lined from direct or active interaction with the electorate. As Jeremy Corbyn advocates an old style bourgeois Socialism that seeks to reform, but never to over-throw the capitalist system, his leadership appears doomed to failure, as his message is not getting through to the working class (that refuses to register to vote en mass), and is opposed by big business. The trans-national-corporations (TNC) will not allow an ‘old style’ Socialism to run the UK, because it will mean that their tax-burden will be increased to finance the Welfare System, the NHS, Education, Housing and Social Services, etc, whilst major industries would be ‘nationalised’ (to reduce costs to the general public) thus depriving the private business sector of huge profits. The British working class is notoriously apathetic (an attribute recognised by Karl Marx himself), and refuse to take part in revolutionary politics. The British working class , despite forming the majority of people in the UK, and being on the receiving end of all the suffering caused by Tory ‘Austerity’, refuses to mobilise and will not even participate in voting. The liberal democratic process, the Chinese narratives explain, exists to serve the class interests of the capitalist system, and therefore conspires to continuously disempower the workers. It is as if the British working class will not even ‘resist’ the exploitation imposed upon it. This is the product of hundreds of years of physical and psychological oppression imposed by the bourgeoisie upon the proletariat, to such an efficient extent that the British working class nolonger considers any other reality to be possible. Of course, even if the Tories were voted-out, the Labour Party is not a revolutionary party, and so the capitalist system would continue to function as usual. As matters stand, the polls suggests that the Tories will win the next election and cement their ‘Austerity’ policy as the new ‘norm’ for British capitalism.

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