Drawing a Line Under My Russian Special Operation Reporting! (4.4.2022) 

We Must Put Our Trust in the Red Flag!

My blog is not popular – and is not meant to be popular. It is a platform for advanced and progressive thinking – not pointless or short-term entertainment or shallow group-orientated exercises in political, social or cultural control! It exists as a means of dialectical assessment and communication within the data-stream of the ‘cultural-space’ humanity inhabits! We exist as packages of data which can be manipulated, abandoned, attacked, defended and evolved beyond any context of contrived understanding, and which can be ‘seen-through’, ‘decoded’, ‘disarmed’ and/or ‘enhanced’ as the situation requires! Popularity in the modern (capitalist-advertising) sense is a sign that this process a) is not working, and b) probably is not being allowed to exist! Indeed, ‘debunking’ and ‘decoding’ are primary activities for individuals engaged in the advanced and progressive assessment of the data-stream that passes through the surface of their minds – and which is either enforced or contradicted by the sensory-data imported from the bodily sense-organs! 

Genuine Anti-Fascism is ‘Internationalist’!

Having reported the conflict in Donbass from February 24th, 2022 – favouring the Russian perspective, I feel that the data-stream has stabilised into two-camps vying for support and that it no longer has anything to do with ‘truth’ as I define it. This is a natural development often seen within human activities that involve tribalism and force of will. I have no interest in Russian nationalism (As a Communist I cannot stomach any form of ‘nationalism’), and find it bizarre that contemporary Russian people believe their national determination is best represented by a white, blue and red tricolour – but then the USSR has been gone now since 1991 – and many of the young Russian men and women fighting in this war are under thirty-one-years-old and never knew the mighty ‘Red Army’ the Russian Army has replaced! No. Russian nationalism (just like Ukrainian nationalism) alienates me just as a ‘capitalist’ Russia alienates me! What I support is a) equal access to both sides of the news, and b) all struggles against Neo-Fascism and Neo-Nazism! (Not necessarily in that order)! 

What Is a Red Army? You and Me Standing Together!

Undoubtedly, the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Ukraine took power illegally in 2014 – by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine through force of arms – and it did this with the knowledge and consent of the US, UK and EU. Why was the (liberal) bourgeois, democratic process the capitalist West so lovingly admires, (and which non-Western countries have been blanket-bombed to establish, preserve or maintain), allowed to be mocked in this manner? Why was a Hitlerite regime empowered by a ‘Black’ President of the United States? Why did the UK – which stood alone against Hitler for years during WWII – allow this to happen? Why did a Western Europe which had been invaded and tyrannised by the stormtroopers of the Fuhrer for years during WWII allow this to happen? Why did the Israeli (and Jewish) population of the world remain ‘silent’ when the Ukraine was taken over by the descendants of the Hitlerites that had brutally murdered at least six-millions Jews in the Concentration Camps – and at least five-million disabled, homosexuals, Romany and Communists, etc? Why did the LGBTQNB+ community in the world remain ‘silent’ and even express support for the ‘Maidan’ Hitlerites and their anti-gay rhetoric? Russia, of course, immediately protested – as the Nazi Germans and their allies (including the Catholic Church and the Trotskyites) murdered around forty-one million Soviet men, women and children! The Nazi Germans achieved this genocidal death-toll in just two-years between 1941-1943! Ironically, in the West side of the USSR which included the Ukraine!  

Woman Hold-Up Half the Sky!

Contemporary (modern) Russia took exception to this, not for any nostalgia for Soviet Socialism, but rather as an indignant (and understandable) reaction to an ideology that is antagonistic to the existence of Slavs and which seeks their extermination! Russia, in effect is acting in self-defence! Why, given the obvious far-right orientation of ‘Maidan’ political ideology, did the West support this despicable regime that is virtually repugnant to every civilised person on the planet? It is because the Obama Administration believed it could enact the Socialistic ‘Obama-Care’ reform domestically, if it gave the naturally right-wing US Establishment the simultaneous victory of advancing the furthest reach of NATO military forces (through the Ukraine and the Crimea) to the borders of Russia itself! This would be the Obama Administration’s foreign policy victory that would allow his medical reform to stand at home unopposed! However, the US did not expect the reaction of the Crimean people (which saw Crimea leave the Ukraine and re-join Russia), or the reaction of the Ukrainians living in Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk in the Donbass region (situated in the far East of the Ukraine, on the border with West Russia)! In response to the obvious Neo-Nazi nature of the ‘Maidan’ regime – and the subsequent ‘normalisation’ of Hitlerite ideology within mainstream discourse – the independent People’s Republics of Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk all declared themselves both ‘democratic’ (in the bourgeois sense) and ‘Socialistic’ in the political sense! Just as the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime was ‘anti-Russian’ – the ‘Socialist’ regimes of Donbass were ‘pro-Russian’! 

Capitalism is the Enemy – All Workers Are Our Friend!

My attention to this situation was drawn by the coverage in the ‘New Worker’ Newspaper published by the New Communist Party of Britain in 2014! Its reporting clearly stated that the US was utilising Neo-Nazism in the region simply because it was ‘anti-Russian’ and was preparing the population for a NATO take-over aided and assisted by a deliberately imported Hitlerite hysteria! The UK Tory government immediately supported the ‘failed’ US take-over of the Ukraine by ‘pretending’ that the ‘Maidan’ regimes (with its Neo-Nazi Battalions and SS regalia) was ‘not’ Hitlerite! Of course, the EU (controlled by Germany) soon followed suite, and here we are today! We are left with the bizarre situation of Arnold Schwarzenegger (the descendent of Austrian Hitlerites and who was ‘disowned’ by the Austrian State for executing an inmate he could have saved whilst a US State Governor), laughingly declaring that there is ‘NO’ Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! The US, UK and EU are ‘controlling’ the so-called ‘free media’ and dictating what it can and cannot report (as the governments in question can issue and just as easily withdraw the media licenses according to the direction of the required narrative). Therefore, the Western media is ‘lying’ and it is lying in probably the greatest measure that I have ever seen in my life, and I am considered an expert in identifying and exposing the deliberately constructed ‘false’ historical narratives inserted into Western academia (over the last one-hundred years) regarding the history of the Soviet Union, the Communist Bloc, Communist China and North Korea, etc!  

Abd Stalin Our Leader!

Although my function is usually ‘historical’ in the sense that I examine academic and popular texts written so many years ago – whilst examining the implicit meaning and the intended paradigms produced – the issue under discussion today is ‘existential’ and ‘immediate’! The Western media is colluding to a) produce a co-ordinated ‘false’ narrative that demonises Russia, (the ‘’Russia is evil’ paradigm), and b) prevent any other or contradictory news breaking through this ‘blockade of knowledge’ to such an extent that people like Stephen King have been duped into thinking there is no Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! Faced with this dictatorial ‘blockade of knowledge’ enacted by the US, UK and EU governments, I had to seek alternative sources of news. For this I used Telegram to good effect as it is full of pro-Russian news sites, many of them Ukrainian in origin. This situation is not Russia against the Ukrainians, but rather Russia and like-minded Ukrainians versus the Western imposed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta! I have been interacting with around ten different Telegram Channels at a time, (not always the same Channels), and have had direct access to the Russian and Ukrainian frontlines. I have also, for the past six-weeks or so, immersed myself in the Slavic world and have observed how the US has placed Neo-Nazi regimes in countries surrounding Russia such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, etc. This is a deliberate US policy of cultural and political interference in the region, which has seen the worst kind of people in each country propelled into power! There are literally drug-addicts, prostitutes and paedophiles receiving money, arms and political recognition from the West providing they are ‘anti-Russian’ and are in favour of destroying Soviet War Memorials and historical statues! Neo-Nazi Poland even televises the destruction of Soviet War Memorials with dubbed-on cheering and excited shouting! All these countries have been stopped in their tracks by Russia’s military action in Donbass and the Hitlerite leaders are tentative and slightly afraid that their precarious regimes might be next for Putin’s ‘Denazification’!  

The Red Flag Will Protect You!

Since starting to report from the Russian side of this conflict, the readership statistics for this blog have sky-rocketed! Firstly, I have to say that I have been impressed with ‘wordpress’ who allowed me genuine ‘freedom of speech’ during this difficult time. My mother, for instance, shared one of my pro-Russian posts on her Facebook page – and was immediately ‘banned’ for a month! She shared the photograph of the pregnant woman from Odessa who was raped and murdered (along with hundreds of others) by the Western-backed Neo-Nazi Battalions that the US directed the ‘Maidan’ Junta to unleash against the Ukrainian citizens of the People’s Republic of Odessa in 2016! In 2014, the ‘Maidan’ Junta needed a totally loyal body of paramilitary troops that its President could personally control (unlike the Ukrainian Army which could not be trusted at the time to fully support the Neo-Nazi Junta). This was established by the ‘Maidan’ Junta putting-out a call for ‘volunteers’ throughout all the White Supremacy, Neo-Fascist and Neo-Nazi Movements in the world! Interestingly, Zionist Israel rallied to the call and this is why IDF men and women have served in these Neo-Nazi Battalions with such names as ‘Aidar’, ‘Azov’, Lugansk-1′ and ‘Dneipr-1’, etc! It was these Neo-Nazi Battalions that over-ran Odessa and committed untold War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! In the meantime, the US decreed that the People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk were ‘terrorist’ entities and that it was a ‘terrorist offence’ for anyone in the world to travel there and fight or assist these beleaguered people in any way! A British man from Manchester who drove an ambulance in Donbass, for instance, upon his return to the UK was arrested, charged with ‘terrorist’ activities and received a five-year prison sentence! This injustice toward the Socialist cause was going on as a steady stream of the scum of the earth (some deliberately released from US prisons) traversed through the Ukraine attracted by the Hitlerite culture, money, drugs, prostitution and murder sprees! This criminality the US declared ‘freedom fighting’! 

The USSR and Red China United Forever!

The ‘Maidan’ stabilised its control of the Ukrainian Army (which the US strengthened) whilst it rotated a continuous stream of heavily armed Neo-Nazi thugs into the Western suburbs of the Donbass region – whilst the Ukrainian Army continuously used artillery and missile systems to bombard the civilians. Both Republics formed self-defence People’s Militia which Russia armed and trained. After eight-years of fighting, these two forces have become formidable! The US, UK and EU, however, had to see Obama’s vision through to the end. This is why the Ukrainian Army – with its sixty-thousand men – has been thoroughly updated and retrained for an operation which was supposed to have begun this Spring, and which involved the invading, annexing and suppression of Donbass, followed by the invading of certain areas of West Russia! The ‘Maidan’ would then have appealed to the UN for assistance and the immediate ‘demilitarisation’ of the invaded Russian territory (preventing the Russians from protecting their own land)! This was calculated to goad Russia into clashing with the UN which would have given the US the opportunity to advance NATO into the area! The expected civil unrest may well have seen Putin overthrown and a pro-US government in Russia taking its place! The next step (and the crux of why all this is happening) is that a Rothschild central bank would be implemented in Moscow and the Americans would have gained ‘direct’ control of the Russian economy! This has been the US aim since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991! 

The Americans See ‘Equality’ for the First Time!

My part in this drama is something of a paradox! I have no interest in Western (predatory) capitalism, its neo-imperialism or its warmongering! I also have no interest in contemporary Russian nationalism! My view is historically conditioned by the Soviet Union – as I lived through the last twenty-four-years of its existence and have learned about the fifty-years of its existence before that! As I am linked to the Communist Party of China, this relationship with the USSR includes the Sino-Soviet Split (1956-1991) – following Khrushchev’s betrayal of Stalin (leaked by the Mossad) – which actually saw Chinese troops of the PLA carrying portraits of Lenin and Stalin into battle as they attacked the Soviet Red Army massing on the Chinese Borders throughout the 1960s! All this is a living history to me as a ‘Maoist’! Irrespective of political differences, I have never hated the USSR or hated the Russian people in any way! In fact, I know that despite Khrushchev’s ideological betrayal of Stalin and Marxist-Leninism – much of the internal functioning of the USSR carried-on exactly the same as before! However, Khrushchev’s betrayal set the ball rolling until the eventual collapse that happened in 1991! Indeed, when mixing with modern Russians I am viewed as something of an oddity! Most younger Russians are brainwashed by US internet culture that falsely informs them that the USSR was a monumental mistake – something like a giant and pointless prison camp that existed for seventy-four-years! Most modern Russians are trying desperately to forget the USSR – similar to how Germans culturally respond to the memory Nazi Germany! This reaction arises from US anti-intellectualism that falsely equates Nazi Germany with the USSR. This association performs the intended function of superimposing the genocidal tendency of Hitler upon a Soviet Union with Stalin at the helm! The fact that the Soviet Union lost forty-one million citizens ‘fighting’ Hitler is laid quietly to one-side where it gathers dust in obscurity!  

No A Single Step Backwards!

Contemporary Russia is fighting US-sponsored Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine today – because since 1917 that is precisely the function the Russian people have performed for humanity! Russian people have been (to a greater extent than the Jewish people – with all due respect to my Jewish friends) the victims of the Hitlerite ideology! Regardless of the stupidity and misuse of power by the United States, the Russian people (like the Jews) have every right to defend themselves from Neo-Nazism, particularly when the threat is on their immediate border! The West is wrong to support and encourage Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, and the Russians are correct to oppose. Israel should be ashamed of itself for taking an anti-Russian stance simply because the USSR was opposed to the Zionist aggression Israel routinely applies to the (non-White) Palestinians! The hypocrisy operating in the world at the moment, is probably at an all-time high! I am not concerned as I possess ideological certainty. I am a Communist and proud bearer of the Red Flag of freedom! My family are routine victims of racists operating through the political far-right! We do not bow-down and we do not give-in! Like our Russian Comrades – we oppose and resist ‘White’ racism wherever it manifests! Modern Russians may view me as an oddity and do not know how to interact because I am like a living-ghost from the days of the Soviet Union! The older people do not acknowledge me because I never lived in the USSR and existed in the capitalist West that brought-down the USSR! Such are the paradoxes of the dialectical functioning of historical materialism! 

Red Army Soldier Shave Their Heads!

Has anyone noticed the ‘silence’ of the cowardly political left in the West? It is unbelievable to me that all these so-called ‘Communist Parties’ have immediately sided with the bourgeois establishments they supposedly exist to oppose! The utter ‘silence’ is an insult to the 19.5 million Soviet Red Army men and women who died fighting the Nazi Germans and their allies during WWII – and the 21.5 million civilians that the Nazi Germans (and their allies) murdered at the same time! At least the Trotskyites are happy – as their counter-Revolutionary ideology has now mainstreamed and replaced genuine Marxist-Leninism! Russia has every right to oppose US military, political and cultural aggression in the environs of its own borders! Perhaps the greatest surprise is the Chechen Special Forces component of the Russian National Guard! Their videos are unique in that they depict anti-fascist Islamic soldiers fighting on the side of the progressive cause! This makes a change to the Islamo-fascism developed by the US to oppose a homegrown Socialist movement in Afghanistan during the 1970s – and to oppose the Soviet incursion that came to the aid of the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of Afghanistan! Gorbachev betrayed the Red Army in Afghanistan and ultimately the Soviet Union! Gorbachev finished what Khrushchev started! The question now is whether the Russian Army can secure all its military objectives and declare victory! The Russians must destroy all of the aggressive capability of the Ukrainian Army (so it cannot carry-out any US instructions to attack Russia), and it must destroy the Neo-Nazi Battalions positioned along the Donbass Western borders!  

Medical Care is a Human Right and Should Be Free For Everyone!

I suspect the Americans and the British are colluding with Europe to create the conditions for a ‘new’ war with Russia! As racial hatred of the Russians has always been in the Western European mind and this archetype has been well and truly ‘triggered’ in recent months! As for the Russians – on Telegram they all support the Special Operation and are busy exposing the anti-Russian racism and hypocrisy as it unfolds and manifests! They are indignant and resentful, as in 1991 they were told that if only they ‘give-up’ their Socialism and ‘dismantle’ their Red Army all would be Okay! This has turned-out to be a complete and obvious lie. Interestingly, when I traversed the Telegram Channels – no one was interested in my presence or attempted to interact with me. I simply went about my task ‘lifting’ Russian news data and translating it into English! No Russian person was interested in convincing me of the ‘rightness’ of their cause – they simply did not care about my presence. Due to the more or less total news blackout from the Russian side – my blog has been receiving ridiculous amounts of hits per day from all over the world! People desperate for genuine Russian news data dropped by to read about the other side – including Russians (as I made a point of retaining the original Russian script in all the news articles). Russians, Polish, Latvians, Ukrainians, Estonians and Lithuanians have all been reading together regardless of their ideological differences! Despite the important function this blog has served in the world; it has not been ‘recognised’ or officially ‘embraced’ either in Russia or throughout the Russian community worldwide.  

The People’s Liberation Army Is Not Afraid of US Imperialism!

This is interesting as it demonstrates that whatever modern Russia is – its bourgeois government will not – In anyway, positively engage any openly ‘Socialist’ entity that is friendly toward Russia. Socialism – like Russia’s ‘Soviet’ past – must be ‘ignored’, ‘denied’ and viewed as something that ‘happened’ a longtime ago that has no relevance in the world today! Capitalist Russia does not want to be reminded of its ‘Socialist’ past, and yet the Russian leaders cannot accept US neo-imperialist incursions into Russian spheres of influence! Russia is fighting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine because the US has left it no choice and not because the spirit of Lenin still permeates the Kremlin! This is simply the rules of the game! Russia is acting out of (bourgeois) ‘national’ self-interest and there is absolutely no ‘internationalism’ involved! Russia, as an isolated and single unit, is fighting a US incursion into its sphere of influence which only incidentally embraces Neo-Nazism! Although ultra-nationalistic – it is the ‘Maidan’ Hitlerites that are exercising an ‘internationalism’ of sorts – one which invites ALL Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists from around the world to fight in the Nationalist Battalions in Donbass for the Americans – united in their veneration of Hitler! This is a very real fact currently ‘denied’ by the West!  

We Protect Humanity When We Stand Guard!

The governments of the US, UK and EU know it is ‘true’ because they collectively created this reality! The extent of ‘lying’ to millions of Americans and Europeans is truly astonishing! The Russians, on the other hand, believe they will win and they do not seem to care that the non-Slavic world has scapegoated and ostracised ‘Russia’ as an incarnation of pure evil! The Russian online discourse is one of self-congratulation in the context of pointing-out Western hypocrisy! I am ‘reporting back’ what I have found. Russia is (carefully) confronting a Western-contrived Neo-Nazi movement in the Ukraine and a Ukranian Army that was primed to attack Donbass and West Russia. The West is denying the existence of the situation it has created, maintained, encouraged and continues to direct. The Russian Army in Donbass is relatively small and is struggling due to its policy of protecting the civil populace and property – all the destroyed buildings have been made that way by the Neo-Nazi Battalions that ousted the tens of thousands of residents from their homes (the basis of the ‘refugee’ problem’) before they were ‘fortified’! Once the Russian Army is engaged in combat – the buildings are devastated by the Neo-Nazis before being blown-up when the position is finally lost. This is a deliberate US-contrived strategy designed for the Western media to accuse the Russians of committing atrocities! The ‘Maidan’ Junta is already digging pits, filling them with their war-dead and then calling in the Western media to ‘witness’ the latest atrocity committed by the Russian Army! This is basically the ‘Katyn’ strategy where a well-known Nazi German massacre of troublesome Polish Officers was blamed on the Soviets! This is now the situation we are at, and there is no need for me to keep replicating the same nonsensical stories over and over again! The Russian government is not lying – but certain individual Russians are putting-out fake stories (or fake stories are being placed on the Slavic internet by persons unknown). All the stories I have featured I have tried to ascertain their accuracy. One story involved a group of people praying – said to be Serbians ‘praying’ for Russia’s success in the War! When I asked an expert in religious ritual about this – they told me the people featured were Catholic Croats who most certainly were NOT praying for Russian victory! The best policy now is for me to take a step back and watch from a distance. Obviously, if anything significant comes up, I may well translate it and place on this blog, but as matters stand, there already is a great deal of material regarding this conflict that can serve as research!  

Onward To a Better Tomorrow!

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