Ukraine: Azovstal Diary (May 1st-May 17th – 2022)

Exploring the cellars of the newly liberated Azovstal, the KP military correspondents Alexei Ovchinnikov and Dmitry Steshin accidentally stumbled upon a book in a black cover, which turned out to be a diary of one of the inmates of the cellars of the Mariupol plant. The diary, written in Ukrainian, although it covers a short period – from May 1 to May 17 – but details the conditions of stay in the bunkers: how they got food, got angry at the well-fed and clean “Azov”, believed Ukrainian propaganda – in a “happy ship ”, which will take the inmates of Azovstal to the“ evacuation ”, and then they were preparing for surrender. Military correspondents translated this diary from Ukrainian.

All Union of Communists of Lugansk: The ‘Liberation’ of a City Called ‘Happiness’! By Kazbek Taysaev (25.3.2022)

This is a ‘post’ from the ‘VK’ page associated with the Kugansk Communist Party! Schast’ye (Счастье). This translates as ‘Happiness’! Such a symbolic name is given to a city liberated from the Ukrainian Nazis, located in the Lugansk region. Civilians were subjected to heavy shelling by the Ukrainian army – one of the largest groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and (Neo-Nazi) National Battalions, in particular – the notorious ‘Aidar’ – was located here!

It Is Interesting How ‘Bucha’ Sounds Much Like ‘Baku’! 

As a variant of it has worked in the past, or so the thinking goes, it is sure to work again in contemporary circumstances providing the ‘correct’ and ‘applicable’ frequency of ‘relevancy’ can found, sustained and delivered in the right way! Of course, this is not easy but sometimes it can be an exercise in simplicity itself! I suspect the British Tory government is behind the ‘Bucha’ massacre in Neo-Nazi Ukraine – just as the British Army was behind the ‘Baku’ massacre in Azerbaijan! The connecting agent is ‘Winston Churchill’ who almost certainly ordered the former – and whose Tory descendants have ordered the latter! In its usual ‘perverse’ manner, the Tories are offering a ‘homage’ to their demagogue!  

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