China to Join Expanded Military Drills with South-East Asian Countries! (29.5.2023)

Enhancing military cooperation with countries including those in Southeast Asia is an important aspect of China’s military diplomacy, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Sunday.

China’s joint drills highlight cooperation and the safeguarding of regional peace and stability, particularly when it comes to non-traditional security threats like terrorism, drug trafficking and piracy, Song said.

On the contrary, the U.S. has been rallying allies in the Asia-Pacific region like the Philippines, Japan and South Korea in holding joint military drills in the traditional security field in attempts to threaten other countries’ sovereignty, security and development interests, sabotaging regional peace and stability in a confrontational manner, Song said.

Under this situation, the joint exercises with China’s participation can counter the negative influence of the zero-sum security view and provide positive energy, experts said.

UK: Tories Suffer Massive Losses in Local Council Elections – But Does it Matter? (6.5.2023)

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that his party’s losses were disappointing, but he did not believe there had been a massive movement towards the Labour Party.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said his party was on course to win a majority at the next general election.

Professor John Curtice, a polling expert, said that based on the current results Labour should be the leader in next year’s parliamentary election. However, it is uncertain whether they will win an outright majority, he said.

Under Britain’s electoral rules, a general election must be called before the end of 2024.

Professor John Bryson, a political expert from the University of Birmingham, told Xinhua that local elections should not necessarily be seen as indicative of voter behavior in a future general election.

No political party in the country currently has a viable strategy to underpin sustainable growth and address the structural fiscal deficit that Britain has been experiencing for “far too long”, Bryson said.

How GG Allin Was Inspired by The Beatles! (26.4.2023) 

On the Jane Whitney (who?) Show – GG Allin gives a magnificent diatribe about overthrowing the Establishment and defying the Police – and then spoilt it all by stating that he ‘f’cks’ 16-year-old, 11 and 12-year-old ‘girls’ – and that they ‘like it’ and ‘volunteer’ for him to carry out this delinquent behaviour! During 1993 America – the time of Waco – the American audience just nervously ‘tittered’ when hearing this admittance of ‘paedophilia’ and ‘sexual assault’ – whilst the female Presenter simply rolls-on with her scripted Show! The main concern is not the supposed ages of the girls concerned – but rather the potential threat to his health through contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases!

China: U.S. Politicians’ “Frustration” Over Saudi-Iran Deal Exposes Hegemonic Mindset! (11.4.2023)

The Saudi-Iran deal could serve as a reminder for Washington to reconsider its confrontational foreign policy and its zero-sum game approach to international affairs.

U.S. politicians has been obsessed with doing everything it can to help maintain its hegemony, regardless of the consequences of their decisions and actions.

For too long, they have taken it for granted that intimidations, sanctions and other economic penalties are a show of strength. But quite contrary to what they had wished for, keeping doing so would eventually alienate U.S. allies and erode U.S. power in a fast-changing world where most people yearn for pragmatic cooperation instead of confrontations.

China: US Urged to Stop Slandering TikTok! (17.3.2023)

The greatest threat to Internet security for people living in the West is the danger posed by US hegemony – which seeks to strengthen its already substantial control of the Western Internet and how we – as free-thinking individuals – access, store, share and transmit data through it. By making a straw dog enemy of China, the US is slowly but surely eroding our individual and collective freedoms to an ever greater degree whilst it tightens its restrictive grip upon the minds and bodies of our youths! It is frightening to think that whilst the US is fabricating fake security concerns regarding off course spherical, canvas devices – its aggressive social media platforms already have access to our personal and corporate living spaces and are busy pumping their unceasing US anti-intellectualism into the minds and bodies of our young people, the vulnerable and the easily led! Perhaps we in the West need a genuine ‘choice’ instead of greater US ‘hegemony’ disguised as choice. Indeed, perhaps we in the West would benefit by China providing this ‘choice’ through its technological genius and willingness to share. Most people living outside of the US are unaware that they live only a short distance from a fully armed and functioning US military base that has absolutely NO reason to be outside of America in the first place! Where is it there? What is America doing to your freedom and why are our Bourgeois governments allowing this to happen without our consent!

Film Analysis: The Strays (2023)! 

The central character of this film is a ‘Black’ woman whose history as a human being has obviously involved ‘mixing’ of various forms experienced by her ancestors. To what extent this has happened is a matter of debate and is certainly not discussed in the film, but the reality of her two original (biological) children being African looking suggests that the central character possesses genuinely ‘African’ genes and that the father of her children was also ‘Black’, etc. Indeed, her ‘Black’ children are a shocking contrast to the ‘White’ (middle-class) society she has infiltrated – particularly when compared to her ‘new’ children produced with her ‘White’ husband! Through their uncompromising attitudes and violent behaviour – her original ‘Black’ offspring are presented as positively ‘demonic’ – and it cannot be doubted that the writer of the film must have intended this to be the case! Again, playing upon ‘White’ sensitivities and ‘Black’ experience. The Bourgeois Establishment, as is usual for its double standards, has tended to avoid virtually any of the above issues, and instead has limited the assessment of this film to being that of a run of the mill script with no reality beyond the surface presentation! This may be termed a typical ‘White’ response of ‘denial’ when confronted with the progressive dynamics of Black intelligence!

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