Rightwing and Anti-Russia Agenda of ‘StopFake.org’



StopFake.org is a fairly obvious rightwing attempt in the West to manufacture support for the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime currently active in Western Ukraine. It pursues an anti-Russian agenda and is responsible for generating ‘disinformation’ disguised as unmasking ‘fake’ news. It strives to protect neo-Nazi Western Ukraine by attempting to down-play news articles that reveal the fascist nature of this regime, but never addresses the ‘fake’ nature of news article written in the West that ‘deny’ the ‘Maidan’ regime is neo-Nazi. obviously, for ‘StopFake.org’, the apparent ‘revealing’ of fake news is a one-way street, favouring the rightwing over the leftwing. This is a pro neo-Nazi site very much hidden in plain view, which attempts to mislead the public through its self-proclaimed sense of self-righteous morality – as if it has the public interest at heart. Its articles need to be assessed and debunked as rightwing propaganda disguised as mainstream ‘liberal’ commentary, when it is nothing of the kind. Whilst attempting to reduce all Nazi German swastikas flown in Maidan Ukraine to films made in the Ukraine that depict the Nazi German occupation of the USSR during WWII, ‘StopFake.org’ says nothing about these films ‘glorifying’ this terrible event in history, or that many citizens of Maidan Ukraine openly fly Nazi German swastikas or the modern Maidan equivalent. This is because those nefarious individuals behind ‘StopFake.org’ know full well that support for German Nazism in the West is a touchy subject at best, and if the general public truly understood the nature of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime, protests could bring-down the US and UK governments and cause discontent throughout the EU. StopFake,org, through its actions, wants to protect neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine, but does not want the truth about that fascist regime spreading throughout Europe or the US – as this would undermine diplomatic support, as well as financial and military aid. Of course, ‘StopFake.org’ is absolutely ‘silent’ about the massacres committed by ‘Maidan’ supporters against Ukrainian Socialists. Use critical thought against this website and think clearly for yourselves.

We Are All Maoists!


We all swim in the murky pool of political disinformation, and are either fully aware, partially aware, or not aware at all. The broad masses are deceived on a regular basis as a means for the ruling elites to retain their privilege and status. In-short, political disinformation exists to maintain the capitalist status quo, and prevent any widescale development of a competing Socialist Movement. So far so good. This system is simple and effective because most people have no interest in the forces that constantly define their lives or manipulate their choices. Those that do become aware are targeted by the system – not because they are wrong – but because they are right. These individuals are misrepresented as ‘mad loners’ who never liked society in the first place, many of whom tend to meet with unfortunate accidents. Faced with this kind of negative reinforcement, it is no wonder that many prefer to stay in the cosy world of conformity of routine oppression. However, for those of us who are able to see, we have a duty toward humanity to expose the truth of what is happening around us. Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has led to a ‘new’ rhetorical offensive against Communist China. Of course, on the surface, the US and China has what appears to be ‘cordial’ relations, but it is behind the scenes where numerous US offensives to bring-down China are in operation. Two of the most obvious are the Falun Gong Cult, and the Pro-Tibetan Movement – but China has down well over the decades to contain these reactionary movements and in the process educate Western progressives to the reality of the situation. The US Government – through its colony of Taiwan – puts out a tremendous amount of racist material (in both English and Chinese languages), often assisted by Chinese capitalists. Eating dogs and killing babies are prime examples of this type of thinking. This is coupled with the generation of a false history about China that has no Chinese language references (because it is fake), which follows the usual US Cold War rhetoric of accusing ‘Communism’ (which saves the masses) as being the vehicle that ‘kills the masses’. In this regard, the idea that Communism kills is a simple and cost-effective inversion of reality, that is easy to deploy and scare people into believing. The so-called ‘Tiananmen Square’ Incident of 1989 is a good example of this, whereby the PLA is accused of ruthlessly ‘putting-down’ a popular protest by students against the Communist Chinese government in 1989. A Wikileaks article published in the rightwing Daily Telegraph in the UK put an end to this myth, but since the early 1990’s, the US has propagated the further myth that China has abandoned its Socialist Revolution and has taken on a capitalist path. This has received a remarkable traction from both the political left and right in the West, and has mainstreamed as the general attitude toward China. This has been by far one of the most successful US propaganda offensives against Communist China. Of course, such a distortion has no currency within China itself, but is designed solely as a means to generate external pressure upon the Communist regime. The US ideologues work from the premise that any external pressure is better or more effective than no pressure, and their role model stems from the collapse of the USSR in 1991. It is the sincere hope of the US that a similar collapse will happen to China that will remove the Communist threat to US hegemony. However, as China begins to strengthen and make its technological and scientific weight felt on the world stage, the Trump Administration has sought a new method to ‘destabilise’ China’s developing industrial and technological base. This must be disrupted because all of its scientific achievements and advances are demonstrating the superiority of the Chinese Communist System (not to mention the fact that whilst millions starve in the US – the Communist Government of China has raised at least 400 million people out of poverty). After decades of accusing China of being ‘capitalist’, the Trump Administration has now concocted a new strategy of ‘inventing’ a breakaway ‘Maoist’ group in China which is being attacked and persecuted by a Communist Party that has ‘sold out’. Other than appearing like a script out of a US movie – again this disinformation is gaining traction throughout the West, with misled leftist groups even pledging support for imagined ‘dissidents’ sat in empty cells. This article is typical of a new wave of disinformation (in English) about China that conveys no idea of Marxist-Leninist dialectics and has no Chinese language references. There is no breakaway group of Maoists in China – as ALL Chinese Communists are Maoist. A Maoist is a Marxist-Leninist who applies the ideology of Marx-Engels to Chinese cultural conditions. A basic premise of Marxist-Leninism is that different historical epochs require different dialectical pathways. After decades of resisting Maoism, the US is now attempting to encourage it within a false paradigm of their own making. MAOISM has never gone away, it has just adjusted to circumstance and consequently steered Communist China in a new and positive direction that has left the US far behind due to its capitalist limitations.

What is Fabricated News?


The mainstream media in the West represents bourgeois political and cultural views which not only exclude the working class, but also serve to portray that class in a negative and underhand manner. The bourgeois media ‘tells’ the working class what to think and how to view events, whilst continuously disempowering that class and preventing the apparatus of the media from being used in a substantive proletariat manner. Where a distinctly leftwing newspaper does exist, it is starved of funds and mainstream exposure, and kept very much on the periphery of the public perception. The irony is that the bourgeois media exists to represent a privileged minority within society that retains political, fiscal and cultural control of society from generation to generation, whilst the leftwing media (although portrayed as a ‘minority’ interest) in fact represents the majority of ordinary people living within a capitalist society. This is the dishonest and topsy-turvy world of the bourgeois media.

The bourgeois media lies all the time as a means to misrepresent what might be called ‘neutral’ events happening in the world, so that these events are presented only from an unquestioned middle class perspective. This might be termed the ‘base lie’ from which all the other dishonesty and sleight of hand emerges. Having established this skewed (and anti-working class) view of reality, it is a simple matter of perceptual manipulation to extend this narrative from a distorted view of material events, to fabrication of immaterial events. Or to describe it another way, the bourgeois practice of ‘inventing’ news stories that have either not existed, not happened as stated, or a combination of both these states. A material fact, for instance, might well be augmented by two immaterial falsehoods, with the falsehoods entirely defining the ‘event’ and steering the minds of those who ‘consume’ the news into a definite direction of interpretation. Of course, another type of reporting involves an entirely fabricated news event, whereby there is no central fact to hang the bourgeois lies from. This type of manipulation has intensified from within the United States since the end of WWII, and usually involves the generation and sustaining of entirely false news narratives designed to interpret world events. Lies for mass consumption issued by the mainstream media, constituting a kind of ‘fact’ religion.

Today, ‘fake’ news refers to the bourgeois practice of issuing entirely ‘false’ news reports, whilst ‘disinformation’ tends to be a ‘misrepresentation’ of a central fact – with both types of distorted news spread more or less instantaneously through social media (via the internet). The Judeo-Christian concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ remains a central tenet of the Bourgeois State, with the idea that the working class must be kept in a position of fear and apprehension by some ‘unseen’ or ‘obscure’ enemy – ‘somewhere’ other ‘there’ – and be ready to ‘fight’ for their country if the need arises (warfare is good for capitlism). This is why racism and nationalism are used hand in hand with religious faith as a means to prevent the working class in one country from developing an ‘Internationalist’ class consciousness, and cognitively ‘linking’ with working class people from around the world. Such a transformation would render the Bourgeois State obsolete, and this is why the middle class must keep an iron grip on the mainstream media and prevent any development of Socialist thought within it. Hatred of all difference, coupled with the deliberate misrepresentation of those differences is not only an unnatural state to maintain, but it is unscientific in the sense that it contradicts the driving force behind human evolution.


The ‘Evil’ T-34 Soviet Tank


T-34-85 Model 1944 “Factory No.174”

The minority rich control the political system. As the minority rich controls politics, this wealthy class also dictates the cultural direction of civil society and the use of its military. To maintain this physical power and psychological dominance, the population that comprises this society must be kept docile and in a state of unquestioned and unchallenged arrested intellectual development. This is accomplished by the minority rich retaining an iron-like grip upon the police, the legal and judicial systems, the education system, and the media. Thrown into this mix of a socio-economic control mechanism, is the cynical use of religious ignorance to hold everything together (as even bourgeois secularism is ‘religion’ stripped of its most obvious, outer religious garb). Western secular society has grown out of a staunch ecclesiastical dominance, and is premised upon a judeo-Christian theology that nolonger directly relates to the church (unless of course, one happens to believe in Christianity). Any attempt at breaking free from this bourgeois dominance (using Socialist thinking) is immediately attacked, decried, and misrepresented as being against the best interests of the majority poor. This is rather like stating that it is not in the best interests of slaves to be ‘free’ of the oppressive, material conditions of their enslavement. As long as the majority poor are brain-washed to interpret their own freedom from capitalism as ‘enslavement’, the minority rich will continue to control society unopposed.

Notice how the minority rich maintain their power through ‘inverted’ or ‘reversing’ reality by turning it inside-out, and back to front. Although the minority rich control a science that uses the ‘non-inverted’ observation and measurement of matter and material processes, its scope remains deliberately ‘narrow’, and is never allowed to formulate theories that contradict the dominance of capitalism within society. This type of science is premised upon generating monetary profit from innovation, and so humanity’s progress is continuously hindered by market share and projected income, etc. Outside of science, however, the inverted mind-set of religion is retained to keep the docile masses afloat in a morass of religious ignorance, and unable to see ‘beyond’ the limitations of its own conditioning. Above all, this psychological and physical enslavement must be viewed as ‘freedom’, and any attempt to end this enslavement must be interpreted as ‘tyranny’, ‘dictatorship’, and ‘the loss of freedom’. The minority rich also divide the international working class into competing camps of industrial out-put, and through the fabrication of ‘nationalism’, encourages workers to fight amongst themselves using the false constructs of ‘race’ and ‘racism’ as justify causes. We can see this today in the continuous misrepresentation of China’s history and its exercise of self-determination since 1949. Racism is aimed at China (and other non-White – non-capitalist countries), because of its rejection of predatory capitalism and Western dominance.

The same process of incorrectly depicting the purpose and history of the Soviet Union can also be clearly seen, not only in the capitalist West, but also within certain sectors of modern Russia’s intelligentsia. As this essentially ‘racist’ misrepresentation of the history of the USSR does not have its interpretative roots within Russia, it is obvious that it has been ‘imported’ from an antagonistic West. Although capitalist today, Russia’s post-Soviet leaders have refused to allow a Rothschilds controlled central bank to be established in Moscow. This irritates the US leadership which wants to control Russia by establishing such a financial institution. Another issue is that many people in Russia do not want capitalism, and prefer Communism – a fact confirmed by the fact that the Communist Party of Russia holds around one-third of the seats in the Russian Parliament. The US government is anxious to stop a ‘Communist’ government being democratically elected in Russia, as this would take away a major plank from US anti-Communist disinformation – namely the false assumption that Communism is despotic and imposed from above. The US tried to commit genocide in Vietnam during the 1960’s and 1970’s, just on the strength that it was believed that Ho Chi Minh (and the Communist Party of Vietnam) would win 90% of a democratic vote, in a free election. This is why all capitalist countries have adhered to US Cold War Anti-Soviet propaganda since 1945. This is a religiously inspired and racist ideology that seeks to denigrate any attempt by the working class to establish self-rule. As it is religious in nature, the Soviet Union, its leaders and all its actions are rather childishly presented as ‘evil’, and ‘dangerous’. Every step-forward which improved life for the Russian people is interpreted as being ‘at a great cost’, and every technological advancement viewed as being essentially ‘sinister’ in origin. At no time is the reality of Soviet progression and ingenuity permitted to be recognised, as this would be seen as a challenge against the dominance of capitalism. Instead, the US-dominated capitalist system holds to the highly illogical position that although the USSR is politically egalitarian, culturally progressive, and scientifically advanced, it is also ‘backward’ because it is ‘evil’. This ignorance is astounding, and can only be held in place by apathetic sections of the working class that are unable to break free of the educational brain-washing they have been subjected to.

The following bourgeois documentary informs as it disinforms about a) the history of the Soviet Union (i.e. ‘evil’ and yet ‘advanced’), and b) about the development of the T-34 Soviet tank used to good effect during WWII. There many historical points that are untrue. Lenin founded the Red Army and not Leon Trotsky. After the October Revolution of 1917, a ‘volunteer’ Red Army took to the field to try and stop the imperialist Germans invading Russia, but suffered heavy losses due to inexperience. Lenin began the industrialisation of the Soviet Union – not Stalin (although under Stalin’s guidance, Lenin’s project was completed). No one died in the Soviet Union due to the industrialisation process, on the contrary, life improved dramatically for millions of Russians. The Soviet Union had no plans to invade the West using the Red Army. The strictures of Scientific Socialism demand that the working class, wherever it happens to exist within the international capitalist system, must strive to free itself from that system. Notice also, where Soviet advanced technology is very much viewed as the ‘devil’s work’ by contrast, there is a sneaky admiration for the advanced technology of Nazi Germany, despite that regime murdering 11 million people in the holocaust, and inflicting casualties of between 27-40 million men, women and children in the USSR.

Having seen T-34 Soviet tanks in UK military museums, it is obvious that the basic design was effective, but that during WWII they were hastily assembled in large numbers due to the huge casualties in troops and machines suffered by the Red Army in the early stages of the war. Add to this the fact that as millions were being killed and wounded in the USSR, it was difficult to train and maintain experienced construction crews. As a consequence, crude welding is often evident on many models of T-34 – but the Soviet System prepared for all these problems and set about designing a standard tank ‘blue-print’ that even a poorly educated peasant could help to assemble with the minimum of training and experience. The parts were mass-produced and the T-34 tanks were assembled quickly in factories. From what I gather, the Nazi German tanks were better-made and generally more effective per individual tank, but the Soviet System countered this ‘capitalist’ advantage by ‘out producing’ the German manufacturers. In effect, the Nazi German tanks were outnumbered and destroyed by adequate Soviet T-34 tanks used effectively en mass. The Soviet designers produced a good all-round machine capable of defending Russia, but which was also able to operate outside of Russia as the Nazi Germans were pushed-back. The crews were adequately protected (within design parameters), as were the Red Army infantry that advanced behind the tanks. The Soviet System did not eulogise warfare, or make a fetish out of mechanical devices designed to achieve a specific function. From a Soviet perspective, the T-34 did the job is was designed to do, and there was no mystery surrounding its success on the battlefield.


Raphael Samuel – The Lost World of British Communism Exposed


‘It is a curious fact that in the years of the Cold War, when the Party was defending some terrible causes as well as some noble ones, and when, in trade union branches and on street corners, members were having to make a case for the indefensible, the Party was in better shape morally and organisationally than it is today, when its positions are no longer impossibilist, and when it is a great deal more modest about itself.’

(Raphael Samuel – The Lost World of British Communism – Page 43)

This book is comprised of three articles written by Raphael Samuel between 1985 – 1987 (and published in New Left Review). The author died in 1996 – one year before the rise of the neo-conservative ‘New’ Labour, but he lived to see the collapse of the Soviet Union (in 1991). Whether Raphael Samuel was ever a ‘true’ Communist is open to doubt, as his book is as much an attack upon the Marxist-Leninist ‘Communist’ Movement, as it is a presentation of a blinkered history. Of course, this attack is camouflaged as ‘discussion’, but it is important to note that Samuel left the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) in 1956, at the young age of just 21. Although broughtup in a ‘Communist’ family, (the entire ‘moral’ justification behind Samuel considering his own rhetoric ‘knowledgeable’), the fact remains that his understanding at that time (which obviously was not ‘formulative’) remains dialectically immature, and may account for why Samuel continuously refers to CPGB rules and regulations passed, abandoned or reformed during the 1920’s! That is, Samuel exercises the habit of presenting the CPGB through the history, data and information he has subsequently encountered after leaving movement. Therefore, this is not a truly ‘biographical’ account of the CPGB – as asserted on the cover’s publicity blurb – and any history of Samuel’s direct involvement with the CPGB is understandably childish recollections of long ago, with no historical value.

Raphael Samuel is writing as a bourgeois historian who has fully accepted and endorsed the capitalist status quo, but who maintains a ‘nostalgia’ for what he considers a lost past. Samuel seeks to draw the reader into this inverted would of bourgeois illogicality whereby what he thinks about the CPGB (and International Communism) is the only viewpoint of the world worth having. This is very similar to a ‘cult mentality’ that is all-pervasive and beyond rational examination. Raphael Samuel’s entertaining, and at times informative take on the history of the CPGB is over-all ‘wrong’ simply because it is a bourgeois distortion. He takes (as his ideological basis) not the Marxist-Leninism allegedly of his youth, but rather the rightwing rhetoric of Trotsky and US Cold War disinformation. Samuel possesses the ability to simultaneously sentimentalise the CPGB whilst denigrate and misrepresenting its history and political function within British society. His continuous allusions to Joseph Stalin being a dictator is never once balanced with any reference to the suffering the Soviet people suffered during the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-45), or the fact that it was Joseph Stalin and his command of the Red Army that eventually destroyed Nazi Germany. Again, this ‘anti-Slavic’ undercurrent is well-hidden behind the fact that Samuel had a relative who is ‘Russian’.

What I find interesting is how Samuel, describing himself as a historian influenced by Marx, could not see in the 1980’s, the blatant misrepresentation of Soviet history and policy that is easily visible to the more perceptive of us today. Even if Raphael Samuel argued that we possess a better vantage point now – post-USSR – than he did then, I would have to counter with the work of Alexander Werth and ER Carr (both British historians), who never identified themselves as ‘Communists’, but who as ‘objective’ historians, continuously worked to expose US and British Cold War lies against the Soviet Union and the character of Joseph Stalin. Grover Furr in modern times has investigated and exposed this ‘pseudo-history’ to a much greater extent, together with such modern Russians historians as Lyudo Martens, etc. Raphael Samuel could not have been much of a ‘Marxist’ historian if he could not dialectically ‘see through’ the vagaries of Trotskyism and the deceit of US Cold War ideology, unless, of course, Samuel actually supported Trotskyism and related that support to rightwing capitalism as practised by the USA.

Dishonesty runs through this book from start to finish. The reader who feels entertained by Samuel’s descriptive antics and paradoxical turn of phrase, will continue to read regardless of the anti-Communist views being expressed. Writing in the midst of rightwing Thatcherism and the whole-sale Tory attack upon the British Welfare State, NHS, Social Housing and free education, Raphael Samuel remains oddly ‘mute’ on what is going on around him. It is as if he is busy living the bourgeois ‘good life’ in a state of splendid isolation, and divorced from reality. He is busy interpreting the CPGB through its 1920’s rules and regulations, and his brief (and immature) experience in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. He appears completely unaware of the social and cultural devastation sweeping through the Tory Britain of the mid-1980’s, or indeed the slow disintegration that was beginning to unfold in the Soviet Union during this time. He also misses the most important of historical and political points relevant to the time within which he lived, namely that the CPGB remained the only sole and genuine representative of the working class in the UK, and never faulted in this task. This continued in 1988, when key CPGB Members – together with the Morning Star newspaper – left the by now disintegrating CPGB – forming the Communist Party of Britain (CPB). Raphael Samuel sees none of this coming. He is too busy explaining his path toward the acceptance of capitalism and the bourgeois status quo, and when he looks back at his youth, how he now remotely perceives a past image of the CPGB, mistakenly believed to be existing in the present moment, albeit modified so a to seemingly corrupt its character.

Why was Sergey Korolev (Сергей Королев) Arrested? (1938)


(Research and Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Author’s Note: Despite the Cold War being over for at least 26 years, it is extraordinary how Western academic discourse has not been able to shrug-off US-generated ‘disinformation’ about the Soviet Union, and directly access reliable Russian-language texts as a means to ‘correct’ the bizarre lies and improbable myths. Probably about a year ago, I attended a ‘Cosmonaut’ exhibition held at London’s Science Museum. Despite the esteemed reputation of this fine British institution, the narrative it pursued was the usual ‘illogical’ plurality that the Soviet Union was both extraordinarily ‘advanced’, whilst simultaneously being ‘backward’ and ‘despotic’. Sergey Korolev was treated as a genius who produced his best work after being arrested by Joseph Stalin, imprisoned on trumped-up charges, tortured and finally released. In fact, none of this is recorded as true within Soviet-era records. It was the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) which moved against Korolev, with Stalin being informed at the end of the evidence gathering process. Korolev was not sentenced to death (as incorrectly stated by the English language Wiki-page dealing with his biography). Korolev was sentenced to 10 years hard labour, (which transpired to mean being well-cared for within a technological, working environment). Korolev was not tortured, and did not confess any crimes during his imprisonment. The only time that Joseph Stalin had any direct involvement with Korolev, is when he personally ordered Korolev’s release in 1944 (after just 6 years of imprisonment). During his imprisonment, Korolev carried-out vitally important scientific work for the Soviet State – hardly the behaviour or actions of a man supposedly betrayed by the State that he served. From my own research, Sergey Korolev was a potential target of Nazi German and Trotskyite agents operating in the USSR during the latter part of the 1930’s. The Soviet Authorities devised a plan to remove Sergey Korolev from public view until the threat of fascism was removed – by 1944 – that situation had arrived as the forces of Nazi Germany were being driven back to Berlin. Sergey Korolev was a staunch supporter of the Soviet System, and he used his genius to beat the US during the early Space Race. ACW (10.12.2017)

In the quite frankly ‘illogical’ world of US Cold War hysteria, paranoia, disinformation and plain bad Western academia, the Soviet Union is depicted as an armed Concentration Camp bristling with a disaffected population seeking ‘defection’ to the ‘capitalist’ (free) West at the earliest opportunity. This almost comical misrepresentation of world history is not so funny, when it is considered that the warmongers in Washington were seriously prepared to put the lives of tens of millions of people at risk around the world, simply in the maintenance and pursuance of this myth. The Soviet Union was a vast improvement upon the backward and corrupt feudal system it had replaced in 1917, but its success irritated the US ideologues due to its complete rejection of predatory capitalism. This meant that the dominant US corporate families (such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and the Rothschild, etc) spread throughout the capitalist world (together with the Catholic and Protestant Churches) had no direct say (or influence) over a large swathe of humanity. (The Jewish Rockerfeller and Carnegie families, amongst others, funded ‘eugenic’ programmes in the US prior to the outbreak of WWII). This general rightwing capitalist approach to the expansion of markets and generating of profit, led directly to an expressed antipathy toward the ‘Socialist’ USSR, which intended to inspire and support a world-wide Revolution, and the usurption of the capitalist system. In-short, the Soviet System protected millions of people from the ruthless expansion of a free market economy, and got in the way of the extension of predatory capitalism into Russia (at least until the end of 1991).

The rise of Leon Trotsky complicated matters between 1929 and his death in 1940. Whilst receiving financial support from leading American Zionists, Trotsky embarked upon the mission of developing a capitalist-friendly ‘pseudo-Socialist’ movement, which whilst appearing to support ‘Revolution’ in the name of the workers, actively strove to co-operate with the Bourgeois State and wed his movement to an alliance with world fascism. Trotsky, acting in concordance with the Roman Catholic Church, openly opposed the existence of the Soviet Union, and supported any and all rightwing movements around the world. This reached a peak in the mid to late 1930’s, where Trotsky and his supporters opposed the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ Republican government, and supported the fascist General Franco (the British Trotskyite George Orwell heeded this call and even travelled to Spain to join a Trotskyite militia). In 1938, Trotsky openly called for his followers to fully support Nazi Germany and its preparation for an attack on the USSR. Trotsky also called for the population of the Soviet Union to murder Joseph Stalin, and where possible, carry-out acts of sabotage and terrorism against the Soviet State. Although never ‘popular’ in the USSR, nevertheless, Trotsky did have a minority of followers in influential places, who were able to put into practice his call for illegal activities. The point of this sabotage was to weaken the Soviet State from within, and make it easier for the military forces of Nazi Germany to destroy the Red Army in open combat. By sabotaging the development of military equipment and technology, the Red Army would have its fighting efficiency drastically reduced.

This is the historical background to the time period within which Sergey Korolev (1907-1966) – the eventual father of the Soviet Space Programme – was arrested in 1938, and imprisoned within the Soviet Union. As usual, most Western narratives (including the English-language Wikipedia) are deficient or misleading when dealing with this episode. Korolev was not ‘tortured’ whilst in custody awaiting trial, or whilst in prison. In fact, he was treated very well, and was allowed to continue his scientific work whilst within a secure environment. The fact that he continued to develop scientific innovations whilst ‘detained’, is hardly the activities of a man under duress, and has led some to speculate that the Soviet State took him into protective custody to continue his crucial scientific work (concocting a ‘criminal’ cover story in the process). It could be that Nazi German and Trotskyite spies were conspiring to kill Sergey Korolev, and so it was in his best interests that he ‘disappear’ from public view for a time.

During the Spring of 1937. Reactive Scientific Research Institute No. 3 (RNII-3 – Scientific Research Institute for Jet Propulsion, later – NII-3) – came under intense governmental scrutiny. This was because of the action taken by the Head of Division Andreya Kostikov (Андрея Костикова) who wrote to Nikolayu Yezhovu (Николаю Ежову) of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B), stating that funds had been embezzled and new technology sabotaged by the Institute’s Director Ivana Kleymenova (Ивана Клейменова), the Deputy Director Georgiya Langemaka (Георгия Лангемака), and leading engineers Valentina Glushko (Валентина Глушко) and Sergey Korolev (Сергея Королева). Initially, the charges were aimed primarily at Kleymenova and Langemaka, with the two engineers accused of incompetence and mediocrity rather than collusion. Indeed, during the nights of the 2nd and 3rd of November, 1937, Kleymenova and Langemaka were arrested, and under interrogation, both admitted to ‘wrecking activities’. In the general narrative, it is believed that at this time, Kleymenova and Langemaka also implicated Glushko and Korolev (as well as others), but a close examination of the historical facts (within Russian language sources) indicates that at least in the case of Sergey Korolev, this assumption is incorrect. As matters transpired, once the NKVD had gathered and verified all the evidence pertaining to this case, acting in accordance with Soviet Law (which specified the ‘Death Sentence’ for this type of ‘political’ crime), Kleymenova and Langemaka were executed (by being ‘shot’). Although all the engineers were also ‘recorded’ as participating in ‘wrecking activities’, no further action was taken against them at the time. This suggests that Kleymenova and Langemaka, as corrupting influences, were removed so that Sergey Korolev (one of the USSR’s most prolific rocket experts), could do the progressive work that his bosses had prevented him from developing.

However, not long after these events, engineer Valentina Glushko was arrested and admitted to ‘wrecking activities’ alongside Nikolayem Il’inym (Николаем Ильиным) – the former Head of the Gas Dynamic Laboratory – but records show that no mention was made (either by Glushko or the NKVD) of Sergey Korolev.  It was surprising, therefore, that the NKVD arrested Sergey Korolev on the 27th of June, 1938 (as he was being released from hospital). Writing in the Russian-language book entitled ‘Father’ (Отец),  Natalia Korolev (Натальи Королевой) confirms that her father’s arrest had nothing to do with Glushko (or his bosses Kleymenova and Langemaka). Although Western narratives continuously assert that Sergey Korolev was arrested on ‘false charges’, this interpretation is incorrect – as Soviet-era records clearly show that Sergey Korolev was arrested with ‘no charges’ being levelled at him. It is interesting to note in passing, that in the opinion of Yaroslav Golovanov (Ярослава Голованова), in his book entitled ‘Korolev: Myths and Facts’ (Королев: факты и мифы), that Sergey Korolev had made an enemy of Kostikov – by standing in the way of him becoming the Director of Reactive Scientific Research Institute No. 3. Kostikov had been behind a number of reports implying that engineers had been involved in sabotage activates – but there is nothing in writing directly linking Kostilov to Korolev. Even so, biographer Georgiy Vetrov (Георгий Ветров), in his book entitled ‘SP Korolev and Cosmonautics’ (С.П. Королев и космонавтика), states that Korolev was ambitious to be in-charge of his own Institute – and was actively competing with Kostilov to influence the direction of jet engine design.

An intriguing clue as to the genius of Sergey Korolev is given by fellow employee Georgiy Vetro Leonid Dushkin (Георгий Ветро Леонид Душкин), who stated in an interview published in the Russian-language magazine entitled ‘Wings of the Motherland’ (Крылья родины), that one of the reasons for Korolev’s arrest, was that he had developed his own cruise missile device, as well as a rocket-propelled aeroplane. The engine did not use oxygen, but rather nitric acid (a development which Glushko knew about, but did not report). Again, it is assumed that whatever else was happening at Reactive Scientific Research Institute No. 3, it was a personal grudge held by Kostilov that led to Korolev being arrested. Yes, Korolev had broken protocols by acting without permission or direction, but on the other hand, he had demonstrated advanced ‘Socialist’ thinking in the service of the Soviet Union. This explains why the Soviet Authorities arrested Korolev without any ‘charge’ being given. He was removed from the obstructing influence of Kostilov, and within a highly disciplined and controlled technological environment, he was allowed to safely pursue his own developmental direction.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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