China: Hegemonic ‘White’ Racism Greatest Threat to World Peace! (29.5.2023)

Mao said the involvement of a certain company in the reports indicates that aside from government agencies, the U.S. is using additional channels to spread disinformation.

“This is not the first time — and certainly not the last time — for them to do so. Whatever their subterfuge, it will not change the fact that the U.S. is the champion of hacking,” she said.

Investigation reports released by Chinese institutions in September last year accused the U.S. of using 41 specialized cyber weapons to launch more than 1,000 attacks on China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University and stealing core technical data. The U.S. has not yet offered an explanation on the matter.

Mao said that Washington should immediately explain its own cyber attacks instead of diverting public attention with false information.

Historical ‘Weight’ of Evidence Suggests ‘David Irving’ Did Take Place! (25.5.2023)

By the end, Irving tells us that Hitler was not in good physical shape but yet kept a tenuous psychological grip on a type of reality. David Irving pieces together the Hitler paradigm with a remarkable clarity and it is a shame that he let his far-right political views edge out his outstanding literary and research skills. As a result, the man formerly known as ‘David Irving’ still peddles his wares through self-publishing, a hard to find website (linked above) and the ‘direct selling’ capacity the internet age offers! David Irving is not only being persecuted for his far-right views (as despicable as they might be) – but is also being punished for pointing-out certain ‘unsavoury’ facts about WWII that emerge from the objective consideration of Allied behaviour! I remember reading in a book about the Nuremburg Trials (NOT penned by David Irving) that an Allied legal expert thought that the remit of the ‘Trials’ should to expanded to consider alleged ‘Allied’ War Crimes – but this idea was considered too controversial and was ultimately ‘rejected’! I suspect David Irving got the Memo (he is too good of a researcher not to have done) but I doubt he had time to read it – hence the misunderstanding!

Russis: How the US Misuses Sexual Minorities to Encourage Disunity and Fascism! (22.4.2023)

Real protection of any rights (including sexual minorities) is inseparable from the struggle against the capitalist system – which deeply despises the individual and any of his rights. The universal circus of the Bourgeois LGBTI movement, exaggerated and encouraged by the West, is nothing more than an excuse to fight against traditional cultures that are not subordinate to it and is used solely cause splits and ensure disunity. As a result of this policy, representatives of sexual minorities, as well as, for example, migrants, will be used in the next stage of the upcoming crisis in order to use them as scapegoats and divert the attention of the layman from the true causes of his troubles – corporations and banks. This is how hypocritical pseudo-tolerance breeds the seeds of fascism!

New Scientist: It’s As Funny as Reservoir Dogs! (16.4.2023)

And then there are all the atomic ‘test’ explosions initiated by the US after WWII (which included exposing US Serviceman to nuclear poisoning) – and the numerous atomic ‘accidents’ that happened in the US throughout the Cold War (which the US government does not want you to know about or discuss)! The genetic damage inflicted upon the environment (and everything in it) is ongoing and forever expanding! This compendium of US (capitalist) disaster is compounded by the fact that American nuclear weapons have gone ‘missing’ and which includes countries such as Apartheid South Africa and Zionist Israel defying the International community and test-exploding nuclear weapons!

Yellow Submarine: How Heinz Edelmann ‘Disinformed’ About the ‘Blue Meanies’! (11.4.2023)

As Heinz Edelmann had no direct input with the storyline, an interesting question is why he was permitted to state the false opinion (also included on the Blu-Ray but obviously recorded sometime ago) that the film ‘Yellow Submarine’ was ‘anti-Communist’ (it is not) – or that the ‘Blue Meanies’ were supposed to be the ‘Red Meanies’? He makes one further (ludicrous) claim – namely that there is ‘no difference’ between Nazi Germany and the USSR – an opinion straight out of the CIA handbook that defines and guides US anti-intellectualism! I suspect that if The Beatles had become aware of Heinz Edelmann’s ridiculous opinions at the time, they would have ‘withdrawn’ from the film and the project would have crashed and burned. If the casual reader peruses the internet today – Heinz Edelmann’s false opinion is strewn across endless websites – simply because that is what the agency of US anti-intellectualism wants the world to think! Thank goodness the music of The Beatles is stronger than these attempts at disinformation!

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