Transgender Studies: Interesting Academic Information! (14.5.2023)

This is a selection of reliable (academic) articles pertaining to the US and UK regarding the objective study of ‘Transgenderism’ and/or ‘Transsexuality’ – with a bias toward the US. I have checked the links to ensure each is working properly, and have assessed the efficacy of each research paper. The data should be ‘objective’ and its scientific interpretation ‘impartial’. This type of study is important so as to avoid ‘political’ bias (of whatever orientation) and to construct a sound ‘material’ basis for the study of this subject. We know that this subject ‘exists’ – and we need to establish ‘why’ and in so doing ascertain the ‘direction’ of this trend. This process requires ‘detachment’ from the more ’emotive’ reactions seen within certain sections of society – and to approach this subject as a Doctor might approach any other element of physical and psychological health.

▪ Transsexuals are more likely to have autism than the general population. Source:

▪ 44% of transsexuals show signs of clinical depression. 85% of transsexuals show signs of psychological distress or have been recently treated for mental health. Source:

▪ “24% of lesbians and bisexual women are poor, compared with only 19% of heterosexual women.” Children raised by gay couples are twice as likely to be in poverty as children of straight married couples. Source:

▪ Transgender workers report unemployment at twice the rate of the population as a whole (14% vs. 7% at the time the workers were surveyed). Source:

▪ 20-40%: The portion of the homeless youth population who are (gay or transgender), compared to only 5 to 10 percent of the overall youth population. Gay and transgender students are half as likely to graduate high school as straight students. Source:

▪ There were 2.9 transgender prisoners reported per 1,000 prisoners in UK custody on 31st March 2022, an increase from 2.5 per 1,000 on 31st March 2021. The transgender prison population increased by 17% compared with 2% for the prison population over the same period. Source:

▪ 16% of transsexuals have been sent to US jail or prison, compared to 2.7% of the general population. Source:

▪ Mothers of boys with gender identity disorder: a comparison of matched controls. Source:

▪ “Your Picture Looks the Same as My Picture”: An Examination of Passing in Transgender Communities. Source:

▪ 1 in 10 young transsexuals has attempted suicide more than three times in the last year. 37% of transsexual youth have attempted suicide within the last year. 65% of transsexual youth have seriously considered suicide within the last year. Most young transsexuals have committed self-harm within the last twelve months. Source:

▪ Transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment surgery are at risk to higher suicide rates. Source:

▪ 2011 MRI Studies Support the Blanchard Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism. Source:

▪ A follow-up study of girls with gender identity disorder. Only 12% of boys who believe they are transsexuals still believe so when they are older. Source:

▪ About 88% of children who have gender dysphoria do not hold those beliefs when they grow older. Source:

▪ Transgender People and HIV (US): What We Know. Source: