The Ongoing Saga of the British Workers Betrayed – Let’s Hope King Charles III Overthrows Capitalism! (6.5.2023)

Oliver Cromwell is ‘Hated’ by a Bourgeoisie Which Now ‘Hates’ the Working Class it Once Supported!

The British Parliamentary System was created by the Bourgeoisie – which took control of the means of production (from 1649 onwards) – never relinquishing this control to this day! As a result, the current ‘liberal’ democratic system favours the Bourgeois class and openly discriminates (through its corruption) against the working class, limiting the way (and manner) it can take power and follow its own Proletariat agenda. Indeed, the Labour Party has only been able to pursue a blatant left-wing agenda once in its elected history – in the post-WWII Labour Administration of 1945-1950 – where it brought in sweeping ‘Socialistic’ Reforms in 1948!  

A study of how Zionist Israel interfered in the 2019 UK General Election (by assisting the ‘reactionary’ Bourgeois Establishment in keeping the pro-Palestinian – Jeremy Corbyn – out of elected Office) is an interesting case study! Of course, Oliver Cromwell represented a recently empowered Bourgeoisie which had attained to political dominance through the trial and execution of King Charles I – the last absolute monarch the UK ever possessed. When the axe fell on the King’s neck during early 1649 – the absolute British monarchy was abolished for all time – and remains abolished to this day! The monarchy established in 1661 was a ‘Constitutional’ monarchy – a disempowered theatre allowed to exist by Act of Parliament – which has no real power and is subservient to the Parliament that allows it to exist. What was the point of this charade?  

Although an ‘absolute’ monarchy was NOT brought back – the creation of its ‘Constitutional’ counterpart was important – as it indicated a vital shift in Bourgeois attitudes. Prior to the death of Cromwell, the Bourgeoisie had been ‘grateful’ to the tens of thousands of ordinary peasants in the UK who had answered the call of Parliament to fight and die for its ‘Revolutionary’ cause of overthrowing the ancient aristocratic system! Without the sacrifice of these ordinary British people – the Parliamentary cause would have had NO armies with which it could successfully ‘fight’ the King and his loyal supporters! In return for this selfless service of provided by the peasantry and workers – the Bourgeoisie promised all kinds of progressive awards, rewards, reforms and social developments!  

From 1649-1660 – the victorious Parliament (under Cromwell) DID honour many of these promises and did start to reform British society from the foundation upwards. The Bourgeoisie of 1649-1660 used to favour the peasantry and working class instead of the aristocracy it had just overthrown. From 1660 onwards, however, following the death of Oliver Cromwell (and the overthrow of his son – Richard Cromwell) – the ‘pro-worker’ attitude of the Bourgeoisie was deposed, and a ‘pro-aristocracy’ Bourgeoisie took its place! This has remained the case to this day, with the implementation of a ‘Constitutional’ monarchy being used to ‘camouflage’ this shift in political Bourgeoise agenda! From 1660 onwards, the Bourgeois shifted its allegiance away from the peasants and working class it had asked to support its mission of taking political power away from the aristocracy – and directed that support toward the very aristocracy it had usurped!  

The Bourgeoisie today, oppresses and disempowers the working class that helped it to secure the political power it has enjoyed since 1649 – and openly relates to (and fawns over) the aristocracy it has politically disempowered (but continues to materially empower at the cost of the physical and mental well-being of the workers)! This is where we are today – as a new ‘Pretend’ monarch is about to be ‘Crowned’ – whilst tens of thousands of ordinary British people remain disempowered, dispossessed and in abject poverty. None of this matters, of course, because the ruling Bourgeoisie has decreed that such an injustice is of no ongoing concern! Such is the betrayal of the British workers whose blood gave the Bourgeoisie power and whose labour constructed the palaces and mined the gems that serve as part of the Crown that a man in a dress will lower onto the head of another man in a dress!