Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Proud to be a Called a ‘Communist’ (But Probably Isn’t!)


Noel Gallagher’s latest outburst, might be a ploy to ‘mainstream’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Scientific Socialist tendencies. Noel Gallagher, in his youth, was well-known for his own ‘Communistic’ outbursts, and part of his fame stems from his distinctly ‘proletariat’ approach to handling the music industry that made him rich, and the media that made him famous. One thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn should be proud to be called a ‘Communist’, but from the indignant response of the bourgeois left (which includes the Labour Party), and the vacuous prattling of the mindless rightwing press, it is obvious that those around him consider this an ‘insult’. There is nothing insulting about caring for humanity and striving (through the use of ‘Scientific Socialism’) to eradicate poverty, war and disease. The problem for the bourgeoisie is that this progressive process would also mean an end to that parasitic class, and it is this fear of the loss of privilege and wealth that drives the continuous (and highly misinformed) campaign against Communism. Ever since the Communist Party founded the British Labour Party, the bourgeois establishment has striven to infiltrate it, and convert it to its own hatefilled and greed-orientated ideology. This bourgeois project has been very successful and is almost complete. A keen-eyed observer knows something is afoot, when the veteran Labour Party ‘Socialist’ – Dennis Skinner – records in his biography that he visited the Soviet Union (as part of an all expenses paid union visit to Moscow in his youth), but he ‘refused’ to visit the tomb of Lenin in Red Square! This evidence may be added to such bourgeois (left) Labour figures such as Tony Benn, George Galloway and Ken Livingstone, to mention just a few, all of whom have made a career out of denigrated the Soviet Union and enthusiastically joining with the Bourgeois State in its propagation of US-generated Cold War lies. I doubt very much that Jeremy Corbyn is a Communist, or even a Marxist for that matter. He grew out of the Labour bourgeois left along with Benn and co, and I further doubt that his views differ from those of his peers. Whilst talking about saving the NHS, Corbyn has said nothing about the Welfare System, and has omitted completely any mention of raising taxes during the next Labour Party government. The reality is simple; no tax raises, no redistribution of wealth, no Welfare State and no NHS. In the meantime, Labour Party duplicity apart – the Communist Movement has done much to progress humanity, and all those ignorant right wingers and fascists have Communists to thank for the 8 hour day and basic working rights. The defeat of international fascism during the 1930’s and 1940’s can be added to this comprehensive list!

The View from Inside a Privatised NHS


The way things work in the UK is like this. Those who are ‘salaried’ and work in middle class professions are quite happy to accept ‘Austerity’, the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the Welfare State, because they think it has nothing to do with them, their families or their descendents. If the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News do not report the UN finding the Tories and LibDems Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (in 2016), or that at least 120,000 British people have died between 2010-2017 from cuts in benefits and healthcare – then it has not happened and does not exist! This is middle class apathy and its collusion with the forces of democratically elected fascism. A GP friend of the family warned us (in 2012) that the NHS had been privatised and that charges will be in-place by 2017. The problems the Tories have experienced is that their LibDems chums have been eradicated at the polls, and that a Socialist-sounding Jeremy Corbyn has attracted an unexpected following throughout the UK (although Labour still lost the 2017 General Election). This has delayed the roll-out of a nation-wide private healthcare system which the Tories are planning, whereby all FREE healthcare is to be scrapped and replaced by regular insurance payments for minimal treatment (which will be justified through a massive media campaign which demonizes those who still expect ‘free’ NHS treatment at the point of use). Those who require further treatment will have to pay more (despite already paying for medical treatment through income tax). Now, as matters stand, some people are already ‘paying’ for treatments considered ‘too expensive’ for the NHS to provide, and the NHS is actively withholding appropriate diagnosis and treatment from ill or injured patients (the implication being that those who want to save their lives must ‘pay’ for treatment). Finally, the reason the Tories and LibDems have been able to do this to the British nation is because of the neo-conservative policies of New Labour under Blair and Brown (and their failure to reverse one Thatcherite cut or reform). Blair’s ‘Private Finance initiate’ (PFI) simply paved the way for the NHS to be infiltrated by self-serving, money-grabbing private businesses. A colleague of mine worked for the Audit Commission in 2009 when she was asked to attend a meeting (along with around 100 other Audit Commission employees) with a New Labour government minister. This New Labour minister informed the audience that New Labour was going to sell-off the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State, and intended to achieve this feat over a 15 year period. The Audit Commission were to be given the job of ‘selling’ and ‘administering’ this New Labour policy to the general public. Perhaps what we are seeing here, is the reality that all political parties represent the bourgeois establishment and are committed to attacking the working class in a relentless fashion.

The Labour Party and Social Fascism in the UK


Although the British rightwing and far-right political establishment thrives on violence and racism – using the working class to hate, murder and kill both within society and on the battlefield, I want to talk about another type of ‘social fascism’ which emerged with the Labour Party of 1945, and which has manifested throughout the numerous governmental departments that administer the British NHS and Welfare State. This is usually a ‘taboo’ subject, whereby everything the Labour Party does is assumed to be in the best interests of the working class it claims to represent (i.e. ‘labour’), but this is obviously untrue. The ‘new’ Labour Party of 1997-2010, of course, was rightwing and distinctly anti-working class, but the Labour Party has only had a nodding acquaintance with ‘Socialism’ since its inception at the end of the 19th century. As more and more bourgeois intellectuals rose-up through the Labour ranks, it was realised that ‘Marxism’ was a direct threat to their presence and domination, and so Marxists were expelled from the Labour Party. The Labour Party today, despite being supported by the Communist Party of Britain – considers the CPB to be a ‘proscribed’ political party that does not act in the best interests of the Labour Party. The CPB certainly does not behave in a manner that benefits the Labour Party, as it unquestionably supports the coming to power of the working class, and does not support the bourgeoisie.

The Labour Party, wherever it is influenced by Marxism, is generally polluted with ‘Trotskyism’ and not ‘Marxist-Leninism’. There is a distinct opinion that Jeremy Corbyn – the most obviously leftwing Labour Leader for decades – is in fact a Trotskyite (due to his criticisms of Communist China, and his failure to condemn the Trotskyite ‘Militancy’ that once dominated Labour activism). Following the disastrous 2017 General Election – the Tories still hold power, whilst the NHS and Welfare State continue to be dismantled and sold-off. Brexit is unfolding into an exercise with the UK ‘re-defining’ how it remains in the EU. All this is happening whilst the Labour ideologues trumpet vitriolic propaganda that achieves nothing in practical terms. In the meantime, the British working class continues to be oppressed by the DWP and Social Services – both relics from the founding of the 1948 Welfare State. These governmental bodies – under the apparent remit of ‘helping’ the poor and the vulnerable – actually treats these people with an apparent disrespect, and in many cases, a complete disregard for the law. The British working class is routinely oppressed by the very agencies that the Labour Party developed to administer its 1948 re-distribution of wealth. These governmental departments destroy life for individuals and families, and only exist to pressure the vulnerable and the poor to be off of welfaresupport. The Labour Party appears to have established these governmental departments as a means to ‘mirror’ the despicable Church Authorities they replaced. For the workers to be ‘controlled’, they must be humiliated at every turn. Is this not the very definition of ‘social fascism’?

Ousting the Odious LibDems Out of Sutton (28.9.2017)!



The LibDems – as part of the ‘Coalition’ government with the Tories 2010-2015 – were complicit in the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the British Welfare State. The LibDems (along with the Tories) were also found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the United Nations (UN) in 2016 for the deaths of an estimated 10,000 people with disabilities in the UK – as a direct result of welfare cuts, NHS treatment, and social services. The LibDems certainly have blood on their hands – and are unfit as a ‘conservative’ party to govern either nationally or locally. In Sutton the LibDems tried to privatise the bins in the late 1990’s – but local people rebelled then and the decision was reversed. This year (2017), saw the LibDems ‘monetise’ our rubbish yet again with a ‘new’ privatisation plan involving the complete disregard of local opinion. We need to get a Labour MP into Parliament representing Sutton and Cheam, and a Labour-led Local Council in Sutton and Cheam to facilitate a real change. Do not be fooled by so-called ‘independent’ candidates – as they are usually closet Tories, or members of the far-right.

Zero-Hours – Labour’s Failure – and Modern Slavery


A friend of mine has said that since Labour lost the last election – things have got far worse for most ordinary workers on ‘zero hours’ contracts. He is continuously threatened with the sack if he doesn’t turn-up at a moment’s notice (day or night) for a well-known super-market chain. The management have made it clear that should he exercise his right of taking time off – he will be sacked. Since the election, employers have started demanding ‘unpaid’ over-time – again, threatening to sack any workers refusing to comply. In the accounts – the management enters this as ‘voluntary’ activity on the part of the worker – falsely implying that it is the worker who has insisted that they work for ‘nothing’. I pointed-out that all the managers have proper employment conditions with contracts, rights and a substantial salary – no manager in their right mind would work for ‘nothing’ – so why should workers? Even in Victorian times – when the industrial revolution was in full-swing – and even taking into account the generally hideous conditions and long hours and low pay that workers were forced to endure – I have yet to find an example of workers toiling for absolutely ‘nothing’. Of course, working for ‘nothing’ is the definition of ‘slavery’. The British government and bourgeois establishment are getting away with this because the Labour Party is riddled with riightwingers and Trotskyites that do not care about the working class – with a Socialistic minority view expressed by Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Labour Party Socialism is not Marxist-Leninism, or the insistence upon a ‘Socialist’ Revolution – far from it – the Labour Party simply seeks to make things appear ‘fairer’ within a society that remains ‘capitalist’. The problem with this is that as soon as the Tories or LibDems get into power – they immediately remove all the safe-guards and direct the UK back toward a predatory free market economy (in line with the brutal and uncaring US system). Finally, the New Labour Party was a hideous incarnation of Labour-inspired ‘anti-worker’ policy – and a sure sign that as a political movement, (and regardless of an occasional charismatic leader), it cannot be trusted by the workers to represent their own best interests. At the moment, many people within the Labour Party want to either stay in the rightwing and fascistic EU – or at least remain in the Single Market upon Brexit (which amounts to the same thing). The Labour Party should abandon its Blairite and Trotskyite tendencies and develop a true Marxist-Leninist and working class consciousness.

The Grenfell White-Wash Begins! (15.8.2017)


The Tory Prime Minister – Theresa May – whose government is kept in power by the Christian-terrorist group the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’ (DUP), has finally ordered the judge incharge of the Public Enquiry – that he WILL NOT be looking into the broader issues surrounding the government’s housing policy. The judge – Sir Martin James Moore-Bick – not only acquiesced to this order without a fight – he positively endorsed it! This is a man who in the past gave the judicial ‘green light’ to Westminster City Council to start cleansing its borough of its poorest tenants – a ruling that set a precedent throughout the UK, and the initiation of a policy of intense persecution of poor people by the Local Authorities (in both Labour and Conservative boroughs), designed through the cutting of benefits, social and medical services, and legal representation, to clear the old Council Housing Estates and sell-off the land to private developers. These developers then build top-notch housing only for the mega-rich and in so doing, ostracise the British Working Class – treating them as if a) they do not exist, and b) if they do exist – they are considered worthless! So prolific (and lucrative) has this ‘social cleansing’ policy become, that not even Jeremy Corbyn – the so-called ‘People’s Prime Minister’ – will publically address this issue, with his Labour apologists refusing to acknowledge that many of the worst offenders in London have been Local Labour Councils.

Of course, this judge does not want his past to be brought-up as it would discredit his entire over-seeing of this judicial process (as well as reveal his Tory sympathies), but a broader enquiry would also reveal New Labour’s complicity in ‘social cleansing’ under Blair and Brown, a process accelerated and intensified by the 2010 Tory and LibDem Coalition government – and Theresa May’s continuation of this rightwing attack on Britain’s poor. This enquiry will omit the entire socio-economic background that led to Grenfell – and in so doing reduce this terrible Working Class tragedy to simply be viewed as ‘isolated’ and ‘unfortunate’ one-off event disconnected from national government policy!





May Fiddles Whilst the NHS Burns!


Having family members and friends that work in the NHS – I can tell you that no matter how bad you think things are – they are far worse! Any member of NHS that voices concern about privatised or cut services is immediately suspended (without pay), and then ‘sacked’ for telling the truth. People are dying because of NHS privatisation and the slow transition to ‘private’ healthcare. Entire swathes of the population are not receiving adequate or required medical diagnosis and/or treatment, and the infant mortality rate for the UK – one of the richest countries in the world – is steadily increasing. As the government cuts the NHS wage budget, hospitals across the UK are having to cut staff that have trained and practised for years (a process called ‘de-skilling’ by the private health firms) – and due to the lack of funds – are not able to employ new staff. Furthermore, universities are training less NHS staff because the government has cut the NHS education budget. The meagre bursaries for Midwives have been cut, meaning that only White, middle women (with independent means) can afford to train as a Midwife – but even then, private health firms are encouraging ‘new’ Midwives to work within private health sector upon graduation, and avoid the NHS. Since the Con-Dem Coalition in 2012 effectively abolished the NHS, it is nolonger illegal to withhold treatment from a patient, and nolonger considered ‘manslaughter’, should a patient die from neglect. (one famous case involved a man who telephoned the police from his hospital bed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, stating that he was not being treated correctly – the police refused to act and this man died shortly after, from malnutrition and thirst.) The British people are being conned by Theresa May and her crackpot Tories – who have increased the speed with which hospitals, healthcare centres, and emergency units are being closed down (and the premises sold-off to private developers – usually to build luxury flats). This is a national tragedy of epic proportions made worse by a politically illiterate and apathetic voting population. This entire process is aided and abetted by local GPs who are colluding with this entire process simply to line their own pockets. GPs are withholding treatment, refusing to allow their patients to see Consultants, referring NHS patients to private hospitals (for a commission), and proscribing second or third rate (and often out of date or obsolete) drugs – with the inference that if the patient wants good quality healthcare – then they should pay for private treatment. The irony is that the British tax-payer has already paid many times over for the best quality healthcare to be delivered ‘free at the point of use’ – leaving the question which asks what is this Tory government doing with all this tax revenue? The only hope for the British NHS is the election of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!


Update: Tory MP Paul Scully (Sutton & Cheam) States ‘NO’ money Given to DUP! (22.7.2017)


Following Paul Scully’s recent lack of answers to my emailed questions the Tories donating over a £1 billion to the Christian terrorist group DUP – I replied pointing-out that I had reported him to Theresa May’s Office for his lack of parliamentary duty, evasion of questions, and unprofessional attitude. He then provided the following reply stating that Northern Ireland is one of the poorest areas of the UK – and that the Tories have not given any money to the DUP! This is obviously delusional, as the Tories have impoverished the UK through ‘Austerity’ since 2010, to levels of deprivation unknown since the Victorian era! He did not vote to end the 1% pay-cap on public sector workers because such a move would have apparently brought-down the Tory government and let Jeremy Corbyn in!

to Adrian Chan-Wyles PhDS



18:27 (51 minutes a

From: SCULLY, Paul <paul.scully.mp@parliament.uk>
To: Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD <chandao@fastmail.fm>
Subject:Re: Urgent – Tory-DUP Alliance: 
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017 18:27

Thanks Adrian

I was responding to your original email. However in turn:

  1. It’s not a coalition as I mentioned in my previous email
  2. The government has given no money to the DUP. Money has gone to the NHS, schools and infrastructure in Northern Ireland to the benefit of all who live there in one of the poorest parts of the UK
  3.  The amendment to the Queen’s speech was worded specifically to embarrass the government but would have had no immediate benefit for those in the public sector. Amending the Queen’s speech effectively ‘no confidences’ the government and so risks bringing it down. This would have led to Jeremy Corbyn spending a few weeks failing to gain sufficient support to forma government and then another general election before a budget which may have then brought about a response to the various pay review boards. The government have stated that they will look at the review boards in turn.
Best wishes

On Why George Galloway Should be in the Labour Party


As Tony Benn once said, the Labour Party isn’t ‘Socialist’, even though from time to time it may have Socialists in it. I think this has been true of the Labour Party for much of its history, even though one of its key founders was the British Socialist Party. Of course, the BSP transformed into the ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ (CPGB) in 1920, after the successful Russian Revolution of 1917 – acting in contradiction to the position of the anti-Communist British government of the day, that was acting inaccordance with the USA (and 12 other countries including a recently defeated Germany), by supplying British (working class) troops into Russia, in an attempt to destroy the fledgling ‘Socialist’ regime. It was thought at the time that the BSP could ‘transform’ into the CPGB simply as a matter of procedure, but even as early as 1920, there were dark anti-Socialist forces at work in the Labour Party. The Labour Party, despite its Unionist, working class roots, had been infiltrated by middle class men who brought their own particular brand of capitalist-friendly, bourgeois leftism to bear on the party’s direction. This dominance by the middle class over the working class within the Labour Party at the point of contact, mimicked exactly the situation that existed in broader society outside the Labour Party, and ironically represented the very inequality the Labour Party was originally founded to combat through effective (and collective) social and political action. As a consequence of middle class sophistry (and without as much as a whimper from the working class membership), it was decided that the BSP could not simply transform into the CPGB and retain its central position in the Labour Party. It was further decided that the BSP no longer existed as a legal entity when it transitioned into the CPGB, and that as a consequence, the CPGB was a ‘new’ political entity that would have to apply for ‘association’ with the Labour Party – an application that was swiftly ‘blocked’, and remains blocked to this day. Furthermore, the bourgeois powers that be in the Labour Party added the Communist Party to a proscribed list of potential members – which explains why Communists today are not permitted to hold Labour Party membership. This reality also explains how the Labour Party broke with the working class ideologies of Socialism (both religiously utopic and Marxist-Engels inspired), and with Communism (Marxist-Leninism) quite early on in its development, despite still pursuing a left-leaning rhetoric often misconstrued as being ‘Socialistic’.

Having firmly set the agenda of Labour’s non-Socialist and in many ways anti-working class agenda, it is important to state that the Labour Party has had individual members that have held Socialist or Communist views, but who have not been ‘official’ members of any other political party. Indeed, there has also been, in the early days, Labour MPs who openly described themselves as ‘Communist’, before the proscription against Marxist-Leninism was more robustly enforced. I would add that although a party of the left, the Labour Party as a historical movement has remained alarmingly ‘unprincipled’, despite the good intentions of some of its members. Its generally ‘anti-Soviet’ position, and its routine support for imperialism, coupled with its racist expulsion of over 1,500 Chinese people from London in 1946 (just because they were ‘Chinese’) attest to this fact.

As the Labour Party is experiencing something of a leftwing renaissance at the moment under the left-sounding (and incredibly popular) Jeremy Corbyn, I think the time is right for George Galloway to be re-admitted to the Labour Party with the caveat that he be recognised as a political martyr for the leftwing cause, because he stood-up to the rightwing policies of Tony Blair throughout that former prime minister’s tenure in Office, and is still active in campaigning for Tony Blair to face War Crimes charges for his illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Of course, I do not agree with George Galloway’s eulogising of the anti-working class Winston Churchill, his sentimentalism regarding Britain’s imperialist wars, his leftist nationalism, his sharing of a political platform with the racist Nigel Farage, or his routine anti-Soviet viewpoints – but I do believe his ‘Socialist’ heart is in the right place, and my family very much appreciate his expressed support for Communist China. Politicians often appear inconsistent when in the public eye, particularly when they are trying to achieve the exact opposite effect. George Galloway often says not only what he thinks, but also quite often what he ‘feels’. This is why on occasion he appears to ‘contradict’ himself – at least he is honest – and is one of only a few political figures in the UK that actually takes the time to directly engage the general public on social media. In fact, he is the only mainstream political figure that I have directly communicated with on Twitter, or am likely to communicate with. As I said to him then – I think he should not only be re-admitted into the Labour Party – but I believe the leftwing momentum could be maintained when Jeremy Corbyn eventually steps down (hopefully after being prime minister), if George Galloway were to become Labour Parry leader. His vast experience of the real world is exactly what Labour needs. Finally, the Labour Party cannot be kept on a leftist course if there are no credible leftwing politicians to direct it. In many ways, the wilderness years of George Galloway’s political career (outside the Labour Party) have not only been full of meaning, bravery, tragedy and stunning success, but have preserved his leftism in a pure (but enhanced) form, free from the need to conform to the rigours of Blairite rightism, and general Labour Party duplicity. He has been outside a Labour Party that has lurched so far to the right in recent times, that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish it from the Tory Party it is said to oppose! Jeremy Corbyn would do well to recognise this reality, and bolster the strength of his position by bringing George Galloway back into the Labour Party!

Out and About in Islington (24.6.2017)




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