MI Kalinin Explains ‘People’s Democracy’ in the USSR! (1944)

Just as the private companies ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ are ‘amending’ their ‘Terms of Service’ to allow its membership to ‘call’ for ‘acts of violence’ amongst its membership – to be aimed at Russian civilians and ‘Russian soldiers’ it is important to maintain the thinking-level and not fall into the pit of obvious racism that, for

Armenia Expresses Support for Russia! (7.3.2022) By Anatoly Matviychuk (Анатолий Матвийчук) 

of NATO’s military infrastructure to the borders of Russia. The public organization “Ararat” emphasizes that such actions were held in all regions of the Republic of Armenia. Armenia and the Armenian people, in their just struggle for territorial integrity and sovereignty in a changing world, see Russia and the peoples of Russia as their only ally.

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