Fighting the Rainbow – ‘Why’ White Hives Matter! aka ‘Hitler und die Bienen’! (11.5.2023)

There is a genocide happening white now – and it is happening white outside your front door! The pathways are littered with the bodies of its victims – and yet society goes about its business on a daily basis without a care in the world! A population is being slowly replaced by foreign workers and nobody seems to care! Yes – that’s white – I am talking about Bees from Black (or Yellow) Hives replacing Bees from White Hives! This is WHITE Genocide! This is why ‘White Hives Matter!’  

This is not about ‘race’ – it’s about ‘honey’! Do you want your children eating honey from non-White Hives? If the answer is ‘NO’ – stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution! Do NOT ‘mix’ Hives and only use honey from known WHITE Hives! This is the only way we can preserve the Bees that are born, live, work and thrive within White Hives! Remember – Whinnie the Pooh would NEVER mix Hives and neither should you!  

Dedicated to the Aryan Nation’s Jeremy Freeman and his Internet-trading partner  (of Colchester), Bubba-Kate (who has dedicated her life to preventing self-professed ‘White Supremacists’ from wanking off to pictures of Hitler whilst hiding away in their parent’s basement) and that weirdly confused White Nationalist guy (originally from Missionary parents in Sweden) who is married to a Japanese women (and lives off her income in Japan) – whilst idling his days away sat in an ornate Zen Garden ranting and raging about what a superior White race he belongs to – until his Japanese wife calls him in for dinner!  

Long may you all continue to complain about a lack of mainstream support and continue your therapy of placing ‘small’ (racist) stickers on difficult-to-see public spaces! I must also mention the White Supremacists who self-identify as ‘Christian’ – but have difficulty reconciling a ‘White’ (Pagan) – antisemitic – Hitler with the (non-White) Jewish (Palestinian) Jew (Jesus Christ) they seem to find fascinating!