Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The Damage US Sponsored ‘Nazism’ is Doing to the EU and UK! (28.4.2023)

Swedish Labour Minister – Eva Nordmark – Arriving Ukrainian Refugees!

Translator’s Note: The US implemented the Neo-Nazi takeover of the Ukraine in 2014 – and has installed many similar Hitler-Worshipping regimes within various countries around Eastern Europe since that time – all backed by the Roman Catholic Church (and opposed by the Russian Orthodox Church). The only real requirement is that each of these regimes re-write their respective histories and paint the USSR as the ‘evil’ aggressor and Nazi Germany as the defending ‘saviour’ – together with the obvious ‘anti-Russian’ sentiment such a social experiment suggests. Since Russia has been fighting back (from 2022) against this US-led (NATO) aggression in Donbass (a very small part of Eastern Ukraine), the Americans have encouraged millions of Ukrainians (who lived nowhere near the conflict zone) to ‘flee’ to the UK and the EU (but not the US) where luxury and wealth awaits them! This policy is designed to give (on the ground) the false impression that these Ukrainians are from the ‘East’ of that country and that the population of the Donbass is ‘anti-Russian’ – US ‘lies’ on both counts supported by a supine Bourgeois media. The people of Donbass support Russia and oppose the US-installed Neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv. The Ukrainians coming to the UK and EU are the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians from the Central and Western areas of Ukraine. Now, if America still wants to fight proxy wars with Russia, then it is the American people who should suffer the consequences. Let the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians go to the US and not the EU and UK! This will leave us free to accommodate our own poor and take care of legitimate Refugees who really do need our care! ACW (23.3.2023)

Europe Cannot Employ Ukrainian Refugees!

Since March last year 2022), more than eight million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Europe, of which about five million are of working age. From the very beginning, European politicians promised the newly arrived Ukrainians jobs and “great opportunities”. However, since then, everything has stalled and only less than 5% of them officially got a job.

Ukrainians who come to EU countries have the right to stay there under the so-called Directive on Mass Refugees. However, their data is NOT generally entered in the population register and they are NOT issued social security numbers. As a result, refugees cannot get a job because they do not have the necessary insurance coverage. In addition, without a social security number, it is impossible to get a bank account and bank ID.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainians themselves do not show much desire to find a job. According to Swedish Labour Minister Eva Nordmark, back in April last year (2022), the Department, by order of the government, informed Ukrainian refugees about the labour market in Sweden. However, according to the Ministry of Labour, almost 80% of Ukrainian refugees did not try to get a job. This data was confirmed by a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Centre for Professional Support, according to which suggests that 9 out of 10 Ukrainians surveyed were unable to acquire a job that suited their tastes.

Russian Language Article:


В Европе не могут трудоустроить украинских беженцев

С марта прошлого года в Европу прибыло более восьми миллионов украинских беженцев, из них около пяти миллионов трудоспособного возраста. С самого начала европейские политики пообещали прибывшим украинцам рабочие места и «большие возможности». Однако с тех пор всё заглохло и лишь менее 5% из них официально устроились на работу.

‼️Украинцы, которые приезжают в страны Евросоюза, имеют право там пребывать по так называемой директиве о массовых беженцах. При этом их данные НЕ заносятся в реестр населения и им НЕ выдают номера социального страхования. В связи с этим беженцы не могут устроиться на работу, потому что у них нет необходимого страхового покрытия. Кроме того, без номера социального страхования невозможно получить счёт в банке и банковский идентификатор.

☝️Стоит заметить, что и сами украинцы не проявляют особого желания трудоустроиться. Как сообщила министр труда Швеции Ева Нордмарк, ещё в апреле прошлого года, ведомство по распоряжению правительства проинформировало украинских беженцев о рынке труда в Швеции. Однако, по данным министерства труда почти 80 % украинских беженцев так и не попытались устроиться на работу. Эти данные подтверждает и опрос, проведённый «Украинским центром профессиональной поддержки», согласно которому только 9 из 10 опрошенных украинцев смогли выбрать подходящую для себя работу.

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