DPRK: Churches and Religious Life in Pyongyang! (23.3.2023) 

North Korea has three Christian Churches – all located in the capital – Pyongyang. Among them are the Qigu (七谷) or ‘Seven Valleys’ Church and the Fengxiu (凤岫) or ‘Phoenix Mountain Peak’ Church – which belong to Protestantism. The Jiangzhong (奖忠) or ‘Reward Loyalty’ Church belongs to the Catholic Church – which has a history of more than ten years (writing in 2005). In addition, the first Orthodox Church is still under construction. North Korea has around 13,000 Protestants and about 3,000 Catholics. Every Sunday – all Christian and Catholic believers go to these established Church – or nearby House Churches. Religious activities – such as worship or mass – are ‘protected’ and ‘guaranteed’ under the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK! Indeed, the above photograph (dated 17.7.2005) features a female ‘Deacon’ collecting donations within the ‘Fengxiu’ (Protestant) Church! 

Chinese Christian Three (Sided) Self-Reliant Patriotic Movement Committee! (23.3.2023)

This three-sided (independent) self-management of the Church encourages Christians across the country to love their country, love the Church, honour God and benefit people; Strengthen the unity inside and outside the Church, provide services for well-run Churches in China and guide Christians across the country to play an active role in promoting economic and social development. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party China (CPC) – Ding Guangxun (丁光训), Luo Guanzong (罗冠宗), Ji Jianhong (季剑虹) and Fu Xianwei (傅先伟) – all successively served as the Chairpersons of the Chinese Christian Three (Sided) Self-Reliant Patriotic Movement Committee.

Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform! (23.4.2023)

Lunatics like Trump would quite happily nuclear-bomb Beijing if he thought he could get away with it. Where he differs from the US Establishment that created him, is that the American Bourgeoisie would like to preserve a trading status quo that it controls – keeping ‘direct’ military confrontation to a minimum – for now (a question of differing ‘styles’ whilst maintaining exactly the same ‘content’). Indirect military confrontation is another matter, as the US support for Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is as much a proxy war against China as it is against Russia! And then there is the ‘porn star’ allegation – a rather pathetic attempt by the US Establishment at keeping a very popular Trump out of Office. If ‘morality’ really was an issue, most US Presidents would be languishing in prison for their ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – sharing cells with Israeli leaders and perpetuators! Barack Obama, of course, would be on ‘Death Row’ for his military and political support of a Neo-Nazi take-over of Ukraine in 2014 – overhrowing the left-leaning (and democratically elected) legitimate  government of Ukraine – and for leading Canada and the Ukraine not long after in ‘rejecting’ a UN Resolution designed to criminalise the ‘glorification’ of Neo-Nazism! All of a sudden, Trump paying a pornstar $130,000 for a sexual encounter seems positively ‘honest’ by comparison – particularly when said porn star looks very similar to Trump’s ex-wife!