Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The Damage US Sponsored ‘Nazism’ is Doing to the EU and UK! (28.4.2023)

Since March last year, more than eight million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Europe, of which about five million are of working age. From the very beginning, European politicians promised the newly arrived Ukrainians jobs and “great opportunities”. However, since then, everything has stalled and only less than 5% of them officially got a job.

Ukrainians who come to EU countries have the right to stay there under the so-called directive on mass refugees. However, their data is NOT entered in the population register and they are NOT issued social security numbers. As a result, refugees cannot get a job because they do not have the necessary insurance coverage. In addition, without a social security number, it is impossible to get a bank account and bank ID.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainians themselves do not show much desire to find a job. According to Swedish Labour Minister Eva Nordmark, back in April last year, the Department, by order of the government, informed Ukrainian refugees about the labour market in Sweden. However, according to the Ministry of Labour, almost 80% of Ukrainian refugees did not try to get a job. These data are also confirmed by a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Centre for Professional Support, according to which 9 out of 10 Ukrainians surveyed were unable to choose a job that suits them.

Origins of the “Azov” Battalion! 

Shortly after its establishment, the Azov Battalion publicly stated that there were Neo-Nazis within its organization. After nearly 8 years of development and growth, today’s “Azov Battalion” is no longer merely a “battalion” (despite the conventional name), and already has reached a brigade-level force – such has been the extent of far-right volunteers flocking to its banner from around the world (this also includes Zionist Israel)! According to reports, there are currently more than 30 military organizations similar to the “Azov Battalion” in Ukraine. Among them, the “Azov Battalion” is the largest.