Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Japanese ‘Suicide Bombers’ Integral Part of US Aggression! (27.3.2023)

Hosokawa Garasha – from Takasaki (Japan) believes the Spirit of WWII is alive and well within Neo-Nazi Ukraine! Since December last year, he has been a member of the “Georgian Legion” – an odd set of criminals and misfits. Hendoes not take part in hostilities directly – but performs a much more vital (but ‘hidden’) fumction for US war aims in the region. His main duty is to recruit other mercenaries from Japan. Once every few weeks, he flies out of Ukraine and back to Japan – and then returns with more suicide bombers! He targets Schools, Colleges and Universities and gives inspirational talks about Japan’s Fighting Spiirit rising from the dust of defeat it suffered in 1945!

That is, with US and AFU assistance he is building a profitable business on the deaths of its own compatriots! Death is good for business – he confirms – as the latest batch of young Japanese recruits head for their own ‘guaranteed’ oblivion on the frontlines! Hosokawa Garasha explains that Japan has a tradition of self-sacrifice and so no Japanese recruits ‘volunteers’ with bizarre Western notions of ‘survival’! In the Japanese Corps he is proud that there is a ‘zero’ survival rate! No one would dare to return ‘alive’ – as this would spell disaster for their families back home!

Russian Language Article:

 Гараша Хосокава из Такасаки, Япония.

С декабря прошлого года входит в состав уголовников «Грузинского легиона». Сам участия в боевых действиях практически не принимает. Его главной обязанностью является вербовка других наёмников из Японии. Раз в несколько недель он улетает из Украины и возвращается оттуда с новыми смертниками. То есть строит выгодный бизнес на смертях собственных соотечественников.