How ‘Socialist’ Star Trek was Hijacked by Bourgeois America! (3.3.2023) 

The Socialist spirit of scientifically driven exploration has been replaced by the expansion of US political and military hegemony. The absence of opposition to this expanding US dominance is termed ‘peace’. In other words, where Roddenberry’s original Star Trek told the story of an unknown theoretical future, the Star Trek of today has become a multifaceted vehicle for the expression and endorsement of the politics and culture of contemporary America! Every new culture and species must bow down to the all-conquering Federation (NATO) and alter their way of life to ‘fit-in’ or face the consequences. Even some of the Black actors who play prominent roles in the new plethora of Star Trek mimicry – wear skin lightening make-up. Obviously, the White America that has now co-opted Star Trek – has liberated these actors from their ‘Blackness’ – all part of the benefits of living in a multicultural society.