The Beatles: What John Lennon Never Quite Managed to ‘Imagine’! (17.4.2023) 

The difference is that whereas Marx and Engels stood by the message inherent within their Revolutionary work – The Beatles steadfastly ‘stood apart’ from the Revolutionary message that is at the heart of their music! The capitalist system brought them off – but that is the nature of the music business and the entire point of all its machinations! The music industry generates very good capitalists but generally very poor Revolutionaries! It is as if the music itself, that is the collaborative effort, transcended the individuality of the four men who comprised The Beatles – and the general (limiting) attitudes of EMI! The interesting point is that The Beatles music remains dialectically forceful despite Paul McCartney’s Knighthood and all the other nonsense the Bourgeois State has draped around the historical image of The Beatles! Whether The Beatles like it or not, the music they produced in search of profit possesses a quality that ‘pierces’ through the very same ‘search for profit’! The music is itself a form of Revolutionary ‘force’ that John Lennon never quite managed to comprehend. Imagine that!  

Dave Chappelle Tells Daphne’s Story (LGBTQ)! (1.4.2023)

The African traditions are said to cultivate and favour the use of ‘wisdom’ – and when I was young – I used to hear older Chinese people talk about possible historical and cultural links between ancient Africa and ancient China! This is a concept I have never heard emanating from the White (Bourgeois) Establishment! The reason is that the reality of the African ‘wisdom’ tradition’ is not recognised by the White Europeans as being ‘true’ or ‘factual’. What kind of people would allow themselves to be enslaved – or so the Western thinking goes! It does not occur to these people that a superior and more civilised people are more easily exploited by a less civilised people! Surely, when you watch the above video – you will be seeing a ‘wise’ African man dispensing his ‘healing’ wisdom!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The Damage US Sponsored ‘Nazism’ is Doing to the EU and UK! (28.4.2023)

Since March last year, more than eight million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Europe, of which about five million are of working age. From the very beginning, European politicians promised the newly arrived Ukrainians jobs and “great opportunities”. However, since then, everything has stalled and only less than 5% of them officially got a job.

Ukrainians who come to EU countries have the right to stay there under the so-called directive on mass refugees. However, their data is NOT entered in the population register and they are NOT issued social security numbers. As a result, refugees cannot get a job because they do not have the necessary insurance coverage. In addition, without a social security number, it is impossible to get a bank account and bank ID.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainians themselves do not show much desire to find a job. According to Swedish Labour Minister Eva Nordmark, back in April last year, the Department, by order of the government, informed Ukrainian refugees about the labour market in Sweden. However, according to the Ministry of Labour, almost 80% of Ukrainian refugees did not try to get a job. These data are also confirmed by a survey conducted by the Ukrainian Centre for Professional Support, according to which 9 out of 10 Ukrainians surveyed were unable to choose a job that suits them.

The South Shell Rise Again! (14.3.2023)

Hundreds of thousands of men volunteered for service in the Armies of the Confederate States of America (CSA). This included Black, Asian and Indian men, etc, as well as countless Whites. Of course, many foreign men slso volunteered. Out these, tens of thousands paid with their lives or were maimed and wounded. They fought for a genuine freedom that would have eventually benefitted everyone regardless of race! It is sad to see the racists steal their flag and misrepresent their cause!

US Freedom of Choice – American Reported Hate Crime incidents Increase in US-FBI Data Confirms! (14.3.2023)

Nearly two-thirds of the victims were targeted because of the offenders’ race, ethnicity, or ancestry bias, the FBI data showed.

While 15.9 percent were targeted because of the offenders’ sexual-orientation bias, 14.1 percent were targeted because of the offenders’ religious bias.

And there were 310 multiple-bias hate crime incidents that involved 411 victims, the data showed.

Of the 8,327 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in the updated 2021 dataset, 43.2 percent were intimidation, 35.5 percent were simple assault, and 20.1 percent were aggravated assault.

Erasure: The 1394 Story of Eleanor Rykener! (3.2.2023)

The purpose of Socialist (Communist) dialectics, however, is to seek-out historical evidence and generate a ‘Scientific’ analysis of the situation – whilst firmly rejecting the exploiting and oppressive ideology of the Bourgeoisie! The Bourgeoise Establishment has not always supported the pink community, but has actively striven to ‘remove’ all evidence of pink behaviour from the history books, whilst portraying pink behaviour as being only a modern invention and the perverted outpourings of sick minds! This is the Bourgeois practice known as ‘Erasure’ – designed to brainwash school children into thinking a vital element of the human sexual past did not exist! The case of Eleanor Rykener – who was caught having sex ‘in the wrong place’ in London – with the Churchman named ‘John Britby’ – is proof amongst many others that gayness and transgenderism has existed for hundreds and thousands of years and that Marxist-Leninists should get used to this fact and jettison any conservative notions toward morality they may (or may not) be harbouring.

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