How Carl Jung Betrayed Evolutionary Science! (17.2.2023) 

The Work of Carl Jung is Very Popular Amongst te Bourgeoisie!

As Freud’s theory was out of step with the very evolutionary theory he claimed to have premised it upon, it can be realistically stated that Carl Jung – NEVER – followed ‘science’ even when he was an uncomplaining student of his teacher. My point is that when in his youth, Carl Jung logically looked for trends of ‘being’ and ‘perception’ spread primarily throughout the persevered written sources, but occasionally also within the recovered archaeology of the ancients. Buildings, weaponry and the written language – what did it all mean? What did it all mean when viewed across the entire range of the human species? Did it mean anything? The different cultures manifesting across the world at different times all expressed very different aspects of what it meant to be ‘human’. Initially, Carl Jung attempted to keep his speculations within the realms of what passed for ‘scientific’ and ‘philosophical’ study. Carl Jung may also have been aware that during the 1920s, Soviet scientists had examined, defined and dismissed ‘Freudianism’ and its many variants as being simply another ‘inverted’ Bourgeois attempt at defining human consciousness through a ‘religious’ filter. (See the wonderful ‘Freudianism A Marxist Critique’ by VN Voloshinov). 

Of course, Freud and Jung, although ostensibly ‘medical’ doctors – tended to avoid the trap of (material-derived) ‘Psychiatry’, where the human brain is viewed as the basis from which the human mind emerges and returns (with ‘chemical’ reaction and ‘change’ being the basis of all human behaviour). Studying how human behaviour emerges – and then using this as the basis for describing how this function of ‘emergence’ itself operates – may appear historical and sociologically interesting, but its illogical basis strips such an endeavour of its inherent reality. Jung compiled reams of historical data about human behaviour, but never ‘penetrated’ the reality of ‘chemical’ presence and change being the basis for all human endeavour. Being essentially ‘away with the fairies’, Jung compiled all weird and wonderful idealistic (and unworkable) theories in an attempt to explain the human condition. All his conclusions were ‘spiritual’ in nature and ‘wrong’ in conclusion – with all missing the material point of reality.  

Carl Jung, as a ‘secular’ Protestant – attempted to reduce the world of historical and existential humanity to a Protestant form of Christianity – stripped of all its religious finery. The inverted, Bourgeois mindset was ‘correct’ – if NOT limited or attached to any particular religion (East or West). Jung was not clever enough, despite all his theorising and pontificating, to realise that viewing reality the ‘wrong way around’ – could not provide him with the definite answers he sought. In 1956, Jung used a book supposedly about UFOs to align his idealistic and inverted work with the anti-intellectualism as perpetuated by the United States. Jung’s book on UFOs is a disgusting attempt to justify US imperialism and hegemony. He is also firmly ‘nailing’ the flag of his psychological theory to the mast of predatory capitalism. More to the point, Carl Jung was an ethnic German, and this is something of an elephant in the room with regard to the nonsense he is attempting to peddle.  

Just eleven years after his ‘German’ ethnicity had committed one of the worst crimes the world has ever seen – Jung (as an ethnic ‘German’) chose to align his work with the vicious anti-Socialism of the US – a policy that his cult-like surviving organisations still express a priori to each new generation of recruits. Carl Jung, in his book on UFOs refused to admit that his German ethnicity had murdered over 41 million men, women and children in the USSR between 1941-1945. Furthermore, Jung would not admit the reality of ‘class’ and how the injustices of class politics (which he could easily perceive throughout his impressive historical studies) existed, caused terrible suffering, and how predatory capitalism upped the game of this oppression and misery aimed at the working-class. He would not acknowledge the misery caused by the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries and seemed to attempt to ‘unshackle’ his own mind and body from the German ethnicity which had defined his own work and legitimated fascism throughout the world and murdered millions in its wake!  

Instead of mocking the USSR, and parroting the ahistorical lies and disinformation perpetuated by the US and its agents, Carl Jung, as an ethnic German, should have been apologising for the behaviour of his own ethnicity and the Germanic cultural parallels that existed in his own work that often bordered on the ‘racist’ and could easily be compared with the ideology of Adolf Hitler and other leading German (fascistic) philosophers. In this regard, Jung seems to have hidden behind Freud’s ‘Jewishness’ – but Jung was no oppressed ‘Jew’! Whilst Freud was granted political asylum in the UK – Jung was accused of not criticising Hitler to any great extent whilst lived in luxury in Switzerland, and of even of appearing to endorse various elements of Hitler’s Germanic behaviour! But just as Jung had no real experience of everyday life in the USSR – he was certainly aware of the death and destruction meted-out by his own fellow Germans (and their Catholic allies) as their armies advanced toward Moscow. Jung was a typical Germanic racist and was unapologetic – agreeing with Hitler that differences in culture were caused by differences in ‘race’ – and that these differences had nothing to do with socio-economic conditions!  

If the bizarre work of Carl Jung produced in 1956 is compared with the work he produced in the early 1900s – it seems to be written by somebody else – so different is its poor intellectual style and illogical state of its construction. Around the same time (and perhaps for the same reasons), the British Philosopher – Bertrand Russell – was interviewed in the UK and also chose to ignore the immense suffering of the Soviet people (and their 41 million casualties), stating instead that Marxist-Leninism is a ‘violent’ ideology! Like Jung, Russell was presented as a Western ‘intellectual’, and yet like Jung – ended-up talking utter illogical bilge when the time come to tell the truth and expose Bourgeois lies! He attempted (like Jung) to ‘punish’ the Soviet people for daring to ‘defend’ themselves! This is tantamount in its lack of logic to accusing a woman of committing acts of ‘violence’ – because in her desperation she managed to fight off a potential rapist! Of course, many men of Jung’s German ethnicity did ‘rape’ not just women – but men and children as well during the Nazi German orgy that unfolded in the USSR! How dare an ethnic German like Carl Jung deliberately side with the stupidity of US anti-intellectualism and the viciousness of predatory capitalism! Fascism, of course (and I am sure Jung knew this) is capitalism in decline!