The Important Work of Brian Victoria – Exposing (Fascist) Japan’s Murderous ‘War’ Zen! (13.2.2023)  

The point was that the Zen Establishment in Japan from 1868 onwards pursued a purely right-wing ‘Nationalist’ agenda which included the use of Zen meditation as a form of brainwashing that programmed generations of young Japanese men to ‘kill’ or ‘maim’ the declared (and racially inferior) ‘enemy’ without any psychological or emotional hindrance on their part. This type of corrupted ‘Zen’ turned the Japanese ‘martial arts’ into vehicles of mass murder – and Zen Buddhism into an agency of fascist ideology akin to the Hitlerism pursued within the Nazi German ‘SS’. Following WWII, and particularly following the 1949 Socialist Revolution in China, the US revitalised many elements of the ‘fascist’ Japanese Establishment – particularly ‘Zen’ and the ‘martial arts’ – artificially spreading these attributes throughout the Western world as a means to ‘counter’ and ‘side line’ the presence of the Chinese Overseas population. The US government was of the opinion that ALL Overseas Chinese people were threats to American capitalism and liberal democracy.

Sweden Discards More Covid-19 Vaccines – Than Available Throughout Developing World! (13.2.2023)

Bloggers Note: The US has decreed that no country in Europe (including Ireland and the UK) – will import, distribute or use any Covid-19 vaccines produced in ‘Socialist’ countries (such as China, North Korea or Cuba, etc), or from any designated ‘Unfriendly’ regimes such as modern Russia, Furthermore, included in this act of fascist dominance, the US has also decreed that NO ONE who has already received any of these ‘alien’ vaccines is allowed to travel into the US or the European Zone – without first agreeing to take a Covid-19 vaccination developed in the US, UK or EU! This means that although China has offered to donate millions of Covid-19 vaccines to the poorers countries – threatened US economic and military Sanctions against these countries (which defines the acceptance of such donations as constituting a ‘terrorist’ act) prevents ordinary people from benefitting from Chinese medical Socialism! Meanwhile, Sweden demonstrates this ‘Bourgeois’ decadence by disposing of over eight million doses so as to preserve the predatory capitalist system! ACW (13.2.2023)