Bourgeois Hypocrisy and Suicide! (7.2.2023) 

Such an incident is unfolding at Epsom College as I write – a £42,000 a year ‘private’ school in the UK for the children of the middle and upper-classes. This school is so exclusive it possesses its own shooting range! Following reports of ‘unscheduled’ firing on the range – the attending Police found three dead bodies – the Head Mistress, her husband and young daughter. As the Police have stated no one else is involved, the chances are that this is a murder-suicide. One of the adults shot the other adult and child – before turning the gun on themselves. The other two scenarios are less likely – but anything is possible. The child shot the two adults and then turned the gun on themselves – or all three independently took their own lives (usually related to a cult). As I monitor and infiltrate far-right websites in the UK and US (as a means to bring them down) – I notice that the Neo-Nazi chatter is making much of the husband being ‘non-White’ (some say ‘Chinese’ but bear in mind these people are often deranged and woefully inadequate). The point is that the new ‘Head Mistress’ (a ‘White’ middle-class woman) was married to a non-White man – with the family possessing a biracial daughter. If the statistics are correct – then there were fifteen (15) other people who were the victims of suicide yesterday – the names of which we will never be publicly known because they are of the wrong class and/or ethnic background.