Australia: Robert Xie, DNA, Trainers and Mass Murder! (11.2.2023) 

Another Fu Man Chu script has Robert Xie a) ‘confessing’ to another inmate that he did it (and we all know how trustworthy inmates can be), and b) stating that he knows ‘kung fu’ and can ‘kill’ someone by hitting the correct pressure-points when he feels like doing it! On top of this, and despite ‘adopting’ the surviving daughter – Brenda Lin – c) he was accused by this young woman of ‘sexually’ abusing her whilst she lived in his family home recovering from the trauma of her family being murdered. What Brenda Lin did not realise is that the Australian Police had placed cameras throughout the family home of Robert Xie – and it is the same Police that issued a public statement saying that NO sexual abuse took place! This has not stopped a now grown-up Brenda Lin (Robert Xie was not convicted until 2016) from continuously repeating this false allegation and being encouraged in her lying by various Bourgeois Women’s Rights group which perpetuate the inverted (religiously motivated) ‘myth’ that all men are ‘evil’! As matters stand, there are even ‘White’ pressure groups that think Robert Xie is innocent!

Cracker (2006): How the US Supports Terrorism! (11.2.2023)

The original series of ‘Cracker’ came to an end with a one-off ‘Special’ set in Hong Kong during the 1996 events leading to the UK handing-back the former colony to Mainland China in 1997. Ten years later, the main actor – Robbie Coltrane – was given the chance of yet another one-off episode – now involving early smart-phones and the internet! This 2006 episode is entitled ‘Nine Eleven’ and examines the US-sponsorship of international terrorism – but declared war on the very same terrorism it has supported for decades following the 911 terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Buildings in New York! Despite the US using the right-wing as a means to attack and destroy all Socialist regimes and movements – the US government provided money, arms and ammunition to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – a traditionally ‘left-wing’ movement which followed Marxist-Leninism during the 1916 Easter Uprising! Yes – the US provided the means for Irish terrorists to kill British soldiers patrolling the streets of Northern Ireland! So much for the so-called ‘Special Relationship’!

Email: Historical Materialism and Crime! (11.2.2023)

Bourgeois Charities are businesses masquerading as altruistic entities. Helping the cause each claims to represent is purely incidental to the all-consuming requirement to make money whilst paying as least tax as possible. Take the so-called ‘Domestic Violence’ charities queuing up to ‘insert’ themselves into the Epsom Shooting tragedy. Most of the PR departments have obviously not read all the historical details as they are pursuing the official ‘all men are evil’ line (resorting to the metaphysical argument) which demonises all men (as if the Judeo-Christian notion of the world is correct) whilst ignoring ‘history’ and ‘material’ reality – the physical plane of we all inhabit.