Why Does None of this ‘Concrete’ Bounce? (18.2.2023) 

If Victor Lewis Smith were alive – and working on a new post-modern’ show – I am sure he (or his researchers) would have discovered the following comedic gold: 

European Concrete Societies Network (ECSN) 

This is like a highly entertaining script that writes itself! Whilst possessing a distinctly Scandinavian ‘Socialist’ feel to it, (and choosing ‘English’ as its default language – for which I am eternally grateful) – why is the UK (a country led by a vicious right-wing Junta since 2010) – ‘voluntarily’ a member? The website makes clear that ALL membership is ‘free’ – with no constituent member being permitted to make any type of monetary ‘profit’ from its association with the ‘ECSN’. Indeed, one of the main reasons why the Scandinavian countries (as a ‘Bloc’) refused to fully join the ‘European Union’ (EU) – is because their lawyers stated that EU membership equated with the legal requirement to ‘dissolve’ ALL their Socialistic entities and establishments! The Scandinavian countries, due to their membership of the EU, would have had to dismantle their ‘free at the point of use’ healthcare systems and dismantle their welfare states – replacing all this ‘collective’ care with US-style private provision! Although EU citizens can travel freely in and out of Scandinavia (depending upon possessing the correct legal paperwork), this is due to the ‘Socialist’ principles of the Scandinavians themselves – and NOT due to anything the EU has to say – regarding the matter of generating ‘hordes’ (Daily Mail) of starving workers freely flowing from one dilapidated ‘European’ place to another in search of a desperate crust!  

One oddity is ‘Finland’ – that bulwark of fascistic resistance to the USSR – which was given its freedom from Czarist Russia only because of Lenin’s ‘Socialist’ beliefs! Yes, Norway and Sweden were quite happy to sit-out WWII hosting a fully equipped Nazi German Army – but Finland took a different path. This poor excuse for a country actively participated in Hitler’s 1941-1945 attack on the USSR – and only sought a peaceful settlement when it became clear that Hitler’s Aryan boys were on the retreat and that Stalin’s Red Army was heading directly to the Finnish front door! The Tank Museum in Dorset (UK) possesses a Finnish WWII-era tank – replete with ‘Swastika’ stencilled on its side (the Finns thought it ‘funny’ to capture a Soviet T-34 Tank – kill all its crew – and convert it to the Nazi German cause). After WWII, and despite the USSR losing 41 million men, women and children – absolutely NOTHING happened to the collaborating Finns! And here we find them hobnobbing with the Northern and Western European nations pontificating upon how we should all construct and use ‘concrete’!  

Great Britain is represented by (and I jest you not) the ‘Concrete Society UK’ (unbelievably founded in 1966) – which has an address registered to an industrial estate situated in Surrey! I have referenced a key statement from our noble representative above – assuming none of this is a spoof. I found the German participant from the 2021 ‘Webinar’ particularly disturbing as a) he took global warming seriously, b) stated that ‘humanity’ would die-out ‘before’ c) the Earth itself disappeared into the firmament! Does he know something we don’t? Of course, being ‘German’, he might know a thing or two about ‘making populations disappear’. It is good to know that whilst predatory capitalism – with its ‘White’ dominance – continues to chug along as it does in the West (inflicting untold pain and suffering upon its downtrodden and oppressed populations), the decadent Bourgeoisie can continue to construct and live in its many fairy-tale lands free to indulge whatever aberrant activity takes its fancy!  

In the Hitech World of European ‘Concrete’ – Membership is ‘Free’!