Balloon-Gate – China’s Spherical ‘Terrorism’ is Unacceptable – White House Confirms! (19.2.20223) 

The government of China, for its part, has reacted using the unfamiliar French phrase (for most Westerners) of ‘force majeure’ – literally meaning ‘force major’ – more commonly interpreted within International Law as the concept of unseen, unpredictable and unintentional outside interference due to the presence of unexpected ‘major forces’ (in this case – the ‘wind’). The US government, in such circumstances, is supposed to facilitate the safe recovery of the property concerned and return it to its rightful owners (the government of China) – but instead chose the far more ‘illegal’ option of shooting down a ‘blown-off course’ canvas weather balloon using an ‘AIM-9X’ missile – individually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! The balloon itself cost around $10 to construct. The destruction of this balloon, as immensely public as this spectacle was, signifies for the US Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, the ‘destruction’ of an enemy they could never quite get to grips with, and which in the case of Korea and Vietnam – inflicted audacious military defeats on one of the world’s leading military nations! The Veterans of the US will sleep soundly in their beds from now on – safe in the knowledge that Uncle Sam takes their racism seriously!  

Iran Condemns “brutal” Islamic State (IS) Attack in Syria – Blames US for “Continued Insecurity” (19.2.2023)

The general ‘Islamo-Fascist’ movement can be traced back to the CIA involvement in Afghanistan during the 1970s. Its remit was to use ‘money’ and promises of ‘US citizenship’ to entice illiterate members of fringe tribal groups to ‘attack’ and ‘destroy’ the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government voted into power by the educated Afghan populace. These tribal groups, ironically, perpetuated the type of ‘Medieval’ Islamic cultural aspects that ‘White’ Westerners are generally presented as disliking and rejecting – and which the elected ‘Socialists’ intended to eradicate through modern education. More to the point, whilst carryout continuous terrorist atrocities, ‘IS’ has never attacked the Zionist State of Israel – or the United States! I suspect this shows exactly where the trail of supportive money originates! ACW (19.2.2023)