Rolf Harris: Abusive Behaviour Live On TV! (24.2.2023)

It is surprising how many people in the UK think that there might have been a miscarriage of justice in this instance – but as you can see – there is nothing ‘funny’ about the noise the ‘Stylophone’ makes! In its day it was seen as the ipad of the 1970s! Many have described its outpourings as similar to sounds made by a cat ‘trapped’ in a tumble-dryer! Weirdly, I seem to remember Rolf Harris travelling to Court whilst riding in a boat on the Thames! Later, after his release from custody, he was then spotted by the tabloid press walking his dog – at least that they think he was doing with it!

DPRK Fires Strategic Cruise Missiles! (24.2.2023)

The US and the US colony of South Korea – carried out War Games in the US which included the Americans firing nuclear weapons at population centres within North Korea! Following this US ‘exercise’ of planned genocide against the North Korean people – the US government then continued to issue propaganda statements falsely claiming that it is North Korea which is the ‘Aggressor’! In a relatively ‘tame’ counter-strike – the DPRK – fired missiles into the sea East of its own land-mass!